LINE enters the lady's fashion and E-commerce

Japanese fashion brand Samantha Thavasa cooperated with LINE and produced a limited bag.

Samantha Thavasa is one of the popular bag brands in Japan. They designed the original bag using illustrations of the LINE sticker. LINE sells this at their e-commerce service "LINE secret sale".

At LINE secret sale, we can buy limited products in LINE. When we add LINE secret sale to own friends in LINE, we can receive the sale information of limited products, and  we cannot buy these in a shop and other Web site. LINE secret sale started in last September. It became popular immediately, and now, the limited products are sold out from an exhibition in three minutes.

The LINE bag of Samantha Thavasa is sold with a limitation of 500 for 8,400 yen from 12:00 on August 14. I think that this sells immediately, too.


Facebook released the sticker which cooperated with a Japanese design company

This is Japan-limited? In the meantime, Facebook did a new challenge. Today, they released the sticker which cooperated with a Japanese design company Birdman Inc. and Hanasake Pictures Inc..

The stickers are 3 kinds. We can download these free in Facebook for Web browser ver. and smartphone apps ver. I think that they are conscious of success of LINE. Today, LINE reports solid Q2 earnings, 27% of its revenue was sticker purchases.


Let's share 3D data of the Japanese figure---DELMO

Do you want Japanese figure? if you are the 3D printer user, it may become simple in future. Adways Labot opens market place "DELMO" specialized in 3D data of the figure late this month.

DELMO shares not only 3D data but also the know-how of the modeling. Now, there are many figure sculptors in Japan. However, most of them are ignorant of 3D data modeling and 3D printer. DELMO is going to fill the ditch. If all of Japanese figure sculptors learn 3D data modeling? A revolution happens in Digital fabrication. People of the world come to be able to easily buy Japanese figure cheaply. DELMO shows the 3D printer report article of staffs and STL data of the original figure now.


Slipknot cooperates with a Japanese smartphone game "Legion War"

I'm a huge metal fan. So, this news is very exciting. Ateam, the Japanese mobile social game developer cooperates with American metal band Slipknot in their latest "Legion War". They show the trailer movie which used Slipknot's "Sulfur" in theme song. It is very cool!

Legion War is the real-time battle RPG which assumed ancient civilization a motif. Players organize a party with a character and a monster and battle with other guild every day. They release it in App Store and Google Play of the whole world as well as Japan on August 8.

In addition, Ateam is known as a developer of popular smartphone game "Dark Summoner". It succeeds abroad than Japan(In particular, North America and Korea), and has already broken through 7 million downloading.

Dragon Quest becomes the Web browser game at last

Square Enix and Yahoo! JAPAN announced that they released a Web browser game of the Dragon Quest series in the end of this month. This is the first time that Dragon Quest becomes the Web browser game of F2P.

The title is "Dragon Quest: Monster Parade". General director is Yuji Horii, Character designer is Akira Toriyama, and BGM composer is Koichi Sugiyama. It is right Dragon Quest! The game system has not been yet revealed. However, they announce the game genre called "the real-time adventure parade". The player forms a carriage corps and has an adventure. Yahoo! Japan ID is necessary to play.