Japan Tourism Agency released sightseeing application for iOS of Hello Kitty

Japan Tourism Agency is earnest now to invite tourists of the foreigner to Japan. Because Japanese economy suffers large damage in 2011 Aftermath of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, and foreigners decreased by radioactive contamination from Japan.

Therefore Japan Tourism Agency utilizes Hello Kitty and iOS application "Visit Japan with HELLO KITTY".

This is the application that Hello Kitty guides all over Japan. Kitty wears the costume which expressed each district of Japan. These are attributive designs seen in the series called "Gotouchi Kitty" only in each area of Japan.

Furthermore, this has the AR function, too, and you can take a photo with AR Gotouchi Kitty in each area based on geolocation. This is very Kawaii! This supports English, China and Korean. DL is free.


I made Angry Birds figure

I made figure of Red Bird from Angry Birds.

Now, a lot of Angry Birds goods are sold at Japan. However, I think active UGC by users is necessary truly so that a social game and application are accepted in the world. In Japan, there is culture that make a figure of comic, anime, and game characters than before. By the way, I have a carrier of the making of figure model for 15 years.

master model is made by epoxy pate, mold is made by silicon rubber, and I reproduced it with urethane resin. I used acrylic paints for paint. and Furthermore, I reorganized these to garden pick. For me, it is expression of the respect to make figures.

The articles of all making are placed in my blog media "vsmedia".


All of they are written in Japanese, but you may understand a process if you watch photos.

Here is the photos of all processes. Here is the photos of all processes(The thing which I did not use for articles are included).

Japanese developers aim at Canadian App Store

Japanese social game developers go abroad recently. However, everybody releases game application in Canadian App Store. These are game application made in Japan released in Canadian App Store by the end of August.


Lord of the Dragons - KLab

Gangsta - Drecom

Montopia - Zynga Japan

Of course all these support English. However, these are not released in U.S and are all Canada. Why?

They may regard Canada as the test bed of the North America market. It is difficult for Japanese game application for smartphones to succeed in North America market. It is not made good even in GREE either. So, they will test it in Canada before starting in earnest.


Google celebrates a birthday of 22nd century robot "Doraemon"

September 3 is a birthday of Doraemon. Besides, this year is special! He is developed 100 years later. Doraemon is a robot of the 22nd century.


Doraemon is a Japanese manga series created by Fujiko F. Fujio. It became an anime series and a lot of character goods. He is popular now in Asia and Europe as well as Japan. Doraemon is a baby-sitter robot of the 22nd century. He attaches a pocket to the body, and various "secret gadgets" in this. He plays using them with Nobita of the primary schoolchild and helps him.

My ドラえもん
My ドラえもん
Why does the Japanese devote passion to robot development? One of the reasons is him. Every Japanese want to encounter Doraemon early. In the story of Manga, Doraemon is developed on September 3, 2012. Do you think that it is possible?

Regardless of possibility or impossibility, a birthday of Doraemon was celebrated while in Japan. And Google Japan did an interesting tie-up "Mirai Search". ("Mirai" means the "Future" in Japanese)


When you call "Doraemo~n" in a sound search of Google for smartphones, you can find various "modern secret gadgets". They are secret gadgets of Doraemon which became feasible at present. Of course they are incomplete than secret gadgets of the 22nd century. However, we can understand that we approach in the future surely. And we can notice Doraemon being a superior SF works.

ドラえもん (1) (てんとう虫コミックス)
ドラえもん (1) (てんとう虫コミックス)


2D or not 2D, that is no problem

2D or not 2D, it was often a problem for animes and games. However, this new technology solves it.

This is the drawing technology "Live 2D" that Japanese company CYBERNOIDS developed.

In 3D, the unique attraction of 2D images can't be rendered properly. It is approximately impossible to reproduce the impression of 2D images in 3D. However, Live 2D enables expression such as 3D as 2D. The images of 2D move like 3D polygon. Besides, it is interactive. Live 2D has been already utilized for many smartphone apps in Japan and CYBERNOIDS wants to apply this in service for foreign countries.