Handbook of Hostess Club Social Game

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Japanese hostess Club Social Game “Koi-Shite-Kyaba-jyo(恋してキャバ嬢)” publishes handbook. They are sold only in Seven-Eleven of the convenience store.

Main contents of this book introduce a game tutorial, ntroduction of characters & virtual goods.

And virtual goods code is attached as an appendix.

You can get virtual goods automatically if you scan this QR cord with a Japanese mobile telephone.


American singer Ne-Yo helds a fan meeting event in Japanese virtual world AmebaPigg!

It was a very important event for the Japanese virtual world business! American singer Ne-Yo held a fan meeting event in Japanese virtual world "AmebaPigg" on October 28th (Japan time). It was the first time that an overseas artist logged in to the Japanese virtual world!

You can see Real Ne-Yo operating his avatar on Ustream.

These are screenshot of InWorld of the event day.

Event area

More than 800 users were able to enter the event area.



Virtual goods "Ne-Yo's hat"

Interpreter's avatar



Welcome Ne-Yo!!



Ne-Yo is known as a Japanophile. Especially, he likes Japanese Manga, Anime and fashion. He said that "I like DORAGON BALL. VEGETA IS KING!!".



This event was a very short. But, it was a very important. Usually, Japanese virtual world does not invite overseas artist. Because there is the language barrier. But, AmebaPigg's Dev. CyberAgent got over it.

I wish that a lot of overseas artists visit AmebaPigg from now on. And I wish that a lot of Japanese artists visit AmebaPico(AmebaPigg English Ver.), too.

There is no border in the virtual world.


Ameba Pigg official guide book

アメーバピグ 公式ガイドブック
アメーバピグ 公式ガイドブック

Japanese popular 2D virtual world Ameba Pigg's official guidebook was released on October 23th. Ameba Pigg is the most popular virtual world in Japan now. English ver. "Ameba Pico" opens, too.

The superior point of Ameba Pigg is that a design sense is excellent. Like it, the binding of this book is cool!

The main contents are...
*Area, NPC, Items and pets list
*Mini games list and tutorial
*Introduction of the famous person users
*Introduction of the fashionable users
*Inside story of development team

And, virtual goods present code is attached to this book.

There are three kinds of virtual goods........

I won the bus driver's uniform!


SENGOKU BASARA's virtual goods in Second Life

Digital Hollywood university Second Life Institute in Japan are executing the project that sells virtual goods of Capcom's video game "SENGOKU BASARA"  in Second Life.

 What SENGOKU BASARA? (via Wiki)

In this project, virtual goods creators of Second Life gets license consent of Capcom and produces official virtual goods of SENGOKU BASARA.SENGOKUBASARA is a very popular game series that represents Capcom."SENGOKU BASARA 3" of the latest soft recorded a series highest sales.

So, this project is very exceptional!

Sengoku Basara in Second Life_...
Yukimura Sanada ful set 600LD

Sengoku Basara in Second Life_...
Itsuki ful set 600LD

Sengoku Basara in Second Life_...
Sasuke Sarutobi & Kasuga

Sengoku Basara in Second Life_...
Kasuga, Oichi & Nou-Hime

Sengoku Basara in Second Life_...
Masamune Date & Yukimura Sanada

Sengoku Basara in Second Life_...
Various hair

Sengoku Basara in Second Life_...
Wake up! Masamune!

Sengoku Basara in Second Life_...
But unfortunately this project is not publicized in Web enough. Moreover, shopping mall doesn't hit search in Second Life. In addition, the explanation is insufficient, too!

What a waste of things!

Please go directly from this SLURL there if you are interested in this project.