Amazon.co.jp delivers Buddhist monks to families holds memorial services

Minrebi, Japan’s end-of-life startup, started service to dispatch a Buddhist monks to families who holds Buddhist memorial services. Its platform is Amazon.co.jp.

Funerals and memorial services have various complicated traditions. In former Japan, any families had a temple in the neighborhood, and were close to monks. Therefore they could ask them the tradition of funerals and memorial services lighthearted. However, after rapid economic growth, urbanization advances and nuclear families increase, the village communities declines, and the bond of families and temples was lost because of them.

Minrebi dispatches monks to families without the interchange with the temple in flat rate. If monk only recite a sutra in home, cemetery or ceremony hall, the rate is 35,000 yen(about $280) in any location in Japan.  Furthermore, rates are 45,000 - 65,000 yen by service contents of monk. Ex, monk recite sutras in plural places, and  grants a posthumous Buddhist name to the deceased. Buddhism has various denominations, but even if families are any denominations, they can invite monks corresponding to it.

It is still rare that a manpower dispatch service using Amazon is offered in Japan. This is very interesting service. Even if a bond of families and monks is cut off, the new Internet business can tie it again.


Sakezemi- The apps that can learn correct knowledge about the Japanese liquor

Nihonsyu(日本酒: means Japanese liquor in Japanese) is called Sake(酒: means General liquor in Japanese in foreign countries, and Unfortunately its correct knowledges are not known to foreign people. Sakezemi may change the situation. Sakezemi is a mobile apps that can learn correct knowledge about the Japanese liquor. Originally this was the media which sent charm of the Japanese liquor to Japanese young women. However, the substantial columns which it had attracted users except women also. Therefore they started English support for the first of their global expansion. You can know how to drink Japanese liquor more than 160 brands by changing language setting of the apps to English. Download is free(iOS/Android).

COMIC CON goes to Japan in 2016. The promoter is Steve Wozniak

COMIC MARKET、WONDER FRSTIVAL...etc... Japan has a lot on events for Otaku, but a new event add in 2016. It is COMIC CON. Steve Wozniak, the promoter announced that they held TOKYO COMIC CON 2016 at Chiba Makuhari Messe in December 3~4, 2016.

In TOKYO COMIC CON, panel discussions and talk show about Manga, Anime, Cos-Play, Movie are performed. In addition, the sale of collector's items, photo sessions, and the autograph sessions are held, too. Furthermore, they pay attention to the field of contents production technology, and tech-related companies and celebrities such as robots and smartphones participate in it. TOKYO COMIC CON seems to be fusion of Otaku event and the Tech event.


The wedding bouquet which the colors are changed to by apps

Japanese startup digifla announced wedding bouquet "LED Designable Wedding Bouquet" which could design colors by mobile application.

The bouquet has LEDs, users can control them using application and Bluetooth and change colors. It is available for the illuminations design that change of colors, for example, in the case of dress change, users can change the color of the bouquet to the color of the dress. Furthermore, it is available as interior of the new home because it does not die like real flower. Application can save the color designs and can use them repeatedly. They start the sale of this on February 8, 2016. In addition, they offer the production kit of this for flower designers and companies also.


Let's operate toys with dry cell-shaped IoT gadget

Usually, we cannot operate minicars, railroad models and stuffed toys working in dry cells. However, it is enabled if we use this dry cell-shaped IoT gadget MaBeee.

It has a shape of the size AA battery and can attach it to toys by setting a size AAA battery. It links to iOS application and Bluetooth, when users shake the iPhone/iPad and incline them, toys begin to move. We can operate toys by buttons displayed on mobile screen, volume of the voice, and distance with toys also. This is crowdfunding project and have already collected development costs 8 times as large as an aim. It still have two months until the deadline and you can reserve this for 3,888 yen~. It is released in April, 2016.