Nameko collaborated with Demon Kakka of the coolest heavy metal singer in Japan

The most popular mobile game in Japan "Nameko Saibai Kit(なめこ栽培キット:Mushroom Garden)" series held a fan meeting event last week in Tokyo. Unexpectedly this is the first time that they held a fan meeting event.

This is its poster. Demon Nameko stands next to Nameko. Well, this expresses the special guest of this event.

Yes! He is Demon Kakka(デーモン閣下)! (閣下:"Kakka" means "Excellency" in Japanese) the coolest heavy metal singer in Japan! He was the frontman of the legendary Japanese heavy metal band Seikima-II(聖飢魔II), and is known for always working entirely in character. In addition, he active as entertainer, journalist and Sumo commentator. (via Wiki). It is a digression, I'm a metal heads since the days of a primary schoolchild, and huge fan of Seikima-II. Because when I knew the holding of this event, I thought that this was just an event for me! :)

*Seikima-II...Japanese heavy metal band formed in 1982. A group of "Akuma" (devils), from the futuristic hyper-evolved dimension "Makai" ("demon world"), that are preaching a religion, in order to propagate Satan through the use of heavy metal music. Each member is a demon of a different hierarchical class, with His Excellency Demon Kogure being leader of the "Akuma" and His Majesty Damian Hamada being the "Crown Prince of Hell". In accordance to the prophecy and after completing their world conquest, the band disbanded at the end of the century on December 31, 1999 at 23:59:59. (Via Wiki)

Nameko and heavy metal? This is not a funny combination. Nameko released the second music CD "Nameko no CD 2(なめこのCD 2: CD of Nameko vol.2)" in the end of last year. Demon Kakka sang "Jigoku no Nameko no Uta(地獄のなめこのうた: Nameko's song in the hell)" in that. This event was related to it.

This CD was sold before the event start. It was very popular, and Nameko fans made a line to about 100 meters to buy this. Of course I bought it, too.

The members who gathered for an event were slightly strange. Big seven Namekos, heavy metal singer of a white face, young women, metal heads, small children and their parents…. Demon Kakka said, "There is a peaceful atmosphere. I have not experienced the event of such an atmosphere". Such a strange mobile game event will not have an example worldwide :)

Demon Kakka talked about "Jigoku no Nameko no Uta". This is a heavy metal arrangement version of "Nameko no Uta(なめこのうた: Nameko's Song).

Nameko no Uta

It's a cute song. Luke Takamura which was band mate on Demon Kakka in former guitarists of Seikima-II arranged this in a hot heavy metal number. Furthermore, his current band CANTA played this. The drummer of CANTA is Raiden Yuzawa of former drummer of Seikima-II. In other words, three former members of Seikima-II gathered through Nameko. This is the first time that they collaborated after they dissolved a band. Demon Kakka said, "The high tone shout of this was the most difficult in my 30 years music career. Because I recorded it many times again." "The band has very superior technique, too. They are the strongest trio band. Not only my song but also they are splendid. This is a precious example musically."

By this event, a music video of "Jigoku no Nameko no Uta" was showed to the public first.

Hell yeah!!! \m/

By the way, Nameko Saibai Kit releases newer game apps this month. The title is " Neo Nameko Saibai Kit". Demon Kakka played the demo version, and looked very happy. (The left man is Cardboard Nameko. He is evangelist of Nameko and continues sending charm of Nameko every day)

Finally a dance lesson of Nameko was carried out for small children. Dance lesson for children after loud heavy metal? However, fans enjoyed it naturally.

I wish heartily this topic is shared by metal heads and mobile game industry of the world.


Let's make Nameko figure with the technique of fake sweets! vo.2

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Let's make Nameko figure with the technique of fake sweets! vo.1

I finally begin the making of topping of the cupcake. First is cherry.

 Cut a parts of an artificial flower.

 Put it in a lump of the paper clay(mix red acrylic paints with paper clay beforehand).

 paint it in redder acrylic paints.

Bond it to the cupcake with an epoxy adhesive.

Next is Cookie Nameko which is Main!

Mix the acrylic paints of the color such as the cookie with paper clay.

Make the chocolate tips with paper clay at the same time.

Put them together and make the main body of Cookie Nameko. It becomes like a cookie when we let the surface crack daringly.

After it completely dried, bond it to the cupcake with an epoxy adhesive.

Following this, make the stick cookie which Cookie Nameko has.

Well, let's confirm a design of Cookie Nameko in the apps. His(Her?) hands and feet are not cookies!

 Then let's use the epoxy pate for repair.

Knead this and make it thin. The hands and feet of Nameko are thin, but the epoxy pate for repair is reliable because it is firm.

And bond all together with an epoxy adhesive. The completion is imminent!

 Use silicon for caulking again. I use it as fresh cream this time.

Squeeze it like real fresh cream.

Finally, powder a pastel and paint Cookie Nameko as finish.


The days that production took are two days, and production costs are about 1,000 yen(about 10USD). We can very easily make it. Let's try!


Let's make Nameko figure with the technique of fake sweets! vo.1

I bought Nameko snack in a local supermarket.

Now, Nameko jumps out of a mobile game, and it becomes basic popular character. Some kind of Nameko products are sold even in the deserted country(like Akita Prefecture).

A sticker is attached to Nameko snack as freebie. Anything are cute design.

Of these, I liked Cookie Nameko in particular and flashed. "I can make the figure of Coockie Nameko with technique of fake sweets". Because he(she?) is a cookie and gets on cupcake.

The fake sweets are very popular in Japan. It is popular among women in particular, and a lot of know-how to handcraft it is shared.

ときめき!  スイーツデコのアクセサリー
Various How-to books are published.

Therefore I decided to make figure of Cookie Nameko with the technique of fake sweets.

 First, prepare a yellow silicon cup.

 Next, prepare white lightweight paper clay.

 Mix brown acrylic paints with paper clay and knead it until a color becomes uniform.

 Pile paper clay in the cup.

 Damage the surface of the paper clay with a worn-out toothbrush.

Completely dry it.

 Paper clay completely dries, take it off the cup once.

 Attach the bottom of the cup with silicon for caulking.

 Attach paper clay and a cup.

Next, add the strawberry source on this. It's glue stick for glue gun to become the strawberry source.

 Glue stick of various colors is sold recently.

 Pile it on paper clay.

 It is difficult to pile it like a source...

Warm the surface of glue by lighter. Then the surface melts and gets smooth.

Put crystals for the decorations in substitution for colorful chocolate spray. It became the gorgeous cupcake in this!

The fake cupcake was completed first of all. Next is a topping.
It leads to Vol.2...