Korean mobile game company Com2uS broadcast pleasant TV CMs in Japan

In Japan, TV CMs are still convincing advertisement channels, and many mobile game companies broadcast CMs of their games. Really, the number of the downloading of the game apps rises after CMs were broadcasted. Korean mobile game company Com2uS(JP site is here) broadcasts 13 kinds of CMs for the advertising of their mobile RPG Summoners War JP ver. in Japan. They are very pleasant.

They appointed elderly people of the country in Japan somehow. They are the people that they are the farthest from the game and tech industry, and they might not understand intention of CMs. However, therefore they have unlikelihood and funniness, and attracts audiences's attention. All CMs are here.


Tsum Tsum, the popular mobile game of Disney and LINE becomes the arcade game in Japan

In Japan, the example that popular mobile games become the arcade games seems to be established. Konami digital entertainment announced that they made "LINE: Tsum Tsum" an arcade game.

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LINE: Tsum Tsum is a puzzle game for smartphones which LINE and Disney Japan offer. Its motif is stuffed toy TSUM TSUM sold in Disney store, and passes 20 million downloading in the global market.

The basic rule of Tsum Tsum of the arcade version does not change from a smartphone version. However, it has not only the single play mode but also the match mode and players can get the Tsum Tsum mascot of the limited version after a play. This is not sold in Disney store.

This is a very interesting measure that put a crane game and an arcade game together. Even the people who do not usually play mobile games may visit the game arcade for these mascots. Noe, Japanese game arcades function as society ground of elderly people(Because declining birthrate goes rapidly and children are becoming poverty in Japan). This is the new advertising opportunity of Disney and LINE.


Japanese musician Gackt released his mobile game

Gackt, the Japanese musician & actor released a his own F2P mobile game "P.S. I LOVE U GACKT". The developer is Allfuz.

This is a romance sim that assumed his number "P.S. I LOVE U" a motif. In this game, Gackt appears in 2D illustrations and players can fall in love with him in various situation.

The stories are 15 kinds in total and the ending change by the choice of each stories. If players can arrive the happy ending, they can get images with Gackt's voice message and the privilege story. In addition, he has many fans abroad as well as Japan< so this game supports English. Downloading is here(iOS/Android).


Puzzle & Dragons way: Mixi's mobile game Monster Strike becomes the arcade game

mixi chases a success example of Puzzle and Dragons. They make their popular mobile game Monster Strike an arcade game with Konami digital entertainment and release it in the next spring.

Now, Monster Strike is a popular mobile game next to Puzzle and Dragons in Japan. It passed 14 million downloading from release in one year, released in not only Japan but also Taiwan, and go into the U.S. in the end of this year. mixi was a social networking company of the biggest in Japan once, but it deteriorated, and mixi at death's door. However, the situation changed completely by a hit of Monster Strike. This is the power of the mobile games.

Monster Strike is the game that add the element of the RPG for an action game such as the pinball or billiards. New characters and new stages are drawn on the arcade game while being made from an app version. It is right technique like the arcade games of Puzzle and Dragons.

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Translimit's "BrainWars" is a new Japanese mobile game that succeeds in global

Today, Japanese startup Translimit announced that their mobile game "BrainWars" passed 5 million downloading. As such, it is not rare news. A characteristic of this is that 95% of players are foreigners. This is very rare in the Japanese mobile game market. Besides, they do not use the advertisements at all, and got players only by word of mouth.

BrainWars is Real-Time Concentration Battling app playing various mini-games that a brain power is trained. Puzzles Crosswords, Sudoku, etc...Mini-games are only the simple rules that even children can play, and do not depend on specific languages, knowledge, and the culture. Players can face other players of the world without using the languages. Probably these were popular with foreign players.
They released an iOS version in this May and released an Android version in September. Since then, it got the first place by AppStore game ranking of U.S. and was picked up in AppStore of the world. This becomes the popular game app abroad than Japan now.

Angry Birds cooperates with GungHo's Puzzle & Dragons again

Rovio cooperates with GungHo's popular mobile game Puzzle & Dragons again following November of the last year. This time is Angry Birds Epic.

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Dungeon of Angry Birds Epic appears in Puzzle & Dragons from October 20 ~ November 2. Pigs of the Angry Birds Epic version appear as enemies there, and background design and BGM are used from Angry Birds Epic. On the other hand, players can get birds of the RPG-style.

In addition, this is cross-collaboration, a tie-up stage of Puzzle & Dragons is added to Angry Birds Epic in a few days. These are carried out in a global region as well as Japan.

This is cognitive activity in next Japan of Angry Birds. When Angry Birds Epic was released, Rovio opened a site only for Japan and carried out a campaign only for Japan. However, unfortunately Angry Birds does not yet get more popularity in Japan.

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In Japan, it is important that mobile games continue being always active lively. Because there are too many rivals in and a trendy change is intense.


Japanese mobile game company Spicy Soft introduces a system of 3-days off a week

What kind of thing do you imagine about the labor circumstances of Japanese companies? Nonsense custom and rule? Strict hierarchical relationship? Overtime work? Gender discrimination? Racial discrimination? Sexual harassment? Power harassment? Bullying? Violation of labor law? Unfortunately all of them are facts. Probably the Japanese labor circumstances is the most inferior in developed countries. Meanwhile, Japanese mobile game company Spicy Soft introduces an interesting welfare program system. This is "3-days off a week".

Usually, Japanese companies are system of 2-days off a week. However, Spicy Soft stops work on Wednesday as well as the weekend. Besides, the amount of salary of staff does not decrease. In other words, a day was fixed, but increased in the paid vacation of staff. They test this October 1, 2014 - February, 2015, and if there is not a problem, this becomes their official company regulations. They demand understanding and cooperation to business partners. If this is received, some Japanese labor circumstances may change.


