Japanese Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Band Seikima-II Held 3D Film Gig Tour

Japanese Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Band -and one of my favorite band- "Seikima-II(聖飢魔II)" Held 3D Film Gig Tour. I went to holding in Zepp Tokyo.

This to say nothing of their 3D film gig was the first time. To begin with, music artist's 3D film gig is still few in Japan. In this 3D film gig, it showed with gig of the last year as 3D Vision. It was about 4 hours at total time! It was very fantastic. However, my eyes were a little tired :)

Furthermore, their clothes, musical instrument and panel were displayed in a floor. Cool!

In addition, the profit of this gig is contributed to a victim of 2011 Aftermath of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami as a contribution. The message board to victims was installed in the floor, too.

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Cool customer correspondence of the IKEA Japan's Twitter account

IKEA Japan's official Twitter account "Anna" is very popular now in Japan.


Anna is a character of the setting of working at the contact center of IKEA Japan. She does news dispatch and customer correspondence in Twitter.

However, Japanese Twitter users came to ask Anna a strange question.

It began in this Tweet.

"Does IKEA sell the human chair? I want the one that it doesn't cost the food expenses."

Then Anna did a faithful answer for the question.

"We do not sell the human chair. I'm sorry without being able to comply with your demand."

The faithful customer correspondence of Anna became the topic. And, the Japanese Twitter users began to do a strange question to Anna one after another.

"My friend said that IKEA is selling the military Stealth tank. Are there still these stock? I want them seven. "
Anna: Our large warehouse can hold seven tanks. However, unfortunately we do not sell them. I'm sorry without being able to comply with your demand.

"I have only few friends. Can I buy a friends in IKEA?"
Anna: Unfortunately we do not sell a friend. However, please talk again if I am enough.

"Does IKEA sell Udon? What is soup?"
Anna: Unfortunately there is not the udon in the restaurant for visitors. However, there is it in the company cafeteria. Yesterday's seasoning aimed at the summer heat cancellation and was a vinegar soy sauce.

"Does IKEA sell F-14TOMCAT? It retired, but was my favorite fighter."
Anna: I'm sorry. We do not sell it. In addition, we are Swedish companies. So, if we sell a fighter, it will be Saab."

The splendid customer correspondence of Anna still continues. A part of these exchanges is summarized in Japanese Twitter curation service "Togetter"(English name: Chirpstory) with a title "The things which IKEA does not sell"(Written in only Japanese).

These communications seem to joke very much. However, I think that it has consequentially raised the corporate value of IKEA.


Zombie fever!!!

I played iPhone game apps "Zombie Restaurant" after a long absence yesterday. Then the graphic of the game became very cool!

People are dead in a town!

Zombies eat the body!

Zombies act violently in a town when we do not feed zombies a dish at a restaurant. This is very cool update.

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ゾンビレストラン - CyberAgent, Inc.


Ameba Pigg tie-up with GUCCI

Japanese popular virtual world Ameba Pigg tie-up with GUCCI.

Official logo!

This tie-up is carried out in commemoration of the 90th anniversary of GUCCI. They sell some official virtual goods of GUCCI. They are slightly more expensive than normal virtual goods of  Ameba Pigg. The most expensive virtual goods cost 1,800 yen (about23.5USD). We can buy a real bag for this money! :)

However, I saw a lot of Ameba Pigg avatars which put on virtual goods of GUCCI today.


If people of the Edo era use Twitter?

Many Japanese Twitter users started funny wordplay again by using this Japanese long hush tag.


This hush tag means "It is often in Twitter in Edo period" in Japanese. Japanese Twitter users combine the history in Edo period and the Twitter culture of Japan. If people of 200 - 500 years ago are using Twitter? Those Tweets are very funny!

This is the works which I like most.

Last general of the Edo Shogunate Toshinobu Tokugawa became the mayor of Edo Castle on
 Fouesquare! :D

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