Bagpack with solar panel

If you are business person who go to the office by bicycle, you can change the commuting time to charge time of the smartphone by using this.

Design Lab released a development project of Backpack "CUBE" which incorporated solar panel in crowdfunding platform Makuake. This has solar panel and battery, and users can charge a smartphone while carrying this. The thickness of the module of the solar panel is only 1mm, and because glass plates are not used for it, it is hard to be damaged. Of course because it is a waterproofing specification, users can use it on the rainy day. The battery capacity is 3300mAh, and it can charge about 1~1.5 times of smartphones. The daylight hours of 36 = 45 hours are necessary to completely charge battery of 3300mAh.

The size is 440mm*285mm*150m and weight is 770g. Max capacity is 22L and users can store a 15.6 inches Laptop. It is not a problem even if you do not like a backpack. You turn this 90 degrees and can use this as Briefcase. You can purchase this from 19,800 yen, and they shipping this to supporters in November.

Project page is here

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