Supercell broadcasts TV commercials of Hay Day in Japan

Supercell performs various original development in Japan since they are purchased by SoftBank.

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Following them, they broadcast TV commercials of three kinds of Hay Day in Japan from tomorrow. Shiori Kutsuna of the actress appears in these.

She emphasizes the comfort that can play a game only with one finger, cook cakes like the game with friends, and play a game with the boss and work friend.

In Japan, TV CM is still effective for the advertising of mobile games. Japanese mobile game companies examine TVCM broadcast when their game titles pass about 500,000 ~ 1 million downloading. Supercell made efforts in advertising of Clash of Clans until now in Japan, but on the other hand, Hay Day was quiet under cover of it in Japan. These CM may improve it.


New studio of GREE released a beautiful art mobile game "el"

GREE established new game studio Wright Flyer Studios which developed a games for smartphones technically in Tokyo. And they released a beautiful art game for free.

el is horizontal scrolling action game of the designs such as the shadow picture. The boy who woke in a prison has an adventure in various places and meets various people with the umbrella which can fly the sky.

The boy collects the feathers which shine while avoiding obstacles. This game is simple, so we can enjoy fantastic artwork enough.

However, we notice that this is tragedy whenever we advance stages. Well, the theme of the story of this game is war.

This is a really cool game. However, to our regret, GREE releases this only in Japan now. I think that they should release this in the global region.

iOS ver.

Android ver.


You can watch Hatsune Miku's pantie with Oculus Rift and a sensor

Oculus Rift is very popular among Japanese. The booth which was the most popular in Tokyo Game Show 2014 was Oculus VR, though they decided exhibition in a hurry. And how to use Oculus Rift of Japanese people is slightly different from other countries. I wrote about Oculus Rift developers in Japan before.

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Furthermore, the new strange VR content was developed in Japan. Certain developer developed the VR contents that we can lift a Hatsune Miku's skirt and watch a pantie.

Akihiro, the developer whom Oculus Rift DK2 just reached at hand developed software using it at once. Then, he hit on a good idea. He devised the system which lift a Hatsume Miku's skirt by breathing on a microphone with a sensor. The result is this.

Of course he makes full use of performance of Oculus Rift and can watch it slowly and carefully. Go hentai go!

Japanese video sharing site Nico Nico Douga holds an event in Singapore

If you live in Singapore and are interested in Japanese web culture, you must not overlook this event. Today, Japanese video sharing site nico nico Douga(ニコニコ動画) announced that they held a real event "niconico KUNIKAIGI -Japan Internet Culture Festival-" in Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre in December 5 - 7.

"Niconico is set to take Singapore by storm, with exclusive offerings. Organizers of South-east Asia's biggest Japanese Pop Culture festival, Anime Festival Asia, have announced an area of the venue dedicated to Niconico's off-line event, niconico KUNIKAIGI. Come celebrate the first overseas realization of Japan's Present Internet culture!"

nico nico Douga is not a mere video sharing site anymore. LPer of games, Dancers, singers, cos-players, handmade lovers, tech developers, etc... nico nico Douga finds stars of the web culture that is totally different from the mass media. They hold the real events that can sense appearance of a world of their web site. They holds nico nico Chokaigi(ニコニコ超会議:nico nico super meeting) every spring at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, and its country version in various parts of Japan. niconico KUNIKAIGI is those International version. A lot of Japanese nico nico stars appear on the event day, but Singaporean local PR project and Singapore and the international exchange project of Japanese users are carried out, too.


New sale technique of virtual goods in Japan: game items are attached when you buy real curry

Another pleasure of Tokyo Game Show is a food area. There have many gourmet booths and you can enjoy various local foods in Japan.

In addition, in a recent tendency, the foods cooperating with games increase.

The shops make menus about game titles and sell these to game fans. It is right a way of enjoying only in Tokyo Game Show.

 This is curry of Japanese MMO for smartphones LogresAiming of the online game / mobile game developer cooperated with the go-go curry of a famous curry shop chain, and sold the curry which assumed their mobile games a motif(Because a print sheet is rice paper , we can eat this).

One curry is 1,000 yen(About 9USD). You may think it's so expensive. However, virtual goods of three kinds of mobile games are attached to it. Because the cash value of virtual goods is approximately 2,000 yen, as a result, it is reasonable. Besides, the curry is delicious! :) This is the means that is good to get new fans of game titles.

Is booth babes sexism? Suck! Tokyo Game Show has hot booth boys

Are booth babes in the trade show discrimination against women? I think that it is SUCK whenever I watch this opinion. The reason why you think that booth babes are discrimination against women is that there is only "babes". If there are booth "boys"? It is right gender equality.

Voltage is one of the Japanese main mobile game developers and release many romance sim for women. They exhibited Tokyo Game Show 2014 secondary to last year.

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They made their booth huger this year and it was completely optimized for women.

Many women came here and it became the topic, and even men visited and became prosperous very well.

The cause of the topic is them - hot and cute booth boys!

Voltage appointed booth boys last year, but increased them more this year(There were even models from foreign country). They expressed the appearance of romance sim titles in each booth and Visitors were able to really experience the atmosphere of the games. They treated visitors more than 5,000 in four days. This expresses demand of booth boys.

In addition, Sunsoft(They release mobile romance sims for women, too) exhibited an interesting booth, too.

They are not boys, cool "girls" dressed as boys. Sunsoft cooperated with male attire cafe Re.sty and appointed them as booth "boys". They were popular from the both sides of men and women, and naturally it became the topic.

Booth babes, booth boys, cool girls dressed as boys, and cute boys dressed as girls... It is a true gender equality that there are all of them.