Collaboration of Angry Birds and Puzzle & Dragons began today

Today, GungHo started collaboration with Angry Birds in their popular mobile game Puzzle & Dragons.

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News Flash:Japanese mobile game Puzzle & Dragons cooperates with Angry Birds

Until December 1, dungeon of Angry Birds appear in Puzzle &Dragons.

Cute! Though they appear as enemies, they laugh.

When we beat them, they rarely drop an egg.

Birds are born from the egg, and we can make them a friend. This system of Puzzle & Dragons match a concept of Angry Birds. I think that they should have made collaboration earlier.

In addition, I cannot convey it in these screenshot, it's BGM to be the coolest in this collaboration. The music of Angry Birds is completely reproduced in Puzzle & Dragons. This can be called the collaboration of Kenji Ito and Ari Pulkkinen.

In addition, Rovio holds an illustration contest of Angry Birds to this. Let's check a hashtag "#バードとドラゴン" in Twitter! You can watch hot illustration of Japanese gamers. These are those parts.

大好きなゲーム同士のコラボって本当に嬉しいですよね!実装日が本当に楽しみです。 #バードとドラゴン... on Twitpic


Cute social music service Beatrobo evolved and cooperated with Linkin Park

Before, I wrote about Japanese social music service Beatrobo.

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Kawaii social music service "Beatrobo"

It passed from release for one year, and greatly evolved. The design became more pop, released smartphone apps version(iOS/Windows), and develop earphone plug type device "PlugAir".

This is a device that link with a smartphone, users can play movie and music from the Internet just to put this in a smartphone. At first, this was a name "BeatPlug" and had a shape of the robot(It's an avatar of Beatrobo). However, they omitted "Beat" because they examine the share of contents except the music. Furthermore, the shape became simple.

PlugAir had not been yet released officially, but they tied up with universal music. And they sell a new number of Linkin Park using PlugAir! Fans of Linkin Park can listen it with a smartphone using PlugAir and lend it to their friend. Well, PlugAir is a tool for recommendation and word of mouth.It makes us feel good old days. It's like the music tape :)

By the way, Beatrobo CEO Hiroshi Asaeda is BETTER at English than me. Please ask Asaeda directly if interested in their business.



Dōjinshi(self-published works) fair of Cookie Clicker was held in Japan

Before, I wrote about a hit in Japan of Cookie Clicker. Based on it, Dōjinshi(self-published works) fair of Cookie Clicker was held this month in Tokyo.

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Event site
クッキーを焼くだけの簡単なお仕事(The simple work that only bakes cookies)

According to event organizers, they decided event holding by force of the liquor :) and some people worried about popularity of Cookie Clicker was kept until the event date. It is September that Cookie Clicker made a hit in Japan. The preference of people is easy to fade.

However, the worry was useless.

Japanese Cookie Clicker fans enjoyed this very much. In addition, Dōjinshi of Cookie Clicker was found by developer orteil. He said "I NEED IT".

Probably the marketing in current Japan is the most difficult. Nobody can't predict what is popular in Japan in future.


Let's fall in love with scary creature in an Japanese indie game

Japan has every kind of romance sim games. However, this stunned Japanese gamers.

"Let's fall in love with creature -Kokonoekokoro-" is a work of Japanese indie game team nostalgia. Human beings do not appear in this at all. Of course, because it's a romance sim of simulate love with scary creature.

She is a heroine...

He is one of the friends...

He is a school teacher...

She is a younger sister...

:D :D :D

The game does not mention their figure at all. A story only unfolds plainly like normal romance sim.

Though this did not do promotion at all, it became the topic only by word of mouth. In particular, Japanese video sharing site NicoNico Douga contributed to it. Play movie was reproduced more than 280,000 times, many comments were contributed to it and Nico Nico users said, "This is too early for human beings".

nostalgia boss Yoshiyuki Yoshino said, "Usually, we develop long story serious games, but the short story game that we developed willingly in the interval has become the topic".

Play time is about 30min~1hour, for Windows, and Download is free. Unfortunately it is only Japanese, but all characters are full-voices. Furthermore, there are some of sexy scenes! The novelty exists in indies.

via http://nlab.itmedia.co.jp/nl/articles/1311/15/news120.html


LINE sells a charity sticker for typhoon damage of Philippines

LINE sells a charity sticker for typhoon damage of Philippines in global region. The patterns are eight kinds, and the price is 100yen for JPY(It's about 1USD. It should be sold at a similar price level in other countries). LINE donates all sales except the settlement fee to the Philippine Red Cross. The sale period until December 31. At first they sell this with an Android version, and begin it in iOS version in a few days, too.