The new mobile game of Pokemon using the AI is released in this spring

Now, Nintendo makes efforts in a mobile game. This is the part, too. The Pokemon Company and HEROZ release new mobile game of Pokemon "Pokemon Komadtar(ポケモンコマスター)" in this spring.

This is PvP board game using figure of Pokemon. Players collect figure of Pokemon with the different characteristic each, form deck, and battle with other players. HEROZ is in charge of the development of this. Their core technology is AI, they run online shogi(将棋: Japanese chess) service using the AI, and this AI won against a professional shogi player for the first time in the world. However, the AI of Pokemon Komadtar does not confront players, and it supports players. Of course, when a lot of players play a game a lot, the AI grows wise and evolves. This is right a mobile game to evolve and the evolution is one of the important elements of Pokemon.


Japanese mobile game superstar Nameko become TV anime in public broadcasting channel NHK

Japanese mobile game superstar Nameko becomes anime again. They released anime DVD in 2013. However, they broadcast the short anime series in national public broadcasting channel NHK this time. It is broadcasted on every Sunday.

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Japanese popular mobile apps character Nameko becomes the Anime at last

The title is "Nemko -Sekai no Tomodachi-(なめこ~せかいのともだち~: Nameko -Friends of World-". This is broadcasted in NHK's education program for children "Nyanchu World" in April 10. One broadcast time is three minutes, and the designer of the game draws Nameko of the new design for this.

Welcome to the forest of Nameko! --- Here is the "Forest of Nameko" where various Nameko gathers from all over the world. Nameko to live in there began the guide of the forest with friends to tell the charm of the forest to everyone. Their team name is "Universal Ranger of the forest of Nameko", the abbreviated designation is "NUR". Nameko coming over to the forest of the world are very unique and individual. Well, what kind of trouble will arise today in the forest...?!

The setting of characters in this anime are different from the games. For example, because mushrooms are agamogenesis, Nameko in games are asexual condition. However, Nameko in this anime is a boy.

On the other hand, Love-Nameko is a girl.

And, as you see, Robo-Nameko is a robot.

A lot of anime which came out of games has been broadcasted in Japan until now, but this is the first time that anime of characters who came out of a mobile game is broadcasted in education program of national public broadcasting channel.


Android OS transceiver which has a camera

Teisen releases the transceiver with the camera which can send images in high compression image codec in July. It works by the Android OS. You may think this to be the same as smartphones or tablets. However, the mobile is not usable in big disaster. On the other hand, simplicity radio such as the transceiver is available for stable communication even if lifelines are destroyed. In addition, the photography function is important in damage rehabilitation works. They realized an effective image transmission function using high compression codec "MXcodec" which Information System Research Institute developed. Its transmissible distance is 1~4km, has a voice mail function, and of course drip-proof/dust-proof structure. By the way, according to them, the transceiver with the camera is the world first.


Official crime prevention apps of the Metropolitan Police Department

You may see dog girl in this apps, but this is not entertainment or game apps. This "Digi Police" is crime prevention apps by the Metropolitan Police Department. They offer various useful information to prevent phone fraud such as "it's me scam" by this application. In addition, the application has the practical function such as personal alarm, police stations search, open criminal investigation information, inquiry counter introductions. However, they do not forget to appeal to users for a friendly image...by Japan-specific style. This application has the camera function of their official character, characters collection function, and fraud karuta - the card game that words to be used in a fraud crime are displayed at random- also. They may not help crime prevention immediately, but may become the motive to run application to users many times. Download is free(iOS/Android).

The man who stole game characters of Monster Strike was arrested

According to Japan's Sankei News, the 33-year-old jobless man who lives in Osaka and stole rare characters of mixi's popular mobile game Monster Strike using cheating software was arrested. This is a crime called "illegal production of private electromagnetic record" in Japan.
He downloaded cheating software from the Internet and stole three kinds of rare characters from Monster Strike using it. Furthermore, he made three kinds of characters a set and sold it on Internet auction for about 1,500yen(about 13USD). He earned 4,400,000yen(about 38,720USD) by this criminal technique from last April through this February. He accepts a crime and tells that he fed his family by selling game characters.
The Hyogo Prefectural Police cybercrime measures section found his crime in the cyberpatrol which they carried out in last December.