Design Festa! vol.31 photos

This is not an article of the virtual business. But will it be sometimes good? The staff of There(R.I.P) said that "nation of Japan itself is the virtual world" several years ago! :)

Design Festa! vol.31 was held in Tokyo Big Sight on May15&16.

20100510_designfesta31 019

20100510_designfesta31 020

20100510_designfesta31 058
Design Festa! is the biggest art event in Asia. Anyway, it was a terrible crowd!

20100510_designfesta31 024
The silver ear cuff which I bought this time.

20100510_designfesta31 023

20100510_designfesta31 025

20100510_designfesta31 026

20100510_designfesta31 028

20100510_designfesta31 027

20100510_designfesta31 029

20100510_designfesta31 032

20100510_designfesta31 037

20100510_designfesta31 038

20100510_designfesta31 039

20100510_designfesta31 042

20100510_designfesta31 043

20100510_designfesta31 044

20100510_designfesta31 045

20100510_designfesta31 048

20100510_designfesta31 049

20100510_designfesta31 050

20100510_designfesta31 051

20100510_designfesta31 052

20100510_designfesta31 053

20100510_designfesta31 054

20100510_designfesta31 055

20100510_designfesta31 056

20100510_designfesta31 057

The thing most impressive this time, there were a lot of foreigner exibitors (There were many Koreans and Chinese in particular.). They were not able to speak Japanese, but still explained a work hard. In addition, they made a Japanese caption, portfolio, business card and  fryer.

I was impressed by their vitality. And I reflected on whether oneself could act like them.

Most of Japanese creators can't speak English and aren't going to speak(to know that a foreigner comes for Design Festa!...).  Of course a caption, business card and the fryer are only Japanese.

Japanese creators lacks a global viewpoint.

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