Japanese romance sim becomes the cosmetics

Japan's Cybird released a hand cream of their romance sim "Cinderella in midnight".

"Cinderella in midnight" is romance sim for women provided in Japanese mobile social game platforms, iOS and Android, and their newest mobile novel game. Player chooses the character whom they want to capture and can go on reading a story.

This hand cream is a tie-up product with e- commerce site Netprice. The price is 1,690yen(about 16.5USD).


It may be slightly more expensive than common hand cream. However, an special story is attached to this as a privilege. Players can read this story with using the hand cream. This is one of the tie-up examples of virtual goods and real product. However, the example with women's cosmetics and romance sim is rare.

LINE attracted donations for Philippines of $570,000 by charity sticker

Before, I wrote that LINE sold charity sticker for typhoon damage of Philippines.

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LINE sells a charity sticker for typhoon damage of Philippines

They remitted a donation to the Philippine Red Cross this month. The total sum was 58,773,190yen(about 570,000USD).

LINE sold donation sticker for 100yen(0.99USD) from November 15, 2013 - December 31, and contributed the total amount that deducted a settlement fee of AppStore and Google Play from sales. Ryo Morikawa of the LINE CEO met Philippines Ambassador Manuel López and told donation sticker to him.

Territorial dispute on Build with Chrome

Google and LEGO released interesting application "Build with Chrome" the other day. Japanese people and Korean people began interesting war there just after that.

This is Liancourt Rocks{Japanese name:竹島(Takeshima) Korean name:Dokdo(독도)} of Google Maps.

:D :D :D
Netizen does stupid territory war using Build with Chrome. Therefore, Liancourt Rocks became the LEGO Island in confusion. At present, there are more works of Korean people. Can the Japanese win this war?


3D printer reproduced Japanese ancient magic mirror

Today, Takashi Murakami, the Director of Kyoto National Museum announced that when they restored an ancient bronze mirror with 3D printer, it was "magic mirror(魔鏡)".

This mirror is "Sankakubuchishinjuukyou(三角縁神獣鏡: triangular rimmed ancient mirror decorated with gods of animals)". This has the opinion with the mirror of Japanese ancient shaman queen Himiko. The mirror was important existence in ancient Japan and used by ceremony of the worship. However, the concrete role is still unknown.

The ancient mirror polished bronze and was made. The magic mirror is made by making the surface nonuniform by polish. When bright sunlight or other bright light reflects onto the mirror, the mirror seems to become transparent. If that light is reflected from the mirror towards a wall, the pattern on the back of the mirror is then projected onto the wall. Originally they were made in ancient China, but they spread in Japan. Because the Japanese Shinto is sun faith, there is the opinion to be related to it.

Various studies have been performed until now about Sankakubuchishinjuukyou, but they are very precious, and investigators cannot touch them casually. Therefore they made a copy with 3D printer. powder on Copper, tin and lead of the ratio same as Sankakubuchishinjuukyou were used as material. investigators found by that Sankakubuchishinjuukyou was magic mirror making a copy. This is the first time that ancient magic mirror was discovered in Japan. Movie is here.

When Bitcoin came to Japan, it became like this

Bitcoin is becoming the topic in Japan. There are a lot of blog and Web media which comments on Bitcoin, and even TV news reports it. They are few, but Tokyo has the bars which can pay in Bitcoin. Unfortunately the Japanese books about Bitcoin have not been yet published, but it will be a matter of time.
By the way, Japan's Finemotion Co,Ltd. performs the interesting Bitcoin support project. It is the Japanese proud skill "Personification".

She is Bitcoin-chan. When Bitcoin came to Japan, it became like this! :) They support Bitcoin by making free Manga, free illustrations, widget and goods. widget displays the realtime price of Bitcoin on your blog.

(C)Bitcoin-chan Project Bitcoin-chan Widget

You can watch a lot of her images in a project site.


Hello Dragons! Puzzle and Kitty! Collaboration of GungHo and Sanrio

GungHo started a collaboration event with Sanrio's smartphone game Hello Kitty World in Puzzle and Dragons from today. This is very CUTE and FUNNY!

It is similar to other collaboration events of Puzzle and Dragons. Hello Kitty World dungeon open, and characters of Sanrio appear in them as enemies. However, they are not normal appearances. All of them model it on characters of Puzzle and Dragons and are designed. This is very rare!

Furthermore, collaboration Gacha becomes the Sanrio-style, too.

:D :D :D

Various Sanrio characters appear as well as Hello Kitty from this. When we evolve them, they change in Puzzle and Dragons-style.

On the other hand, Hello Kitty world holds a collaboration event with Puzzle and Dragons, too. They offer amusement park facilities of Puzzle and Dragons to players.

This is a good measure to get girls players of Puzzle and Dragons.

