[Info] I go to "Japan Expo" held in Paris, so the update of articles is delayed

I go to festival of Japanese culture and contents "Japan Expo" held in Paris, France in July 4-7, so the update of articles is delayed. In addition, I give priority to the update of the report articles of Japan Expo after having come back to Japan. Because I may not place press release. Sorry!
I intend to do article update after a visit to France if possible. However, when I skimped on a hotel bill and reserved the doss house, there did not have service of the free Internet. Oops!
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World's coolest figure artist---Exhibition of Takayuki Takeya

This is not an article of Tech. However, I want many people to know him, because Takayuki Takeya is one of the world's coolest figure artists.

An exhibition of Takayuki Takeya is held in 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo until July 1. 80 of his splendid works are displayed.

There is prosperous in spite of weekdays. By the smart arrangement of the sponsor, we can shoot photos of all works.

These are parts of the photos which I shot.

AWESOME!! I do not have enough vocabulary to applaud his works...

This is not known very much, but he is very good at not only the sculpture but also the illustration.

Particularly, I liked sketching with an Egyptian myth as a motif.

How does he make splendid works? We were able to watch the video of this scene. It was like the magic definitely! You can watch digest videos in Youtube.

He is called "God of the sculpture(figure)" in Japan. You will understand it if you watch these videos.

He published a new anthology "Ryoshi no Kakudo(漁師の角度: Angle of the fisherman)" recently.

The works used for this were displayed this time.

This is the science fiction that assumed Hokkaido of his birthplace a motif. These works express the old man of a fisherman living in dystopia. Kanehisa of the fisherman and the hunter lives in a village of Hokkaido which collapsed with a nucleus. In the world that collapsed, all races mingle. Mutation is caused, and even the animal has intelligence. It is the chaos that aboriginality, advanced science, a creature, a machine, a tradition and innovation coexist...

In addition, culture and the manners and customs of the Ainu people are important elements in these works. Ainu is a native of Hokkaido. They were persecuted by a Japanese and were conquered. They had superior culture, but the modern Japanese cannot know those most because those have been lost. He revivified them in figures and dioramas. We can watch the traditional pattern of Ainu in his works.

Most of these works are decadent. However, I felt the sturdiness of the creature from them.

Anyway, it was a miracle that I was able to watch these for only 1,200 yen! I want people of the world to watch his works. However, to our regret, it is rare that his works appears abroad. Why is a Japanese weak in an overseas advance?

Finally, I place photos of my favorite works.

If you are interested in Takayuki Takeya, check these pages. These are not his official pages, but you can read information about him in English.




All photos which I shot are here