Japanese girls band Perfume showed their 3D data and tech geeks output them with 3D printer

Japanese girls band Perfume makes efforts in an overseas advance. As the part, they started an interesting trial. It is free distribution of 3D model data of themselves. The downloading of data is here.

This is the data that 3D scanned them(The texture is not included). We can make 3DCG works and movies using this. However, Japanese Tech geeks made figures with 3D printer at first.

We apply a motion and can change a pose.

The figures of celebrities and artists has been produced until now. However, this trial shows new possibility in it. This is a form of new artists goods. If my favorite artist get on my palm? It is an excited experience.

Originally they were popular among tech geeks for some reason since before having gone into the global market. They seem to continue it in the global market, too.


Japanese Purikura smartphone apps Loppica started world development

Now, Japanese Purikura(photo sticker booth) seems to be popular abroad. Therefore Japan's Infocom started world development of their Purikura smartphone apps Loppica.

Loppica is camera apps using the facial recognition technology that Infocom provides from 2011. We can make eyes big, a face small, skin beautiful of own portrait. Furthermore, we describe a letter and illustrations in a portrait and can do various decoration. Of course this has the function to post a portrait in Facebook and Twitter. Because it was very epoch-making apps at the time of 2011, this broke through 200,000 downloading from release in two weeks.

At first, they start support of English, Korean, Chinese and provides this in 21 countries.

Clash of Clans started Japanese support. It's very natural

Supercell started Japanese support in Clash of Clans.

These are screenshot.

 Though it was written as "クラッシュ・オブ・クラン" under the title, did you notice? This wrote Clash of Clans in Japanese katakana.

 Characters speak Japanese lines.

All the item names and explanation are transcribed in Japanese, too.

There are very good and natural. And the fonts harmonize with a design. Usually, Japanese support of overseas games are very strange and funny. Or they become unnatural because they were translated exactly. They are sentences such as the example sentence of the textbooks. However, the Japanese support of Clash of Clans is natural. They seem to understand even the Japanese style spoken language and internet and game slang. They studied Japanese? or employ the Japanese staff?

By the way, GungHo announced the details of the collaboration with them in Puzzle & Dragons.

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These are screenshot under development.

In this collaboration, characters of Clash of Clans appear in the dungeon of Puzzle & Dragons. Their designs are arranged to harmonize with an atmosphere of Puzzle & Dragons. Probably artists of GungHo would draw them. The collaboration begins on June 24.


LINE characters occupy Shibuya this summer

If you visit Shibuya in July, You will watch the scene that there is occupied by LINE characters.

Today, LINE announced that they performed a character tie-up with SHIBUYA109 and PARCO for regional vitalization. SHIBUYA109 and PARCO are fashion-business buildings symbolizing Tokyo as well as Shibuya. They put it together during a summer bargain sale period and cooperate with LINE characters from July 4.

Huge advertisements of the LINE character are posted on the entire surface of their buildings and Shibuya Station, advertising buses run Shibuya, fancy goods shops of LINE are installed in buildings, movie advertisements of LINE are broadcasted in the JR trains. Of course this is promotion development, but this is activity to enliven a town of Shibuya, too. This is the first time that specific smartphone application occupies Shibuya.


Voltage, developer of dating sim for women goes into the French-speaking world

Voltage is one of the representative developers of dating sim for women in Japan. They release many games in various mobile platforms. Furthermore, they provide not only the Japanese version but also the English version.

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In addition to these, they go into the French market. Today, they released French dating sim for smartphones "Seras-tu Ma Princesse?"(Jp title:王子様のプロポーズ/ En title:Be My Princess).

This is their representative game. This was developed as contents for Japanese furture phone at first. Afterwards, it was provided on various platforms such as GREE, iOS and  Android. Users become a heroine and can simulate the love with characters of the prince. It resembles Novell game, and ending changes what kind of choice we do.

They translated only texts into French and left the artwork original. Japanese contents are received without localization in France somehow.
According to them, J-style dating sim for women gradually spreads among the countries except Japan. English version "Be My Princess" came first in the top sales of the entertainment category of US App Store and Asian 17 countries including Singapore.