Twitter "World AIDS Day" limited edition

Twitter is associated on "a World AIDS Day", and turns red.

Login screen(Japanese ver)

Tweet and account name turns red, too.

Is this tie-up performed at the whole world same time?

Check it!

My account


Japanese retro comic art in SecondLife

In art gallery "SUZUKAZE-YA Comic Art Gallery" of SecondLife, an exhibition of Japanese retro comic art is held.

SUZUKAZE-YA Comic Art Gallery1
The gallery is underwater.


At this exhibition, the works which are an underground of 70's are exhibited.

Works have two types, pop & erotic.

SUZUKAZE-YA Comic Art Gallery2

SUZUKAZE-YA Comic Art Gallery3

SUZUKAZE-YA Comic Art Gallery4

SUZUKAZE-YA Comic Art Gallery5

SUZUKAZE-YA Comic Art Gallery6
The erotic works express Japanese tight binding art. The Japanese bondage uses a rope.

All works are only the precious things which are not reproduced.

The period of the exhibition until December 11.

Gallery's official site(written in Japanese)



I bought pen-tablet.



With a model "ART MASTER" of the maker WACOM, the price was about 20,000 yen(about 230$, 152€).

I don't yet remember usage enough, but it's very useful.

Left is drew with mouse, right is pen tablet

The difference is clear.

I practiced in various ways.





The bread is burnt here


Make:Tokyo Meeting 04

I went to "Make:Tokyo Meeting 04" held in Tokyo Institute of Technology.
"Make:Tokyo Meeting" is an event of DIY & technology magazine "Make" which O'Reilly publishes.

20091123_mtm04 001

20091123_mtm04 002

20091123_mtm04 003

20091123_mtm04 004

20091123_mtm04 005

20091123_mtm04 006

Because it was an event of the technology, I thought it to be only men. However, children and elderly, a lot of young women participated in an event. There were a lot of participants of parent and child in particular.

Geeks will be brought up in this way.

20091123_mtm04 007

20091123_mtm04 008

20091123_mtm04 009
The gadget which makes a motion with the movement of the stuffed toy.

20091123_mtm04 010

20091123_mtm04 011

20091123_mtm04 012 A virtual reality haircut.

20091123_mtm04 013

20091123_mtm04 020

20091123_mtm04 021

20091123_mtm04 014

20091123_mtm04 015

20091123_mtm04 016

20091123_mtm04 018

20091123_mtm04 019

20091123_mtm04 022

20091123_mtm04 023

20091123_mtm04 024

20091123_mtm04 025

20091123_mtm04 026

20091123_mtm04 027

20091123_mtm04 028

20091123_mtm04 029

20091123_mtm04 030



The Japanese 3D erotic game which overcame "Uncanny valley"

The Japanese game developer illusion developed erotic game "Real Kanojyo" that utilized realtime 3D. ("Kanojyo" means "girl friend" in Japanese.)

Demo version and a benchmark are delivered from Friday, November 27.

*Supports Windows7!
*Supports Web camera!
*Supports multicore CPU!
*3D glasses correspondence!
*Supports wide monitor!

A delusion becomes the reality.

motion capture Video