not popular person's SNS did Ban of 1,000 popular users

BeautifulPeople.com did Ban of 5,000 fat users, but, as for Japanese "not popular person's SNS", did Ban of 1,000 popular users.

"Himote SNS" is SNS for the lonely man and woman who cannot have a friend and a lover.  The theme of the diary to write in sites is limited to "miserable" content "lonelily". And the person whom a friend and a lover were born to is made to resign forcibly.

But recently, The users who took a photo with a lover and write the diary of the date, increased. Therefore the manager of SNS watched a page and expelled the user who transformed itself from "the person who was not popular" into "a popular person".

Press release (written in Japanese)


An avatar novel for children

Why is not 3D VirtualWorlde to operate with a PC prevalent in Japan? Because the reason, the Japanese operates VirtualWorld and an avatar ervice with a cellphone.

Mobage town and Gree, Ameba Pigg are popular particularly now.

A thriller for children who featured the theme of avatar service for cellphones in December of the last year was published in Japan.


A chief character of the novels is a school girl of the bullied child. In her class, hierarchy is decided with the number of the possession of a rare virtual items. As for beginning, because she did not have a virtual item at all, so she was tormented. However, one day she got an accidentally rare item by the lot that she could play once a day. Triggered by it, she has fallen into the customization of the avatar. Furthermore, she was not tormented avatar becomes pretty.

She was fascinated by collecting virtual items and became dying for a virtual currency to buy an item in this way. And she came to prostitution at last. As well as it, she came to undertake body concealment and the murder (Of course the value is a virtual item).

Because it is a novel for children, development is slightly sudden, and there is a funny part, but it's a very interesting work.


AR helps the sightseeing spot of the country

There is a town called "Sekigahara" in Gifu, Japan. At this place, the largest-scale battle in the Japanese history "battle of Sekigahara" happened 410 years ago.

What is "battle of Sekigahara?"

Now, There becomes the very popular sightseeing spot. The Sengoku period is popular among young women particularly recently.

However, current Sekigahara town is dreary in the quiet town of the country (The local finance is severe for recession). Therefore Sekigahara town used Sekaicamera for a sightseeing guide.

Various information (air tags) appears when you look at Sekigahara in iPhone which started Sekaicamera. Tourist oneself can contribute an air tag.

A Japanese article


Reality & 3DCG talk show

This is a TV talk show broadcasted before 15 years.

This is a live program. 3DCG of comics character "Doraemon" is composed in the reality world in real time.

It's cool!

Who is Doraemon?


Real & virtual Hatsumōde

Happy New Year! 2010!! I spend the New Year countdown in Japanese VirtualWorld "Ameba Pigg".




There are a lot of decorations in the town for New Year holidays!


I made seeing the old year out in virtual Senso-ji.

New Year countdown............


Happy New Year!!!

I went to a real Hatsumōde after this.

20100101_hatsumode 001

20100101_hatsumode 002

20100101_hatsumode 004

20100101_hatsumode 005

20100101_hatsumode 007
In fact, this market is my pleasure of every year.

20100101_hatsumode 008

20100101_hatsumode 003

20100101_hatsumode 006
In spite of the temperature of the minus, many people equalled a line. I drank only sacred sake and returned.

I hope this will be another great year for you!