Ring type wearable device to operate by writing a letter in the air

Fujitsu Laboratories announced that they developed ring type wearable device.

Ring detects the exercise of finger-tip, so users can choose menus and write memos by writing letters in the air. Furthermore, by the NFC(Near field communication) tag reader that this has built-in, when users touch a tag attached to the object, they can see work contents and instructions on monitor and HMD(Head Mounted Display). Because even a busy state can operate information in minimum movement, they assume use of factory of this, and aim at putting it to practical use by the end of this year.

via http://pr.fujitsu.com/jp/news/2015/01/13.html

Simple mobile that transform into heart-shape

Bandai and Ymobile collaborate with popular anime Sailor Moon and sell mobile that transform into heart-shape. Decorations stickers, a charm and a heart-shaped battery charger included in the set. The color is pearl red, the weight is 54g and the price are 12,600yen. Now, pre-order begins in Bandai's e-shop. The shipment time is the end of March.

This is simple mobile only for calls and intends for fashionable women. Users can transform mobile to Heart-shape by turning one side. When users make a call, they turn one side and transform it straight, liquid crystalline Indication appears on the body. This does not have a physical keyboard, and users call a phone numbers list by a touch sensor and call. phone numbers list is synchronized with a smartphone by apps.

Pre-order page is here (Japanese)

via http://www.atpress.ne.jp/releases/56174/att_56174_1.pdf


Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten has a cafe in Shibuya, Tokyo

The situation of Japanese public free wi-fi is really shit. However, the stress may be reduced somewhat if you enter this cafe in Shibuya,  Tokyo.

Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten(楽天) opens an official cafe in Shibuya from May, 2014.

It is their flagship cafe here. Visitors can try their e-book tablet Rakuten Kobo and smartphone Rakuten Mobile free here. Furthermore, those service counters are added to the floor of the cafe. Seats have power supply taps and visitors can use the high-speed free Wi-Fi of 1Gbps. Even if you want to work suddenly, there is no problem.

The menus are slightly cheaper than Starbucks. Drinks, sweets and foods are the products which are popular in their e-commerce shop Rakuten Ichiba(楽天市場). The menus serve as their advertising. Business hours are 11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.  Of course even the people who do not have an account of Rakuten can enter.

Rakuten Cafe

Tie-up of Japanese mobile dating sim and fast food chain

Japanese mobile game company Cybird cooperates with LOTTERIA of the fast food chain in their mobile dating sim series "Ikemen series". (Ikemen means hot handsome guys in Japanese slang)

Cybird is one of main dating sim developers of Japan, and releases mobile dating sim of various situation for women in Ikemen series.

In this tie-up, the set menu which cooperated with the Ikemen series in each store of LOTTERIA is sold.

The contents of the set menu are French fries and tea, and the price is 500 yen. You may think this to be very expensive. However...

The game character card is attached to this set menu.

Serial number is placed in the backside of the card and players can get virtual goods by inputting it in a game. In other words, this price includes virtual goods.

By the way, my card was "Ikemen bakumatsu Unmei No Koi(イケメン幕末◆運命の恋)". This is dating sim loving pro-imperial nationalists and revolutionists(維新志士:Ishin shishi) in the Bakumatsu era(幕末時代: The final years of the Edo period See wikipedia). Its times setting is 1853~1867, but my avatar has French fries of LOTTERIA. It's really funny! :)

3D printer and the filament which are safe for children

3D printer company bonsai lab announced new 3D printer BS TOY that focused on the toy market, and it was displayed in Trend Gallery that introduce trends of 2015 in German toy show Spielwarenmesse.

BS TOY is a cube type of 20 centimeters×3 and weight is 2 kilograms. Corners are round, and a design considered in safety so that children can use it. Molding size is 13×12.5×10(cm). They aim at the release of the end of this year.

In addition, they developed herewith new filament "LT80(Low Temperature)" in cooperation with Polymakr. The temperature necessary for the molding of this is only 80 degrees Celsius, and the finish is a soft flexible type. Furthermore, this is made with the materials which FDA of U.S. authorizes, and considered environment because this is Biodegradability. Now, the color variations of this clear only, but they will release various colors in future now.

via http://www.atpress.ne.jp/view/56560