LINE released Q&A service "LINE Q"

Today, LINE released question and answer service "LINE Q" which utilized users base.

LINE users ask various questions in LINE Q and can reply them. When they reply them, they can use photos, movie, geolocation information and the LINE stickers as well as texts. The screen design is the almost same as a chat screen of LINE. In addition, LINE users can use this in both smartphone apps and Web browser for PCs. Furthermore, LINE give a point to excellent answers. LINE users accumulate a points and can trade with them and cash.

There are already a lot of the question and answer services of like this. LINE pursues them as a weapon in the strong user base and mobile-first. LINE is going to become not only the messaging apps but also platform of the life of users. At first they try this only in Japan and are going to release it later in the overseas countries.


Japan's entrata released five kinds of official apps of legendary rock band KISS

Japanese smartphone apps developer entrata released official apps of legendary hard rock band KISS. Don't worry, KISS ARMY. You can download these from the countries except Japan. Dawnload URL are here...


"PERSONA CAMERA" is funny camera apps. We imitate the face paint of KISS and can photograph a souvenir picture with members.

"LIVE WALLPAPER vol.1 & vol.2" and "LIVE WALLPAPER PICK" are motion wall paper apps. We can arrange Android Phone coolly.

"15 KISS PUZZLE" is casual puzzle games. We can hear original voices of Gene Simmons while playing a game. He recorded voices for this apps newly.

We can enjoy a karaoke of KISS' famous tune "Detroit Rock City" and "Love Gun" in "KARAOKE FOR KISS".

When I say honestly, these downloading prices are expensive. However, we must not complain. Because they are KISS.

Originally entrata is the developer who is good at the development of smartphone apps of the musicians. It is important to Japanese KISS ARMY that they developed official apps of KISS.

Puzzle & Dragons arrived at France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Finland

Today, Japan's GungHo released iOS version of their popular puzzle RPG "Puzzle & Dragons" in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Finland.

They have already released this in Korea, North America and the U.K. It break through 2 million downloading in Korea on July 1 and in the North America on October 30. It is inferior to popularity in Japan, but is the number that is not bad for an overseas advance of the Japanese game apps.
By the way, what kind of standard would this release countries be chosen in? Finland may be related to their having purchased Supercell. Are the others the Axis Powers and pro-Japanese countries?

DeNA released Japanese Manga apps for a global market

Today, DeNA released free Manga apps "Manga Box"  for the expansion of a new mobile entertainment domain.



Manga Box is weekly comic magazine apps that we can read a serialization comic free. Current issues are updated on every Wednesday. DeNA cooperate with Japanese major publishing companies(ex kodansha and Shogakukan), and publishes 28 spin-off works of popular comics from the first issue. Furthermore, they cooperate with Dentsu, the Japanese major advertising agency and think about carrying out multimedia development positively.

Interestingly, they release both Japanese version and English version from a beginning. Furthermore, they release it for 140 countries including Asia, South America, North America and Europe. This is very rare by the Japanese e-book apps. Well, Japanese are very weak in an overseas advance :P Know-how of their social game publication is made use of in this.

Unfortunately GREE and Mobage are gradually losing power in the Japanese social game industry. Therefore DeNA makes efforts in the business except the social game rapidly recently. Manga Box is the part, too.


Japanese legendary RPG Dragon Quest(Dragon Warrior) attacks the smartphones

Dragon Quest(Eg name:Dragon Warrior) is  Japanese legendary NES video game. After the appearance of this, JRPG started in earnest. Japanese gamers were excited at this in those days and made a long line in a game shop to buy Dragon Quest. Until this year, Square Enix did not do smartphone development of the Dragon Quest series at all(Though there are a lot of smartphone games of the Final Fantasy series). However, they opened the closed gate suddenly. At first they released Dragon Quest portal apps, and released a smartphone version of first Dragon Quest in free of charge in commemoration of it.

Japanese gamers jumped at this and first Dragon Quest broke through 1 million downloading at the release first day. At first, Square Enix intended to let only the first 1 million download free. However, they extended a free downloading period until December 10 because a reaction was too big. Now, first Dragon Quest breaks through 3 million downloading.

Square Enix will release the smartphone version of other Dragon Quest series in future. They release Dragon QuestVIII for downloading price 2,800 yen on December 12 at once.