Next tie-up of Pigg Life and Disney is "Winnie-the-Pooh"

"Pigg Life"(Farming social game in Japanese popular virtual world AmebaPigg) tie-up with Disney twice in the past.

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They perform the third tie-up now. It is "Winnie-the-Pooh" this time.

We can plant an oak in one's garden. When time passes, we have hives on an oak.

We gather honey from them and can cook various sweets. Winnie-the-Pooh is designed in them.

Of course the avatar can eat this.

We can get virtual goods of various Winnie-the-Pooh when we handle a quest.

Furthermore, the cute special area opens this time. 


Let's learn how to fold origami by Chrome application "Origami Player"

Japanese "Origami" is one of the best time killing. If there is even the paper of the square, we can do it everywhere. It does not cost the money. In addition, it will be the best as a hobby of the children. Japanese children do Origami by the class of a kindergarten and the elementary school by all means. However, unfortunately we leave it as we become an adult. This Chrome application "Origami Player" is useful in such a case.


"Origami Player" is application teaching how to fold origami on 3DCG video. Of course it support English.

This is how to fold Crane, the basic of the origami.

My works
Made by Japanese gaily colored Yuzen paper.

In this way, Origami Player teaches how to folding more than 140 kinds. Virtual currencies are necessary for some, but we can get them by post a works photos and inviting a friend.

It is a pleasure to watch works of other users.


Let's study English conversation in zombies!

A Japanese is poor at English. Of course we notice it and spend vast time and money on English learning. However, we do not improve at all.

Therefore Japanese developer KAWASEMI Co., Ltd. released interesting iPhone application "Zombie business English".

It is the business English conversation learning application that expressed the businessman who must go to the company even if he becomes the zombie.

"Let's say at the time of meal after become a zombie"

"If the friends of the zombie increase, let's say"

"When expressing an early zombie-ized phenomenon to someone, let's say"

These are the very strange situation, but it is impressive. This is an aim of this application. We can utilize these in everyday life if we replace a word with the situation.

However, if I become a zombie, I'll not go to a company :)

Anonymous worked on cleaning in Comiket 82

Anonymous worked on cleaning last month in Shibuya, Tokyo. Following it, they cleaned today in Comiket 82.

via @Operation_ACS[Twitter]

Comiket(Comic Market) is world's largest self-published book fair. However, it becomes the festival of every expression activity now. Or it is a festival of world's largest Otaku. All of expression activity exists here. Comics, novel, criticism, illustration, photo, handmade product, game, music, cos- play etc...

However, some stupids criticize this grand event.(The reasons are young people protection and a problem of the copyrights) However, the most of the criticism are often irrelevant.

Anonymous did Tweet in this way in Twitter. "We fight thoroughly to keep the freedom of expression of all people". They did garbage picking in the Ariake big site of the place of Comiket. The activity is very cool.

via Kotaku Japan


Angry Birds seems to be adjusting to Japan

I found an interesting photo in Facebook.

This is a photo of the Star Festival of Asagaya, Tokyo. On the Star Festival of Asagaya, various big lanterns which residents made are displayed every year. They are often popular characters. Angry Birds joined them this year.