The Japanese old woman who endured a storm became the topic in huge BBS 2Channel

An intense storm attacked whole Japan  the day before yesterday and yesterday. And a certain image became the topic in Japanese huge BBS  2channel.

This is a capture image of the news programs. An old woman walks in a storm. Her body is driven by a storm and inclines. This storm had power more than typhoon. Many 2 Channel's users commented for this image with "Awesome! :D".

And a user said, "Give this image the speed". This comment attached fire to many users' creation volition.

Many images were made as well as these, but all these were uploaded on 1 day. Probably she will not know herself having become famous in the Internet.

via http://blog.livedoor.jp/himasoku123/archives/51707843.html


Doraemon became mobile social game in Mobage at last

Doraemon is one of the most famous Japanese characters. He became the mobile social game in Mobage at last.

The name is "Doraemon Hokkorina". this is web browser application game, and language support is only Japanese.

Doraemon Hokkorina is a funny game. We plant the "seed of the gadgets" in the vacant land and harvest various gadgets. It is very surreal! :) The basics of this game is Mobage's popular farming social game "Nouen Hokkorina". It's very popular with women. So, Doraemon Hokkorina is popular among women, too.

We fulfill every wish of various characters with the gadgets which we harvested with Doraemon. When we grant many wishes, Doraemon's  popularity level rises.

Furthermore, there is the element decorating vacant land.

When we push forward a game, Doraemon's younger sister Dorammi appears and takes us to the bonus stage. We can make friends with various animals there.

On the other hand, this has factor of the card battle game, too(It is popular enthusiastically now in Japan.). We compose gadgets and can strengthen it.

And we can fight against an enemy using them. A special event is held just now. We can get special virtual goods when we beat enemies.

I do not yet know whether this game succeeds or fails. However, this got users more than 400,000 from a service start in a few days.


Japanese famous character began Facebook

Japanese famous character "Mukku" began Facebook. He collected Like! more than 200 in several hours.


He is a character of the kids program of Japanese TV company Fuji TV. However, since he is the character produced on April 2, 1973, he is loved by not only a child but the adult. A lot of his fancy goods is sold now, too.

ガチャピン&ムック モコモコ ムック
ガチャピン&ムック モコモコ ムック

ガチャピン・ムック 武将 根付 ストラップ ( 足軽 )
ガチャピン・ムック 武将 根付 ストラップ ( 足軽 )

By the way, he has a fellow called Gachapin. He has already used blog and Twitter, and both are very popular. Gachapin utilized social media until now than Mukku. Can Mukku beat him?

Japanese social game developer's hot April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day of this year was Sunday, but many companies told a funny lie.  The lie of social game developer KLab was very hot in these.

http://www.klab.jp/press/2012/120401kr.html (Japanese)

On April 1, they announced the press release "We open our popular social game“Koi-Shite-Kyaba-jyo(恋してキャバ嬢)” in the reality world!"
via http://www.klab.jp/press/2012/120401.html (Japanese)

“Koi-Shite-Kyaba-jyo(恋してキャバ嬢)” is Japanese hostess Club Social Game. It is contributed in mixi, Mobage and GREE and has more than 6 million users.
See also: Handbook of Hostess Club Social Game

Their lie was associated with it. Executives of KLab disguised itself as a women for this lie, and the exclusive Facebook page opened, too(Unfortunately we cannot watch it anymore). Furthermore, CEO Sanada changed the images of his Facebook profile into a drag style photos(We can still watch these).
It is not late now, Let's watch the courageous challenge of them early!


Louis Vuitton becomes the AR contents by a Japanese creator AR3Bros.

AR3Bros. is a Japanese creator developing various innovative works using Augmented Reality.
They are not true brothers

They did collaboration with the various companies, brand and artists until now.These are parts of their works.

AR3Bros episode-i | twitter & AR from ar3bros on Vimeo.

Eden of the east vol.1 from ar3bros on Vimeo.

Galaxy Express 999 + NHK + TV Bros. + AR3Bros vol.1 from ar3bros on Vimeo.

AR-FASHION SHOW_COMPLETE from ar3bros on Vimeo.

TVBros. × AR3Bros. -Augumented Reality for TV Guide(TV Listings)- from ar3bros on Vimeo.

They augmented Louis Vuitton with fashion magazine "MEN'S Precious".

When we put iPhone which installed AR application on the page of the magazine, we can open the fastener of Louis Vuitton's bag and display the product in the bag. The products in the bag are chosen automatically by a program and are displayed. As for them, a suitable thing is chosen based on the time, the place, and climate where we opened the fastener of the bag.

Magazine and the AR application are released on April 6.

By the way, this is a collaboration serialization plan of famous brand and AR. AR3Bros augments various brands from now on by AR for one year.