New quarrel of social game in Japan: Social game developer gloops brought an action against Grani

I wrote suit confrontation of Japanese social game developer Grani and gumi before.

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Grani appealed for gumi in an intellectual property theft. However, gloops appealed for Grani in an intellectual property theft this time.

gloops is one of the representative social game developer in Japan. They contribute various social games to platform such as Mobage, mixi, Ameba, Hangame, iOS, Facebook.
According to the press release of gloops, game system, direction and images look of Grani's social RPG "Shingoku no Valhalla Gate(神獄のヴァルハラゲート)" just resembles gloops' social games "Dairenkei!! Odin Battle(大連携!!オーディンバトル)" and "Daisenran!! Battle of Records of the Three Kingdoms(大戦乱!!三国志バトル)" closely very much.

An important point of this suit is that Grani CEO Mr.Tani was a former project manager of gloops. Mr.Tani was a project manager and a director of "Dairenkei!! Odin Battle" and "Daisenran!! Battle of Records of the Three Kingdoms". He resigned from gloops in September, 2012 and established Grani afterwards. And they released "Shingoku no Valhalla Gate" on January 25, this year.

When I compile their claim, Grani imitated the social game of gloops, and gumi imitated the social game of Grani. It's a three‐cornered battle. Whose property is the idea of the game? Person? or company? The Tech industry has intense movement of talented people. This suit will produce new arguments in the Tech industry of Japan.

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