Mickey Mouse goes Japanese Virtual World "Ameba Pigg"

Anyone knows that the license consent of the character of Disney is difficult. Therefore there are little virtual goods of Disney.
However, Japanese virtual world "Ameba Pigg" released a lot of Disney's virtual goods last week.

There is the "Disney area" where they are sold. Very cute!

Fountain of Mickey Mouse

Item vending machine

Did Donald Duck wash?


Virtual goods are sold for 200yen - 300yen. ( About 2.3USD - 3.5USD)



Nintendo 3DS of another person

I watched Nintendo 3DS of the fellow worker yesterday. I was not able to reserve it in Amazon.co.jp because it was too popular.

This is my first impression:
I thought the superior point of Nintendo 3DS to be "AR Games". 3D stereoscopic vision of Nintendo 3DS is very smooth ans natural. In addition, "Face shooting", upload the face image and to make a shooting game is very interesting (and funny!). However, AR games are more attractive than them. I think that it can be most superior in a released AR game now.

Games such as THE EYE OF JUDGMENT may increase by Nintendo 3DS in future.


Coolest office in Tokyo

I went in an EC navi special version of Bar Android the day before yesterday.

EC navi is a startup of Tokyo, but it is known as super cool office.

The art object of an entrance made from iron.

A floor map such as the map which shows whereabouts of the treasure.

 COOOOOOOL!! The office where chandeliers are set up might be only here in Tokyo.

The sketching of the design concept.

Wall of conference room completed with concrete block of Okinawa special product.

It seems to be totally a shop, but here is a meeting room, too.

 "Do not become navy. It is a pirate." Nice slogan!


I got a clear file of English word learning iPhone application "Moetan" as a souvenir.

Let's make a Bird Cafe’s poor osechi figure

I have begun to make Bird Cafe 's poor osechi figure.

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This is very delicate Garage kits.(The scale is 1/12)

I separated a parts carefully.
At first I spray Surface Primer.

To be continued......


Photo Report: Wonder Festival 2011 winter

I exhibited to Wonder Festival 2011 winter last week.Wonder Festival is a biggest Garage kits & Toy event in Asia.

These are my works. 500yen

Lunch. It's a donburi dish consisting of happosai on top of rice. 600yen

KAWAII! Figure maker MedicomToy's limited figure "NOBIEMON"(Nobita + Doraemon).

Figures done modeling with 3DCG data & 3D printer.

In this Wonder Festival, I had a certain big aim. It's to buy a Bird Cafe’s poor osechi figure(Garage kits).
It was sold for 2,000 yen.

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Osechi figure is made of no foaming urethane resin. It's a very delicate splendid works! I look forward to completing this.