You can go to sleep with your head on Unity-chan's lap, but it's VR

I wrote about an original action for Japanese users of Unity Japan the other day.

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Maybe, it succeeds. Japanese application developer Up-Frontier developed interesting virtual reality contents using Oculus Rift and Unity-Chan, the original character data of Unity Japan.

This is it.

At first, wear Oculus Rift...

Then the scenery such as the park appears, and Unity-chan comes up next to oneself.

When you put a head on the lap shaped cushion. Your viewpoint follows it, and you can get the sense that has Unity-chan do Hizamakura(膝枕: pillow one's head on somebody's lap).

Furthermore, Unity-chan moves, talks and changes expressions. It's right virtual reality. They show the demo version of this for free. However, unfortunately it is only windows. Downloading is here.


We knew it: Japanese game company uses Oculus Rift for porno games

This is Japan.

Japanese Tech media Weekly ascii reports it about contents for adults using Oculus Rift. Japanese Bishojo(美少女: Beautiful girl) game developer Illusion develops Eroge(エロゲ: Erotic game) using Oculus Rift.

You can watch the whole body of an actual sexy actress by attaching Oculus Rift. They scanned an actress with 3D scanner to make real 3D model.

Of course you can stare at her from various angles and distance.

The title of this is "PLAYGIRLS" and Illusion releases this by the end of this year. If you want to see this quickly, go to the demo-corner of PC shop G-Tune : Garage in Akihabara, Tokyo.

via http://weekly.ascii.jp/elem/000/000/244/244372/

Nameko cooperates with a convenience store in Hong Kong

Japanese mobile game superstar Nameko makes efforts in the advance to the neighborhood Asia area more. They are already popular in Taiwan and aim at Hong Kong next to there.

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Now, they cooperate with convenience store Circle K in Hong Kong. There are no such cute shops even in Japan. I am envious of Hong Kongers!

More photos are here > Nameko official site "Name-Para ~Nameko Paradise~" (Chinese)

Nameko and Circle K do the tie-up using Hong Kong original goods "Nameko comical pens". When customers do shopping more than the 20HK dollar in Circle K, they can get Nameko sticker. And when they collect Nameko stickers 12 pieces, they can get one kind among six kinds of Nameko comical pens. This is not sold in Japan, and is Hong Kong original limited goods made for this tie-up.

The details of the tie-up is here (Chinese).

Circle K sells a lot of Nameko goods like Japan to this. Furthermore, for the advertising of this, they decorate a wall surface of Kowloon Tong Station and Causeway Bay Station cutely. This has not been yet carried out in Japan, too.

Beeworks, the developer of Nameko is interested in mainland China, Korea and Southeast Asia. They already open Nameko web shop for Korean users and open a popup shop in Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul now.

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Info of popup shop in Dongdaemun Design Plaza(Korean).


Unity obeys a Japanese way and exhibit to Comic Market

In overseas offices of UnityUnity Japan performs activity localized most. They release Japanese style "moe(萌え)" personification character Unity-Chan(ユニティちゃん) and show her data to developers.

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They exhibit to Comic Market(Comiket) to raise her popularity more.

Comiket is the world's largest dōjinshi(同人誌: self-published comic books) fair and sacred place of Otaku. Manga, Anime, games... etc, Otaku of every genre gather here (Wikipedia).
Unity Japan sells various goods of Unity-Chan here. Lineups are...
  • Music CD
  • Dance motion for 3D models

In addition, dance motion video of Unity-Chan is shown in their booth and ad round fans of Unity-Chan are distributed to visitors for free.

Comiket 86 is held in Tokyo Big Sight until in August 15 - 17. However, please be careful. This is not comfortable otaku event. This is a battlefield of otaku.

Ingress players of Hiroshima prayed for peace and drew paper crane on the map

August 6 is the memorial day when an A-bomb was dropped on Japan's Hiroshima. A ceremony is held every year in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park on this day, and a lot of cranes of the origami "Orizuru" are displayed there.

Orizuru - paper crane of origami - is one of the general works of the origami, but It is often used as an item of the recovery from a disease and an injuries, the revival from disasters and the pray for peace. For example, there is a case that classmates make and give Senbazuru(千羽鶴: 1,000 paper crane of origami) for the friend who suffered from a serious disease.

Therefore Ingress players of Hiroshima flashed for an interesting idea. Ingress is mobile geolocation game of Google and players are divided into two camp and scramble for portals on a real map. When players tie neighboring portals in lines, they become the aspect. Players of Hiroshima paid attention to this. Because they connected portals well around the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, they became the shape of huge orizuru.

This has two important points. Ingress is usable as not only the game but also an art tool. And It's the wonderful art that two camp fighting against each other cooperate and made. It is right good for peace.

You can watch their Orizuru facture here (Japanese).