Angry Birds Seasons Cherry Blossom

Today, I played "Angry Birds Seasons - Cherry Blossom". It was very interesting! I enjoyed it!

 This is Angry Birds's first Japanese theme. Japanese custom called "Hanami" is designed.

 When overseas games takes in Japan in a design, it is usually strange and funny. Unfortunately, as for them, China, Korea and Japan were mixed and confused.

However, Angry Birds Seasons Cherry Blossom is natural. In an initial design of Rovio, there were the bird which dressed a Chonmage, the bird which did Kabuki make-up, a bird in judo wear, the bird which wore a protective gear of the kendo, the bird dressed in clothes of the ninja. However, there are not them in a game.
There were Mt. Fuji, Torii, cherry blossom, Norimaki(Kind of the sushi), Rice ball(Onigiri), Rice cake(Dango), Teapot(kyuusu) and wooden bowl(Owan) in a game. And Pigs wear a twisted Hachimaki.

The game is difficult, and it is hard to get three star. There are three bonus stages.


Dark fantasy card game for iPhone "Dark Summoner"

The social game of the card game(RPG) type is extreme popularity in Japan. I heard that a card game is some nerds' hobby in overseas. However, in Japan, everyone is familiar with it.

And the card game of very cool artwork was released.
It's "Dark Summoner". Dark Summoner is a dark fantasy. Various cool artworks are used for this.

These screenshot are Japanese versions, but there is the other languages support, too. Besides, it is free!

Official site


Pre-registration for social game of Doraemon

DeNA releases the social game for mobile of Doraemon to this spring.
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This is a pre - registration screen. Kawaii! :)

Pre - registered users can gets a special virtual goods. This is "Japanese Manga artist style Doraemon". Kawaii! :)

Horror Bento became the topic among Japanese Twitter users

Japanese housewives are known by cooking artistic Bento.
Search "Japanese Kawaii Bento"

 However, such Bento became the topic in Twitter the day before yesterday.

Click! view full size
落語に「饅頭こわい」という話があるけど、これは「弁当こわい」です。いやホント、トラウマレベルです。... on Twitpic

It's Bento of Sam Raimi's "The Evil Dead". Nori and ketchup are effective! :) Eyeballs are eggs of the quails. This Bento is cool, but there is much only rice, and there are not vegetables at all.


Japanese geolocation game company Colopl develops various game application

Colopl is representative Japanese geolocation game company for futurephone. However, they develop the various game application for smartphones. Besides, they are 3D. This is one of them "Rhythm coin!".

 A bear of 2D(in the geolocation game)  becomes 3D and dances. Cute!

"Rhythm coin!" is simple coin pusher game. It is full 3DCG and physical operation is also included.

This is different from the geolocation game that they usually run. It seems that they are putting not only a geolocation game but all games into the view.