Japanese farming social game PiggLife cooperates with Moomin

PiggLife is Japanese farming social game linking virtual world Ameba Pigg, and cooperated with various characters many times. Their partner of this time is Finnish popular character Moomin.

moomin is right "Big in Japan". A theme park of Moomin will open next year in Japan.

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In this tie-up event, players can cultivate Cloudberry in own field and can cook menus of Moomin using them.

Berry Latte of Moomin is the menu which players can cook first. When players clear quests, they become able to cook a pancake and a cake of Moomin.

Furthermore, the special area that reproduced a house of Moomin and tent of Snufkin opens. Cute stuffed toy is displayed on railing of the bridge!

Players can get various items of Moomin when they clear quests. They are designed really cutely and seem to raise a login rate of players.


Japanese mobile game company Colopl developed a game for Oculus Rift

Colopl is one of the Japanese representative mobile game companies. They developed geolocation social games for future phones at first, and they are known by releasing cool game apps for smartphones now. Furthermore, they seem to be interested in VR. They released game apps for Oculus Rift "Kuma's Festival Marksman" this week.

This is a shooting game about the fairs of the Japanese style festival. Players can shoot various goods on the shelf in toy guns.

This originally released as a smartphone game called "Pop Cork!", and has been redesigned to be played with the Oculus Rift. This has new charm. You can enjoy not only the shooting game but also the atmosphere of the Japanese festival. This is the first time that a Japanese mobile game company released games for Oculus Rift.


Tragedy: Mobile game developer SummerTimeStudio in Okinawa had a game stolen by someone

SummerTimeStudio is a mobile game developer based in Okinawa of the southernmost prefecture of Japan. They were local developers, but they developed a lot of cool 3D mobile games using Unity and cooperated with Glu Mobile in March. However, they were hit by terrible tragedy recently.

Now, they push forward preparations to release their games for Amazon App Store. However, they found that an account named "SummerTimeStudio" had been already made in Amazon App Store. Of course this is identity theft. Furthermore, this pretending stole their game and released them for a fee in Amazon App Store.

As of August 26, seven games were released for 103 yen without permission by someone(All their games are originally F2P). Hirotsu Takeyasu of the SummerTimeStudio CEO sent this matter immediately in his Facebook page and warned that malware or spyware might be hidden in these.

Fortunately, Amazon deleted these immediately. However, this is the case that is really terrible for a small developer. Hirotsu asked for cause investigation and repeated crime prevention for Amazon.


Puzzle & Dragons developer GungHo danced a samba in a local festival

Samba carnival is held every year in Asakusa, Tokyo and it is a traditional local festival lasting 33 years. GungHo, the company of popular mobile game Puzzle & Dragons is participates in this from last year. Their Samba team is GungHo Amigos.

GungHo Amigos was formed in the establishment tenth anniversary of the company.

They did Cos-Play of characters of the games which they ran, put on dress, T-shirt and paper crown of the Tama-Dra, the character of Puzzle & Dragons, and got on float with the logo of their games.

Of course GungHo CEO Kazuki Morishita  participated, too. He woar Tama-Dra hat and clothes with puzzle gems.

(Pfotos via Famitsu. They have more photos. Check it!)

Furthermore, GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE CEO Goichi Suda participated. They are subsidiaries of GungHo from February, 2013.

In addition, in commemoration of holding of the Asakusa samba carnival, players were given the samba ver. dragon in Puzzle & Dragons.

Stella of Angry Birds becomes Manga in Japan

I already wrote that Rovio Japan performs various measures to let Angry Birds be popular in Japan.

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This is one of them, too. Pink small bird Stella of Angry Birds becomes Manga from next month.

The title is "Stella~ナナと魔法の英単語~(Stella~Nana to Maho no Eitango~: Stella~Nana and magical English words~). This is a complete original story made separately from a story of conventional Angry Birds. The main character is Nana of the small Japanese girl. She moved to abroad for the business of parents, but she can't make friends because she can't speak English. Therefore Stella teaches her English words and helps her. Well, it may be said that this makes lower Japanese English ability and high Finnish English ability a motif. The writer is Hiyoko Hatano of the Manga artist and this is published serially in monthly Manga magazine for girls "Nakayoshi" released on September 3.