Gay-friendly bug occurred in Nintendo 3DS game "Tomodachi Collection:New Life"

"Tomodachi Collection:New Life(トモダチコレクション 新生活)" is popular game software of Nintendo 3DS.

"Tomodachi Collection:New Life" is an avatar game. Players can make one's avatar called "Mii", play with a friends, become them and lovers and can marry them. This is a life simulation game and may resemble the Sims series of EA.

This is released on April 18 and is very popular now in Japan. However, an interesting bug was discovered on May 2. It is that a male couple Miis can marry. Besides, childs are born.

Usually, same sex Miis cannot become a lover. However, male Miis are possible now(I do not know whether female Miis are possible). This was scattered in an instant by Japanese social media. It became the topic in Twitter in particular, and hashtag "#Homocolle"(It is a parody  of contracted form TomoColle of Tomodachi Collection) became the trend. The most of the reaction of Japanese Netizens were favorable. There were a lot of people who said "I want this!". I wish Nintendo does not revise this bug. Rather this should be adopted as an official game system. And I wish Nintendo become a Gay-friendly company taking advantage of this opportunity.



Cute Spider-Man jacks a Japanese virtual world Ameba Pigg

Japanese virtual world Ameba Pigg cooperated with Marvel and cute Spider-Man appear.

 There is an area in imitation of a harem, NY in Ameba Pigg. Cute Spider-Man occupies there now.

 The area becomes the attraction. Harem became the flood temporarily, and we avoid it by go along the spider lines.

We can get a flag of Spider-Man free when we make a goal through all spider Webs.

Furthermore, there are vending machine and Gacha which can purchase virtual goods of Spider-Man. They are very cute all!

TV Anime of GREE's social game Clinoppe is broadcasted from May 9

I wrote it about character business of GREE before.

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GREE propels the character business of their social games

As the part, Anime of social game Clinoppe is broadcasted in TV Asahi from May 9.

An official site of Anime is here.

Clinoppe is a representative social game of GREE. It was a popular mobile game since before GREE began an open platform, and has many women users. Clinoppe is small mysterious biology. Users bathe him, give candy and do care. Then he dances various dances. Anime reflects it in a story.

Anime expresses the strange life of an office worker's woman and Clinoppe.
And GREE makes efforts in goods development.

Gungho transplants Puzzle & Dragons to Nintendo 3DS

Smartphone game Puzzle & Dragons of Japan's Gungho went into Canada, and the number of the users broke through 13 million. Furthermore, they make Puzzle & Dragons a game for Nintendo 3DS. These are the screenshot and PV.

The title of Puzzle & Dragons for Nintendo 3DS is "PAZUDORA Z", and it is released in the winter of this year. Interestingly, PAZUDORA Z is the original game that different from Puzzle & Dragons. Gungho produces a system, a story, artwork of PAZUDORA Z newly. Furthermore, it hasn't in-game-purchases. They show the latest information of PAZUDORA Z monopolistically now in comic magazine for kids "Corocoro Comic". Probably a target of PAZUDORA Z is the kids who do not have a smartphone8Kindergartener - primary schoolchild).

LINE goes into a toy for children

Users of Japanese messaging apps LINE exceeded 150 million at last.

According to their press release, LINE users suddenly increase now in Spain and South America. In particular, Spanish LINE users exceeded in 10 million. They conclude strategic partnership with Nokia in February and preinstall LINE in low-priced smartphone Asha of Nokia. LINE is eager in the users acquisition in countries except Japan and intends to do advance to Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East, Africa with Asha.

On the other hand, they do not forget the business in Japan. Their Japanese target is......kids. They sell toys for kids from this month.

This is a sticker maker. We can make 180 pieces of stickers with characters of the sticker of LINE. The LINE stickers become the real stickers! The price is 3,360yen(about 34.2USD).

These are robot cleaners for smartphone and tablets. The price is 1,785yen(about 18.17USD).

This is a stamp set of the LINE character. In Japan, we call LINE sticker "LINE stamp". This is LINE stamp of the rial definitely:) The price is 1,260yen(about 12.8USD).

This is a message card maker. We combine messages with LINE characters and can make original cards. The price is 2,100yen(about 21.3USD).

These are capsule toys. The toy of LINE characters protrudes from a capsule and moves. The price is 1,260yen(about 12.8USD).

These are stamp figure. The price is for each 525yen(about5.3USD).

This is a balance toy. We pile up faces of LINE characters and can play. The price is 1,890yen(about 19.2USD).

These are many functions electron toy in imitation of a smartphone. This has a color LCD screen, touch operationand NFC function. Kids can play sim city like game with LINE characters and message switching. The price is 6,825yen(about 69.4USD).

Now, main Japanese users of LINE are adults who are higher than a high school student, and the parents worry about kids using Social Networking Service. Therefore LINE sells toys. LINE characters are cute and are popular with adult users. Then naturally it will be popular with kids, It is the same as a merchandising strategy.