Do you remember how much you spent on virtual goods?

In the findings of PlaySpan & Frank Magid Associates in July, 2009, people of 51% forget the virtual goods purchase amount.
「去年仮想アイテムの購入にいくら使いましたか?」---51%が「忘れた」(THE SECOND TIMES)

Therefore I added up the conventional virtual goods purchase costs.

*Today's market...
100JPY = about 1USD, 0.88EUR, 7.47CNY


17500 yen


9000 yen

ai sp@ce


8000 yen



18000 yen

Nicotto Town

10000 yen


6000 yen

daletto world(R.I.P)

6500 yen

Habbo Hotel Japan(R.I.P)

5000 yen


80000 yen!!!!! Σ(゚Д゚;)

These are not expenses of the companies. Money of my own entirely. Because the reason these aren't recognized as company's expense.

The thing which I purchased is clothes and furniture of the avatars till now. But, if there are 80000 yen, I can buy my clothes and furniture. And Virtual goods for 11500 yen disappeared because daletto world and Habbo Hotel Japan were extinct.

But I will buy virtual goods in the future. Because the true understanding is impossible if I don't play myself.


Go to FamilyMart to buy a virtual currency

At the daytime of today, I went to FamilyMart to buy electronic money "Web money" to charge a AmebaPigg's virtual currency.

Web money is one of the Japanese main electronic money. Anyone can easily buy it in a convenience store. (Prepaid cards don't spread for some reason in Japan. Why?)

By the way, the neighbor of FamilyMart is a Cyber agent(Companies operating AmebaPigg).

This is "Fami Port". The purchase of various tickets, the payment of public utilities charges, the EC settlement and the purchase of various electronic money are possible.

Choose "Web money" on a screen.

Next, choose the purchased amount. I bought it for 2,000 yen.

Then, receipt comes out.

Take this to a cash register and make a payment.

Then a salesclerk outputs such paper. A cord for realization is written in this.

And, access mypage of the Web money's site.

Click "入金(charge)".

Input a realization cord.

Next, access Ameba's mypage. Realize Web money in Ameba's virtual currency "Ame gold".

Choose the amount of realization.

Realization completion!

The rate,

100 yen=100 Ame gold.

(100 yen= about 1USD, 0.88EUR, 7.46CN)

Log in to AmebaPigg. There is AmebaPigg's live Show area "Pigg Dome".

I bought this T-shirt. This is "ticket T-shirt" of Show. The price was 300 Ame gold. This is expensive for the price of the T-shirt. But cheap for the price of the ticket.

AmebaPigg holds the live music event of the artist for the first time on June 25.



mixi app "Sunshine Bokujo(ranch)" got 5M users

"Sunshine Bokujo" is an agriculture social game most popular in Japan. ("Bokujo" means a "ranch" in Japanese.) This app started service at the same time as mixi apps started in last August. Thereafter, increased the number of the users steadily while various problems occurred.

Sunshine Bokujo
http://mixi.jp/run_appli.pl?id=7157 (Login to mixi is necessary)

But, Sunshine Bokujo isn't a social game developed in Japan. originally, Chinese social game developer "Rekoo Media" developed.

Rekoo Media Ltd.

Rekoo Media sponsors a similar agriculture social game in Chinese SNS and MySpace.

MySpace ver.

Many Japanese users complained first "Funny Japanese! " (Translation was strange). And many Japanese still prejudices against China and a Chinese. Nonetheless Sunshine Bokujo got 5M users.

The fun thing transcends a language, nationality and prejudice.

3Di, Inc. Strengthens Features for Coordinating with Third-Party Member-ID Services on the Web 3Di OpenSim Enterprise 2.0

There are much press releases recently.

3Di, Inc. Strengthens Features for Coordinating with Third-Party Member-ID Services on the Web 3Di OpenSim Enterprise 2.0, Latest Version of the Software Product for Avatar-Based 3D Virtual World Construction , Launches Friday, June 25

3Di, Inc. (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Satoshi Koike), which develops and offers 3D Internet solutions, announces the June 25 (Friday) product launch of 3Di OpenSim Enterprise 2.0, the latest version of its software for construction of 3D virtual worlds. 

【Main New Features】
●3Di Connect
This feature makes it possible to log in to the virtual world by using a third-party, external system for membership authentication. Because no authentication is performed on the OpenSim server itself, and because authentication is allowed to occur under the control of administrators of existing web services, it is not necessary to pass individual customer information to OpenSim. This makes it possible to more easily and more safely construct independent community-based virtual world services that can cooperate with already existing web services. 

●64-bit support (Windows Server 2003、2008、2008 R2)

●Proxy support
By using HTTP tunneling technology, this feature makes it possible to connect to an OpenSim server from inside of proxied network environments as are often used in corporate or similar networks with strict security. Clients can connect without requiring any open ports other than the SSL port (443). ※Note: In some cases, it is possible that transmission efficiency when using certain proxy servers may be considerably reduced. 

●NAT loopback
For OpenSim servers that have been placed inside of LAN environments using a NAT configuration, this feature enables client network connections from both the LAN side and the WAN side. Connection is possible without requiring the use of a special router that supports NAT loopback functionality. 

●VoIP ※Optional feature

3Di, Inc.


3Di Develops World-First Android- and OpenSim-Based 3D Virtual World Protocol Technology

3Di, Inc. (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Satoshi Koike, hereinafter referred to as 3Di), which develops and offers 3D Internet solutions, announces the world-first development of 3D virtual world protocol technology that has successfully connected an Android 2.2-capable device with an OpenSim 3D virtual world server. The developed protocol technology includes a server extension module for OpenSim, the 3D Internet technology available as open source, and a connection module that makes it possible to freely develop Android-based virtual world viewers. As an accompanying move, 3Di is recruiting industry partners to make practical application of this technology and plans to open the technology among such partners.

System implementation (illustrative image)
【Application examples】
Google TV and similar next-generation media services; SNS, Twitter, and similar social media services; online games; location-based services; Augmented Reality services; social applications and so forth.
【Application domains】
TV and similar networked consumer electronics; car navigation systems; mobile phones/smartphones; tablet PCs; game devices; electronic book readers and so forth.
[Note] The current announcement refers to technology that currently runs on a Google Nexus One supporting Android 2.2 (Froyo) published by Google, Inc., and uses Adobe Flash Player 10.1 beta published by Adobe Systems, Inc. Performance tuning and related development is continuing.
※Registered trademarks or other trademarks mentioned in this press release belong to their respective owners.

■Company Information
Company Name: 3Di, Inc.
President & CEO: Satoshi Koike
Major Shareholders: ngi group, inc. (60%), NTT Investment Partners Fund, L.P. (40%)
Paid in Capital: 444,497,500 JPY
Address: Fuji Building 37 4F, 1-18-3 Dougenzaka, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-0043, Japan
Website : http://3di.biz/en/