Popular geolocation social game "MyTown" came over to Japan

Geolocation social game "MyTown" goes Japan. Yumemi performs localization and the administration in Japan.

We were able to play MyTown until now in Japan. However, unfortunately it was not so popular. because the Geolocation games are popular in Japan for several years and there are many rival titles.

Therefore Yumemi changed the design of MyTown boldly.

These are original MyTown

The colors are vivid. It is a cool design.

These are MyTown Japanese ver.

Kawaii design:)

Most of the systems are the same, but the designs are entirely different.

The designs of the icon are different, too.

"MyTown" "マイタウン"

Which do you like?


Japanese Netizen does funny play in virtual fitting room of H&M

The virtual fitting room of fashion brand H&M is a very convenient function. It's like a changing clothes of avatar.

However, Japanese Netizen began funny play using this.

"Let's think about kinky coordinates!"

This spread rapidly in Twitter.

However, they did constructive suggestion last.

 "We can change a hairstyle and coordinates by drag & drop and can change the color, too. This is very convenient. In addition, it was better when the model could be changed to the short model.  The coordinates to look good with by height are different."
"I wish I can place an order for this coordination as it is. "



Japanese snack uses a social game for promotion

I found the interesting social game example. This is Japanese snack "PRETZ".
PRETZ gives the social game for promotion "Odecoke PRETZ" in mixi.
"Odecoke PRETZ" is geolocation social game using the GPS function of the future phone.
The avatar of "OdecokePRETZ" is a package of PRETZ.
Users can gets virtual goods according to migration length. And we change an avatar using them.
However, though regrettable, this social game can be played only in a future phone and it's only Japanese support. The Japanese must appear abroad.


Japanese Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Band Seikima-II Held 3D Film Gig Tour

Japanese Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Band -and one of my favorite band- "Seikima-II(聖飢魔II)" Held 3D Film Gig Tour. I went to holding in Zepp Tokyo.

This to say nothing of their 3D film gig was the first time. To begin with, music artist's 3D film gig is still few in Japan. In this 3D film gig, it showed with gig of the last year as 3D Vision. It was about 4 hours at total time! It was very fantastic. However, my eyes were a little tired :)

Furthermore, their clothes, musical instrument and panel were displayed in a floor. Cool!

In addition, the profit of this gig is contributed to a victim of 2011 Aftermath of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami as a contribution. The message board to victims was installed in the floor, too.

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