"ComicWorld" for people loving Japanese comics

The Japanese virtual world leading company is a CyberAgent group. Their and their subsidiary administers a lot of virtual world service.

The virtual world biggest in Japan "AmebaPigg"

The avatar service that is popular among women "Poupee girl"

Game portal site "@games"

Virtual Pets "Barvillage"

Virtual Pets "meromero park"

And they release virtual pets for mobile & social games for SNS.
In addition, they have American branch office "CyberAgent America,Inc" and release the virtual world for overseas users. The representative service is Facebook app "AmebaPico". (Please check the past post)

But, they administer virtual world for overseas users as well as AmebaPico.  It's Facebook app "ComicWorld".






The system of ComicWorld is the almost same as AmebaPico. However, the designs are different greatly.




The world, avatar and virtual items are designed based on Japanese comics and anime (like a DRAGON BALL, NARUTO and GIN TAMA etc...). In addition, there is the fashion items peculiar to Japan such as a ninja, Gothic & Lolita, gal and visual-Kei. If an atmosphere of AmebaPico assumes it "Kawaii(cute)", ComicWorld is "Cool".

Their aim is to get 1,000,000 users by the end of this year. If you like Japanese pop cultures, Let's play it!


Cool Second Life machinima "The story that disappeared on the earth."

I want to introduce cool Second Life machinima "The story that disappeared on the earth.".  This work was shot in second life by   movie director Akira Yamamoto. Famous Second life musician Chouchou dealt with BGM.

And, This work won the highest award in a visual art section of competition "Society for art & science competition vol.8" of the movie works.

In commemoration of this, the premium screening event and talk show were held in Second Life from 23:00 of Wednesday, May 5. Users arrived two hours before the event start and became full at the time of the event start on that day. In addition, this screening event was streamed in Ustream and more than 200 people saw it .

Because the event video is uploaded in YouTube, please check it!!


LAWSON in AmebaPigg

LAWSON is one of the Japanese representative convenience stores. Now, promotion in Japanese virtual world AmebaPigg.



A store same as reality! There are virtual goods vending machine and NPC of mascot character "Ponta" at the storefront.



Ponta is Kawaii!(Cute!) Not only the design but also the motion is very cute!


We can buy a fashion items and food items with the vending machine. Food items(Roll cake and Japanese-style fried chicken) are reproduced items sold in the reality world. We can revitalize a special motion when we feed an avatar these.

I wanted to eat a genuine hood when I watched virtual food :)


Japanese night life Virtual world "Xacariva"

On April 15, Japanese startup plus one company launched "Japanese night life virtual world" Xacariva.



Xacariva is the virtual world that reflected "the night of adult" in all such as a world view, virtual item and avatar action.



Start spot is busy streets(like a Kabuki-cho, Tokyo). There are various shops there.

At first let's buy clothes! It's fashion store "B&G" here.


Next, buy hair and make-up items in beauty salon.


Next, go to the beauty clinic too. Do you make cosmetic surgery?

I whitened a color of the skin.

There is the tanning salon too. But not necessary for me.

It's kyabakura "papillon" here. kyabakura is Japanese hostess clubs. It's the coined word that composed kyabar (cabaret) and kurabu (club). Hostesses are known as kyabajō.
We can become kyabajō here. But, unfortunately the visitor did not come...
Secret chat is possible only with two people when sit down on a chair.

There was host club else, but there was not a host and was not able to enter. (Too late-night what logged in!)

It's only adult olders than 20 years old that can log in to this virtual world. We can purchase the virtual currency for a credit card and electronic money.

This recently opened, and there are few contents, but a design is excellent. There was not the virtual world of the specific motif in Japan so far (Why?). I expect it in this Xacariva.