Halloween party in Ariake, Tokyo

This is a diary of Saturday, October 31.

The Halloween party of this year was gorgeous and splendid!
Horror dining "Trick or Treat" in Roppongi (The restaurant which is Cool most in Japan) holds a large-scale Halloween party every year. It counts the fourth by this year and I participate by special make-up and mask sale every time.

Participants continued increasing every time, and party people of 1,000 came this year.

Gothic, Punks, usiness person, fans of visual-kei, drag queen&king, Gothic & Lolita, mother with a child etc......Anyway, a lot of people came.

20091104_halloween 021

20091104_halloween 020

My friends
20091104_halloween 017

20091104_halloween 022

20091104_halloween 024

A central person is Trick or Treat's owner.
20091104_halloween 023

My booth
20091104_halloween 001

20091104_halloween 003

20091104_halloween 002
Masks & Special make-up.

I planned it in this way at first "I'll make-up on one's way to sell masks". However, it was reversed. I do make-up for party peoples whole party times (about 5 hours).

In about 5 hours, I do special made-up to 89 people.

For proceeds (almost coins), my wallet became very heavy. By the way, one time of special make-up is 300 yen.

300yen--- about 3.3dollar, 2.24euro, 22.54yuan

I was tired very much. However, I was very happy.



I went to "DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO 2009" the day before yesterday.

"DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO 2009" is festival that digital art and digital technologies once in the year.

There were a lot of works of "3D stereoscopic vision" and "AR(Augmented Reality)" this year.

These are my favorite showpiece video.

Please enjoy it!



"Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF)" is started on October 17 in Roppongi, Tokyo.


I attended at this event by press and appreciated a footage movie of "Avatar" (James Cameron's new works).






3D glasses

This is the first time that the movie which is not completed is exhibited at TIFF.

However, the footage movie was awesome!

I can only say "beautiful"

Nature such as a tropical rain forest based on "blue" was particularly beautiful.

I want to watch I MAX 3D version.


A diary after a long absence

I write a diary after a long absence.

These past 1 month were really busy. (and busy now)

At first, game developers conference "CEDEC2009" was held in Yokohama. Japan.

At the same time, advertisement companys trade fair "ad:tech" was held in Tokyo, too.

Then, virtual world and social media event "Engage! Expo" was held in San Jose. CA. USA on September 23 and 24.

Furthermore, the immediate back, IT / technology trade fair "CEATEC JAPAN" was held in Makuhari. Chiba.

There are too many a lot of events, and I cannot write an article!

But I upload a diary little by little from now on.

First of all, A show of Rob zombie is held today in Odaiba. Tokyo.