3D printer and the filament which are safe for children

3D printer company bonsai lab announced new 3D printer BS TOY that focused on the toy market, and it was displayed in Trend Gallery that introduce trends of 2015 in German toy show Spielwarenmesse.

BS TOY is a cube type of 20 centimeters×3 and weight is 2 kilograms. Corners are round, and a design considered in safety so that children can use it. Molding size is 13×12.5×10(cm). They aim at the release of the end of this year.

In addition, they developed herewith new filament "LT80(Low Temperature)" in cooperation with Polymakr. The temperature necessary for the molding of this is only 80 degrees Celsius, and the finish is a soft flexible type. Furthermore, this is made with the materials which FDA of U.S. authorizes, and considered environment because this is Biodegradability. Now, the color variations of this clear only, but they will release various colors in future now.

via http://www.atpress.ne.jp/view/56560


[Photo Report] Valentine fair of Nameko Shop in Basement of Tokyo Station

A half year passed after an official shop of Japanese mobile game superstar Nameko opened.

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[Photo Report] Nameko shop preview in Basement of Tokyo Station

Now, the shop is doing good business very well and even Asian tourists came to drop in. The shop holds various events every season and it may be the secret of the prosperity.

They hold Valentine fair now.

LOVELY! The Nameko statue is covered with heart!

The stuffed toys of Nameko in conjunction with Valentine's Day are put on the front.

The Nameko goods have the various snacks and cakes. The cookie sets are good as a souvenir to a family.


His name is Masaru, a kind of mysterious Nameko. The real Nameko occasionally come up in a shop and delight children.

They are what I bought.

 Cookie, langue de chat and mascot stuffed toy.

Nameko lies at full length :)

In addition, we get tote bag as a privilege when we do shopping more than 2,000 yen in Nameko official shop now. But it may disappear immediately because this is very popular.


Next is Yo-kai cat: Jibanyan of Yo-Kai Watch appeared in the reality world by PTAM

I wrote about the interesting example that let character appear in reality world using PTAM.

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A certain Japanese developer made a newer work. Next is Yo-kai cat "Jibanyan(ジバニャン)" from Japanese popular game/anime Yo-kai Watch(妖怪ウォッチ).

Yo-Kai Watch is a series of role-playing games for Nintendo 3DS developed and published by Level-5. It is transmedia storytelling content, and their anime, manga, toys, various goods etc... every product are selling like hot cakes. It is right Pokemon(Nintendo) killer. (via wikipedia)

Jibanyan lives in the room of the Japanese primary schoolchild Keita. However, the common people cannot look at him because Jibanyan is Yo-kai(妖怪: supernatural creatures in Japanese folklore), so Keita looks at them using special gadget Yo-Kai Watch. You would already notice, this is good to AR/VR contents!

The developer put Oculus Rift and PTAM together and realized more real expression. It is really cute!


Japanese netizens personified ISIS as cute girls at last

Crappy Photoshops of ISIS by Japanese Twitter users are scattered all over the world, and they started a newer project. This is "personifies" - proud skill of Japanese.

Anonymous Japanese netizens personified ISIS as cute girl "ISIS-chan" ("chan" is nickname expression in Japan). They make her profile and show it in Tumblr. Some illustration works have been shared here already.

This is not the first time that Japanese netizens personified threats and booing as cute girls. In 2010, large-scale anti-Japan demonstration broke out in China, the anti-Japan sentiment of Chinese people increased and they shouted "Riben guizi(日本鬼子)" of Chinese racial term since World War II("Riben guizi" means "Japanese devil" in Chinese). However, a project of personify this as cute girls in Japanese textboard 2channel started. Japanese netizens chose to transform the racial and offensive term into a "Moe(萌え)" character.

Then the image search results of "Riben guizi(日本鬼子)" in Chinese major search service Baidu(百度) happened.

Where are images of Imperial Japanese soldiers and the anti-Japan demonstration? :D The Chinese government judged this to be a serious problem, strengthened the censorship by the great firewall(金盾) and prohibited the image search of Riben guizi(日本鬼子) in Baidu(百度). In other words, Chinese people were not able to search even Riben guizi as racial term, too.

The ISIS personification project aims at this again. If crappy images and cute girls were displayed on screen when youths searched ISIS, at least they may not think to join ISIS. We must upset WW(World War) and make MM(Moe Moe).
Of course the people except the Japanese can participate in this project, too. However it is necessary to note this rule.

The silly is stronger than the terrorism. Let's jump onto a bandwagon of ‪#‎ISISクソコラグランプリ‬(Crappy Photoshop Grand Prix)!


Ingress players draw phoenix on Kobe to celebrate the 20th anniversary of revival from quake

On January 17, 2015, Japan is the 20th year from Great Hanshin earthquake(Kobe earthquake). It's magnitude 7.3, occurred on January 17, 1995, at 05:46 JST in the southern part of Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan, and 6,400 people died by a collapse building and a fire.

Then for 20 years, current Kobe is this.

Therefore Japanese Ingress players drew phoenix on Kobe on the map in commemoration of this. The phoenix is right a symbol of the revival.

This is not the first time that Japanese Ingress players expressed prayer through a game. They prayed for peace in Hiroshima on August 6, 2014 and drew a crane of origami.

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These succeed by cooperation of Resistance and Enlightened.