[TGS 2013] The indie game that was the coolest in Tokyo Game Show 2013 "TENGAMI"

Indies game area was the coolest in this Tokyo Game Show. Furthermore, TENGAMI was the coolest among them.

TENGAMI is an ambitious adventure game of British indies developer Nyamyam. The characteristic is the beautiful artwork which reproduced feel of a material and pop-up book of a delicate Japanese paper.

In Toyko Game Show, we were able to play the demo version of the sea and the forest.

When we open the book on the writing desk …

The start screen of the game is displayed. What beautiful! pop-up book is completely reproduced in iPad!

In TENGAMI, to advance in the next scene becomes the demystification. A device of pop-up book is hidden in each scene. We fold the scene and open it and move to the next scene. It is a novel experience.

Furthermore, this expresses Japan exactly. Usually, most of games about Japan are strange funnily. They do not understand Japanese culture, and it is not unusual for Japan, China, Korea to be mixed. However, artwork and BGM of TENGAMI are completely cool. Because the development team is constructed by a Japanese and a British8Japanese team in Okinawa). The indies game development beyond the border is still rare in Japan.

TENGAMI is released for iOS, Mac, PC and Wii U. I look forward to the release of this game. Please check this video.

[TGS 2013]Arcade rhythm game that Aomori fights with Hokkaido "Aomo-rhythm"

Visitors do not pay attention there, but overflow in fantastic games of students in the game school area. It's "Aomo-rhythm" of Kanagawa Institute of Technology to have been the strangest in them.

Because it was too original, they became the topic in Twitter, and the booth was prosperous very much.

Aomo-rhythm looks like an usual arcade rhythm game at a glance. However, the concept is individual. This is "Aomori beats up Hokkaido"

Aomori and Hokkaido are prefectures in northern Japan both. However, Hokkaido is much bigger than Aomori. At first, Students devised a game to greatly raise Aomori. Well, this should have become the upbringing game first.

However, a certain student said that peninsulas of Hokkaido and Aomori are like the arm. They are surely characteristic form. The imagination of students spread from there and It finally became the concept that peninsulas fight :D

Beginning of the game, Hokkaido hurl their special products and strike Aomori.

Aomori defends it to rhythm. By the way, BGM of the game is a musical accompaniment of famous summer festival of Aomori "Nebuta".

Hokkaido fights against Aomori intensely. Bone was fitted in peninsulas and worked  smoothly.

Oh! The peninsula of Hokkaido became the fist! :D

However, Aomori won! The area of Hokkaido becomes narrow by the number that we tapped a button to rhythm exactly.

This is developed by Unity. I wish that this becomes the game application for smartphones.

[TGS 2013]The goods of Kan Colle were extreme popularity on the business day

The many game goods are sold in Tokyo Game Show and we can buy them even business day. In many goods, simulation game for PC "Kan Colle" was particularly popular.

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Battleships of the Japanese empire navy are personified as girls in a social game
"Kan Colle" --- simulation game that personified battleships of the Japanese empire navy as girls

Only people who belong to the game industry and press can enter the business day of Tokyo Game Show. Nevertheless...

Sold out, Sold out, Sold out... The goods of Kan Colle were sold out from opening in only 10 minutes! Now, It is difficult to distinguish a general gamer from people belonging to the game industry.

Interestingly, Kan Colle does not get profit by the charging in the game. There are the virtual goods sale, but they are small sums very much and there isn't Gacha. However, Kan Colle earn by various real goods. This business model is right similar to Angry Birds and Nameko Saibai Kit.

[TGS 2013] Voltage in Otome Game Area(area of games for women)

Tokyo Game Show of this year made a lot of new exhibition areas. In them, Otome Game Area was very interesting. "Otome" means a young girl in Japanese. Well, this is an area of games for women(most are dating sim for women).

Japanese smartphone game developer Voltage exhibited in a cute booth.

It is totally like accessories shop and the miscellaneous goods shop! I have not watched the booth of such a style in conventional Tokyo Game Show. We were able to play 6 smartphones apps of dating sin for women including works for foreign countries here. Of course all players were women.

In addition, they decorated smartphones for plays.

Usually, nobody pays attention to the backside of the smartphone for plays! :D They were particular about "for women" thoroughly.

Furthermore, they prepared special service.

There are a lot of booth babes in a booth in Tokyo Game Show. However, there were booth boys in their booth. This was a blind spot. Why weren't there booth boys until now in Tokyo Game Show? This is very unfair for women. If there are booth babes, there should also be booth boys.
Of course they were very popular with women and photographed much.


[TGS 2013] The smallest booth, only one game apps, and a lot of booth babes! --Geisha Tokyo Entertainment

On September 19 - 22, Tokyo Game Show 2013(TGS2013) was held at Chiba, Makuhari Messe. This expanded the scale every year, and the number of this exhibitors was the most. The recent tendency is that there becomes much exhibition of mobile social games. They were completely familiar this year.

Meanwhile, there was the company that became a topic by only one game apps and smallest booth. This is Geisha Tokyo Entertainment. They exhibited only iOS game apps "Brain Training Quest 2"(It is the sequel to this). Usually, such a booth is not looked at. However, they became the big topic in Twitter at the moment when the first day of TGS 2013 began. Why?

Yes! a lot of sexy booth babes!

There are a lot of sexy booth babes in TGS. However, usually, there are most of them in the big booth of the big company. Companies exhibiting in a small booth do not have enough expenses to allot for personnel expenses.

However, Geisha Tokyo Entertainment mobilized booth babes of 30 people for only one game apps. This is unprecedented in a history of TGS. The population density per 1 booth was biggest! :)

Of course we were able to play a game in a booth. However, all booth babes cheered us while we played a game "Go for it! Go for it!". It is very embarrassed! :D Therefore I fired mistakes.

In addition, many photographers arrive to TGS to photograph such booth babes, but they exhibited only on a business day(therefore they became the topic still more). Their personnel expenses might be high, but would be proper for an advertising cost.