Girls Closet, the subscription service of wearing female clothing for men

Are you a man? And are you interested in dressing up as a woman? If so, this news may be useful to you. UNI, a company that provides men's cross-dressing services in Japan, announced they will release Girls Closet, a women's clothing subscription service for men on July 1.

Girls Closet is a monthly subscription service that delivers the fashion set you need to dress up as women. Makeup lesson videos will be provided along with clothes, wigs, and cosmetics, so even if you are a beginner who has never dressed as women before, you can easily challenge it.

Usually, it is difficult for men to buy women's fashion items for their cross-dressing. What is the size? What is the design? What are the criteria for choosing underwear? So they prepare several large women's clothes in advance. If they don't suit you, you can also rent another new clothes. If you like them and have rented them for over 3 months, you don't have to return them and you can make them your own. Also, you don't have to wash your rented clothes when you return them. In addition, you can buy wigs, underwear, and stockings. If you choose the premium plan, you can get wigs and underwear without additional purchase and receive coordinating advice via video chat with fashion coordinators.

Service plans
Light plan: 10,000 yen per month
Basic plan: 15,000 yen per month
Premium plan: 30,000yen per month

Originally, UNI has provided various services to support wearing female clothing for men. They hold men's cross-dressing events every month and run salon bars where men dressed as women can interact with each other. Through their business, they found that non-transgender men casually enjoyed cross-dressing, and that more and more men were interested in it and devised this service. In fact, there are a lot of men all over Japan who dress as women with their hearts as men. However, it is still the big cities like Tokyo that can enjoy such culture openly. They aim to provide an environment in which any men can try on a cross-dresser without having to go out, even if they does not live in a big city.


Japanese new social VR platform ambr will release open beta version on May 25

On May 25th, a new social VR platform will join the Japanese VR industry. It is ambr and accepts pre user registration. The VR HMDs it supports are Oculus Go, Oculus Rift (Rift S) and HTC VIVE.
ambr is a social VR world where everyone can transform into their favorite avatars and communicate. You can have your own room where you can interact with and go to other users' rooms. If you link your account with 3D character platform VRoid Hub, you can upload your own avatars and use it with ambr by designing your own avatar.

In addition, ambr will collaborate with VTuber, VR games, real-world companies, shops and facilities in various ways.
They conducted a closed beta test last year and have been developing it for a year. Pre-registration is required to participate in the open β version, and virtual currency points "ambr points" will be presented to users who have pre-registered as a privilege.
Please use Google Translate as the registration form is written in Japanese only. If you have Oculus Go, Oculus Rift (Rift S) or HTC VIVE, it's not bad to experience here as an early user.


The world's largest VR creative festival Virtual Market 5 will be held from December

I recently wrote about the world's largest VR creative festival Virtual Market. It ended in great success on May 10th, and they decided on an upcoming event date. Virtual Market 5 will be held from December 19, 2020 to January 10, 2021.

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Virtual Market is a creative festival in the VR world. 43 companies and 1400 general creators are exhibiting, and various virtual goods made by them are on sale. In addition, companies are promoting their real products in a virtual world.
For example, Audi Japan made a virtual version of the electric car e-tron, and visitors took a test drive with it. Real-world salespersons of high-end department store Isetan-Mitsukoshi  served customers through their avatars in a virtual store. It is a new remote work style under the coronavirus pandemic. Seven-Eleven, a convenience store, sold avatars of Square Enix's popular game "NieR:Automata" at a virtual store.

The feature of this event is that many companies have already officially exhibited. So they are convinced that VR and virtual worlds will be the new fields of business.
This is being held by Japanese startup HIKKY, but many VR netizens from countries other than Japan also came to this event. So they are aiming to make Virtual Market 5 a more global event.

The Virtual Market 5 site is already open.

Let your smartphone cool

The more time people have to stay in their homes, the more time they spend with mobile applications. Among them, the usage time of game applications is increasing. But isn't it causing your smartphone to overheat? Then, gaming gadget maker Game Tech has released Gamers Mobile Cooler, a cooling fan that supports multiple models.

 It cools your mobile up to 13 degrees with a Peltier device and cooling fan. The fan is a silent type, so it doesn't interfere with the sound of the games you are playing.
It has multiple suction cups and You can easily attach it by pressing suction cups on your mobile. Also, its size is small at 72mm x 49mm x 23mm and the weight is about 60 grams, so you can use it not only for smartphones but also for tablets and gaming terminals such as Nintendo Switch.

To use this, you will need a 5V / 1A or 5V / 2A AC adapter or mobile battery. The price is 3960 yen including tax.

Art in VR : Virtual VIVID Ilya Kuvshinov Works Exhibition

Currently, art exhibitions have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Then, how about hold them in virtual worlds? "Virtual VIVID Ilya Kuvshinov Works Exhibition", an art exhibition of popular Russian illustrator Ilya Kuvshinov is being held at VR Chat and Japanese social VR platform clister until May 31.

Ilya Kuvshinov's works are popular in Japan, and she is known to have been in charge of character design for Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045. This virtual exhibition is a reproduction of her real exhibition held in Tokyo, Akihabara in November 2019. However, no admission fee is required to view the virtual exhibition. Moreover, it is open 24 hours a day.

In addition, there are productions unique to the virtual world. When you go to the exhibition area of her Tokyo motif works, the crowds of town are played as background music. You will feel as you are in the middle of Tokyo.

When you stand in front of her work of snowscape, the sound of snowstorm is played as background music and snow particles come down.

Virtual art exhibitions are easier to hold in the virtual world than other events. Certainly, there are monetization challenges. However, it's a good way to get people around the world to appreciate art works. In addition, in this virtual exhibition, official goods sold at the gallery shop of the real exhibition are on sale. Mail order is good idea for monetization.

Virtual VIVID Ilya Kuvshinov Works Exhibition official site