Snack of popular game apps for smartphones "Nameko Saibai Kit"

Yesterday, I bought Nameko snack. However, this is not a nameko mushroom flavor snack. This is a snack about the game apps for smartphones "Nameko Saibai Kit" series.

KAWAII! Japan overflows with Nameko goods now. It spreads to a sweets.

The snack is chocolate flavor and shape is Nameko. According to the official site of Nameko, snack food company Tohato tested many times to make this shape and had a hard time.

Furthermore, there is suppulementg of the sticker in the snack. This is very durable and can put it on mobile, tablet and laptop.


May be only in Japan: Fusion of porn and social game

"Eroge" where por and a game fused is in Japan. It is the erotic game that only adults can play. It came for a social game.

DMM started pre-user's registration acceptance of new mobile social game "NOZOKIANA". The motif of this is a popular e-book. Users look in various girls from the peephole on the wall. Users can collect the figure of various girls. The voice of the voice actor sticks to the girl characters. Now, the social game with the voice is popular in Japan.

Social game platform moeG(Moe Game) specialized in porno started pre-user's registration acceptance of new mobile social game "Priget Plus". This is a general J-style card social game. However, all the cards are girls. Users collect various girls and train them. They are improved for training, and the area of their clothes decreases.

Both are released in the end of this month. Of course only adults can play neither.


LINE occupies Japan: LINE's mobile virtual world "LINE Play" got 2M users

NHN Japan's messaging apps LINE is occupying Japan. Mobile virtual world LINE Play got 2 million users in about two months.

LINE Play is the 2D virtual world like Ameba Pigg and iOS ver. and Android ver. are released.

LINE Play pre-opened on November 20, and grand opened on December 18.  They already got 1 million users during the period. And they got 2 million users on January 30, 2013. This is the most shorthand notes in the Japanese virtual world.

The pace of Ameba Pigg -the virtual world that has most users in Japan- was like this...

February, 2009 - Open
April, 2009 - 100,000 users breakthroughs
July, 2009 - 500,000 users breakthroughs
October, 2009 - 1,400,000 users breakthroughs
January, 2010 - 2 million users breakthroughs

Now, Ameba Pigg has about 14 million users. However, it took 11 months until 2 million users breakthrough. Does LINE Play win Ameba Pigg?


Community revitalization and social game

Now, The Japanese local economy is the worst. Tokyo may do well. However, the local citys, towns and Villages are suck! The economic disparity spreads steadily in Japan. Meanwhile, Kochi Prefecture found means of escape in a social game.

Kochi government supports a social game developer in prefecture from 2011. They established a social game developer support fund with local banks and held competition. And they did business tie-up with GREE.

They released 3 social games until now in GREE. All of titles developed by Tech companies in Kochi. Artists from Kochi were in charge of the artwork, the music, the scenario. The Kochi government succeeded in creation of the new employment by a social game.

Furthermore, Iwate Prefecture started a project similar to them. Iwate government, Morioka city government and  Iwate University started a digital content industry upbringing project recently. And Japanese game & AR developer Premiumagency join in it as the first support company, and  establish a development studio in Iwate.

Iwate is a stricken area of 2011 Aftermath of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. Many human resources were lost, and the agriculture was destroyed. Therefore they are going to shift to technology industry and contents industry. These can conduct a business with a small number of people for world.

The appearance of the social game changed Japanese economy greatly. It offers a job to many people.

Damn it! Dropped a smartphone on a dish!!...No, This is the smartphone stands

Please do not be upset. Because this is not a genuine dish.

This is the smartphone stands made by a famos food model sample maker in Tokyo Maiduru.

The food models which they make are very precise, and overseas tourists purchase these as a souvenir. Therefore they devised various goods. The smartphone stands are the most new works.

They sell these as the goods which are most suitable to watching video. However, we may use it as joke goods surprising friends. The price is 2,625 - 5,670 yen(about 29 - 62 USD).

Other goods are here.