Let's battle with AR Kamen Rider in a convenience store

Bandai NAMCO games release cool AR application for iPhone of Kamen Rider.

Originally this is AR application corresponding to Bandai NAMCO's trading cards "Carddas". Children scan AR marker printed on cards and can enjoy a card battle with iPhone.

仮面ライダー ARカードダス 第1弾 [AR-KR01] (BOX)
This is AR Carddas pac.

Seven-Eleven and the Bandai NAMCO games held a tie-up event using this.

 Seven-Eleven installed such AR marker in each stores of the whole Japan.

  3DCG of Kamen Rider appears on a screen of iPhone when we scan this AR marker. We can fight with this Kamen Rider.

I have only 2 kamen Riders. This application has a collection function of save data which we scanned.

Chose the combination of play. Battle!

Unfortunately my Kamen Rider lost. However, we can challenge it again and again.

In addition, there are a vender machine function and an album function. Surprisingly we can play all free of charge. And this application is free, too.


The game application which is the most popular in Japan is a "nameko mushroom"

Do you know the most popular game application in Japan? It's "Nameko Saibai Kit(nameko mushroom cultivation Kit)".

This is a simple game which cultivates nameko mushrooms and gathers a harvest. There are not a level system, charging system and social function at all. However, the cute nameko mushroom characters are collecting many fans(especially women).

How to play are only combining trees and equipment, and cultivates nameko mushrooms.

Then, we can harvest various kinds of funny nameko mushrooms.

If we release it for a long time, mold grow in a tree.

The winter limited version was released at the end of last year, too.

Most of how to play does not change, but designs are different. Moreover, we can harvest the nameko mushroom in connection with Christmas and Japanese New Year.

Furthermore, we can get cute wall paper for iPhone.

Developer of application Bee works released an Android version of this  recently. It broke through 200,000 downloading from release in one week. It has broken through 3,3M downloads in those whole series(Nameko Saibai Kit:2,1M DL, winter limited version:1M DL).

They began character-goods sale recently.

ディスプレイシート iPhone4/4S(なめこ)
カスタムカバーiPhone4/4S(なめこ フェイス)
なめこ栽培キット 縫製クリーナーストラップ(トゲなめこ)
カスタムカバーiPhone4/4S(なめこ パステル)

This business model resembles Angry Birds of Rovio.


Social game of AmebaPigg enforced a tie-up quest with Disney

There is an farming social game "Pigg Life" in Japanese popular virtual world AmebaPigg.

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Farming Social Game in Ameba Pigg "Pigg Life"

Pigg Life enforced a tie-up quest with Disney. The subject was "Alice in Wonderland".

The quests were cultivated tea leafs, made tea and cooked "Eat me cookie" and more.

The cooking that users made eats by oneself and can feed other avatars.

Users were able to get virtual goods of Alice in Wonderland when they completed a quests.

CyberAgent cooperates with Disney for a long term until now in AmebaPigg. However, it was only sale of virtual goods.

This is the first time that CyberAgent and Disney carried out tie-up quest. In addition, it is the first time that Disney carries out a tie-up with Japanese virtual world service such positively.

Social Game Magazine War In Japan

Now, social game magazine war has broken out in Japan. There are 5 social game magazines in present Japan.

アプリSTYLE vol.6 (Koiunreki2012年1月号増刊)
アプリSTYLE vol.6 (Koiunreki2012年1月号増刊)

週刊ファミ通2012年1月12日号増刊 ファミ通Mobage Vol.3【雑誌】
週刊ファミ通2012年1月12日号増刊 ファミ通Mobage Vol.3【雑誌】

週刊ファミ通2011年10月20日号増刊 ファミ通GREE Vol.1[雑誌]
週刊ファミ通2011年10月20日号増刊 ファミ通GREE Vol.1[雑誌]

Appli Fan (アプリファン) 2012年 01月号 [雑誌]
Appli Fan (アプリファン) 2012年 01月号 [雑誌]

電撃ゲームアプリ Vol.1
電撃ゲームアプリ Vol.1

These are all physical magazines. The price is 600 yen - 680 yen.
These contents are the introduction of the new social game, review, and columns. It is almost social games released in GREE and Mobage to be placed(Besides, most of they are offered for mobile).

And the most important existence is "supplement." The serial code which can get social games' virtual goods from every magazines is attached. There are many users who wants this serial code.

The history of the social game of Japan began in mixi for PC. However, mixi is a loser now. In Japan, a social games are "playing with mobile at GREE or Mobage".


AR application "KAMIWAZA" increase money

A Happy New Year!  In Japan, there are customs called "Otoshidama" where a child gets money from an adult for New Year holidays. Japanese TV company TV Asahi released funny iPhone AR application "KAMIWAZA" for it.

This is promotion apps of New Year comedy program, But we can enjoy regardless of it.

If we look at a thousand-yen bill with iPhone camera, the number of sheets will increase!

If we look at the 5thousand-yen bill with iPhone camera, it will change to a 10thousand yen bill.

If we look at 10thousand yen bill with iPhone camera, it will increase!

You can feel rich if you use this! :)