Hanger with deodorization function

Smells of sigarettes, smells of meals... It is troublesome that clothes smell awful. However, it will be very convenient if it is settled only by hanging clothes to the hangers.

Panasonic announced that they released hanger that has deodorization function on September 1. This has decontamination anti-virus ion "nanoe X"(it is the original name that Panasonic devised), when users switch this on, a fan turns, and nanoe X is released by air supply terminals. Nanoe X has power of decomposition deodorizing and can even inactivate pollen. You will want to use this in spring if you are troubled by hay fever.

In addition, a clothes cover is included in this set, and the users can get the higher effect by using this and a hanger together. Operation modes are two kinds of "nomal-mode(5 hours) and long-mode(7 hours), but electric utility expense is less than 1 yen both. This works with a mobile battery, even if it's in the closet which don't have outlet, the users can use this. The size is 400mm*88mm*281mm, and the weight is 520g. Color variation is only black. An AC adapter, a cable of 2.5m and clothes cover are included in this set.

via http://panasonic.jp/hanger/


Desk fan which indicates a message

Hot summer has came. You may feel like placing a small electric fan on the desk in an office. If it has another different function? Surely offices may become fun.

Gadget shop Shanhai-Donya released Desk fan having LED gimmick. A glance, this is simple desk fan corresponding to the USB bus power, but this has LEDs between fans, and can display LED messages there while turning fans. Users can set 9 kinds of messages from software, one message is usable to 13 characters, and available colors are red, green, blue, yellow, pink, sky blue, and white. Of course you can hide messages by a switch change when you want to use this as a common desk fan, and regulate the angle of this 360 degrees. The size is 170mm*85mm*160mm, and weight is 373g. Color variation is only black. The price is 2,499 yen(in tax).

via https://www.donya.jp/item/74699.html


Cool electronic paper watch "FES Watch U"

Sony public released display watch "FES Watch U" which adopted the flexible electronic paper of the active matrix method on a dial and a belt on June 12. You can change designs of the watch just to push the button.

Furthermore, you can use photos which you took with the smartphone camera and the designs of professional creators by using free smartphone application "FES Closet". Because the designs released by this application increase from now on, you can choose various designs. The designs which you can save are max 24 kinds. The battery is lithium ion battery, and it works about two weeks by charge time of 2.5 hours. Of course it is waterproofing. The color variations are three kinds. The premium black is 64,800yen, and silver and white are 49,680yen(All are tax-included).


Crazy English learning apps for Japanese

Needless to say, Japanese people are not good at English and want to overcome it. Various English learning mobile application have been released until now to satisfy their needs, but this "Crazy English Quiz" is slightly strange and therefore it is popular with many Japanese.

This is simple learning application of the quiz form. The various example sentences of conversation forms are shown in application, and users choose appropriate sentences in conversations from choices. It is totally like the examination of the junior high school or the high school. However, each example sentences are crazy and strange. For example, "Is this a pen?" "Isn't that pretty obvious?" Why is her answer so biting?

A main character of these example sentences is a boy called Takashi, He does various eccentric acts, and is treated bitingly by other characters. There is even such an example sentence. "Everyone else was gonna meet noon, but my call time was 5am".

Users review it "The impact of the example sentences are too strong, so I can't get any study done at all!", it sure is. However, it is a chance to get close to English. The each iOS and Android downloading is free(iOS/Android).

These are my favorite example sentences.


Fantastic Japanese VR short animation "The Philosopher's Apple"

"The Philosopher's Apple" is the fantasy VR short animation work which Japanese VR artist ka0ru made. After this was released in this January, This was shown in 11th Fulldome Festival held in Germany and Tokushima VR film festival held in Tokushima-shi. This is really fantastic and beautiful work.

 Besides, it is shown free! You can enjoy this with a smartphone or a tablet even if you do not have mobile VR goggles.

 This is fantasy with an episode of the law of universal gravitation of Newton as a motif. can philosopher get a beautiful apple?

This is a view of the world such as the picture books, but is certainly VR content. Even texts are full 3DCG.

 The story progress automatically, but the neighboring scenery is made carefully, and it is also fun to see it.

 The texts are described Japanese and English.

Now, This is released in Youtube, Littlstar(support PlayStation VR, Gear VR, HTC Vive, Andoid, iOS) , and Google Play(Android Apps). All are free.

Super Kabuki - Fusion of the traditional Kabuki drama, Pop culture and the technology

Yesterday, Japanese national channel NHK broadcasted Kabuki performing art(歌舞伎) where Vocaloid Hatsune Miku(初音ミク) appeared. Can the virtual female singer appear in Kabuki? It is possible by power of the technology.

This is Cho kabuki(超歌舞伎: Super Kauki) which fused traditional Kabuki and state-of-the-art digital audio, 3DCG animation, projection technologies and AR. It was live-staged in huge event Nico Nico Cho Kaigi 2017(ニコニコ超会議2017) which Japanese Video community site Nico Nico Douga(ニコニコ動画) held on April 29 and 30.

This was made by Shochiku(a large film studio and Kabuki production company), Dwango, NTT and Panasonic. The leading actors were popular young kabuki actor Shido Nakamura(中村獅童) and Hatsune Miku, of course.

Actresses cannot appear in Kabuki, but there is no problem if they are virtual(for details, please check Wikipedia).

 The stage was constructed by monitors and hologram screen of the multiplex structure. Kabuki actors performed in front of them and played with Vocaloid.
Furthermore, monitors and the hologram screen contributed to cool and dynamic stage direction. They were totally like effects of games.

All visitors of Nico Nico Cho Kaigi were able to watch Cho Kabuki, but because it was too popular, it was "First come, first served". In addition, some visitors were able to watch this using HoloLens. HoloLens added comment of ceiling of Kabuki theater and comments of Nico Nico Douga on Cho Kabuki. NHK broadcasted this HoloLens version. You may feel these comments are obstructive, but this is charm of Nico Nico Douga. Cho Kabuki was live-streamed in Nico Nico Douga, and users could post comments in screen. This was a share of the enthusiasm through texts.

In addition, they played Cho Kabuki last year and it won Cool Japan Matching Award which the government hosted.

Kabuki, Hatsune Miku stage duo takes 1st Cool Japan award(The Asahi Shimbun)

The word "Kabuki" originated in Sengoku era(Warring States period), and it comes from "kabukimono", the people who were showy and bizarrely dressed act that defies common sense. Now, Kabuki becomes the traditional arts, but originally it was the pop culture that adopted contemporary fashion skillfully. In a sense they made Kabuki which is faithful to a tradition.