"Lottery for everyone" of LINE

Now, LINE and Nameko are good samples measuring the diffusiveness of the character of the smartphone apps in the country of Japan. Yokote-shi, Akita where I live in is the deserted terrible country, but they are completely popular.

I pulled a "Lottery for everyone(みんなのくじ)" the other day in FamilyMart of the convenience store.

Lottery for everyone is a form of the new goods sale that prize goods company Furyu provides for convenience stores. Visitors of the convenience store pull a lottery for 1 time 500-600 yen(about 5-6USD). Then visitors get some goods. It is up to luck whether we get the goods which are more expensive than the price of the lottery.

The lottery which I pulled was kinds of LINE character.

It is rare that there is this in my hometown. Because a lottery does not sell if many visitors do not come to the convenience store. This is proof of LINE being popular in the depopulated area.

I got Cony's box!  is 600 yen cheap? or expensive?

By the way, The big stuffed toys and cushions were still left. If you want good prizes, it's a chance now! The details of prizes are here.


Smartphone home screen customization community app "CocoPPa" get avatar function

Today, G-Crest and UNITED started pre-registration acceptance of new avatar service "CocoPPa Play" in Smartphone home screen customization community app "CocoPPa".

CocoPPa is popular apps of UNITED breaking through 18 million downloading. Users can make one's favorite image as the "one-touch icon" and place the icon on the home screen. Furthermore, users can customize home screens using image submitted by various creators and users. This is Japanese service, but 36% of users are American and popular in Asia, Europe, South America.

G-Crest is a subsidiary of CyberAgent, and develop online games, virtual worlds, avatar services and mobile games. In particular, the avatar of their casual virtual world @Games is known for a cute design. They released the Android version of this in last November, and it broke through 300,000 downloading.

According to the images of their press release, an avatar design of @Games is used for CocoPPa Play. Users make one's avatar in CocoPPa Play and can dress up in it with various fashion items. This may attract many CocoPPa users.

It was said that the Japanese virtual world business was over several years ago. However, CyberAgent's Ameba Pigg overcame it. LINE PLAY came up afterwards and succeeded in a global market. Now, virtual worlds and avatars must support smartphones and tablets.

The pre-registration to CocoPPa Play is possible all over the world as well as Japan.


Copy of Clash of Clans: DeNA releases a smartphone game of popular comics Attack on Titan

DeNA announced that they released a simulation game for smartphones of popular Manga/Anime "Attack on Titan(進撃の巨人)" in this winter.

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series written by Hajime Isayama. It has become a big success, with over 28 million volumes in circulation as of 2013. (via Wikipedia)

The game of DeNA is one of them. The game is based on the world setting and image of comics. Players become a deportee from the community, build one's village in the wasteland and the wall, and prevent the attack of titan.

You will notice... well, This looks like a copy of Clash of Clans! This has the function to attack the village of other players and takes their resources. This seems to be the game that combined Attack on Titan with a Clash of Clans.

They accept the pre-registration in teaser site.

GMO Media performs global expansion of Live wallpaper of Doraemon

Live wallpaper is one of the popular contents for Android. Japan's GMO Media started global expansion of Live wallpaper of popular Manga/Anime Doraemon.

DORAEMON Secret Gadgets Ver. was released in Japan in July, 2012 and got the first place in Live wallpaper category and customize category in Japanese Google Play. In this wallpaper, Doraemon is playing with his secret gadgets freewheelingly. Furthermore, he does various actions when we tap and drag him. They are very cute!

GMO Media started Spanish, French, Korean, Malay, Chinese, Taiwanese, a Philippine word, Thai, Vietnamese, English support and sold this in Google Play of each country from today. Doraemon is popular in Asia, South America and Europe. They examine the support of other languages.


Ustream Asia broadcasts the Grand Sumo Tournament

Today, Ustream Asia announced that they broadcasted all programs of Grand Sumo Tournament in January12-26. This is the first trial during a history of the Japan Sumo Association.

However, some money is necessary that we watch these. The ticket cord is sold on official Ustream channel of Japan Sumo Association. Seasonal ticket is 120USD and daily ticket is 10USD(last day ticket is 15USD). All games and ceremony are broadcasted every day, and we can watch those archives until March 8.

Not only Sumo is sports, but also is traditional culture and is a ceremony of the Shinto. Official Ustream channel of Japan Sumo Association shows an English guidebook of the sumo.


The promoter of world's largest Otaku fair Comiket holds "Otaku summit" in 2015

Comiket(Comic Market) is the world's largest Otaku fair, and pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Otaku. You will understand if you watch this photo.

Usually, it held in the summer and winter at the Tokyo big sight, but the promoter of Comiket announced that they held "Otaku summit" at Makuhari Messe in Chiba on March 28 and 29, 2015.


Every five years Comic Market holds a Comiket Special, and this year's theme will be an "Otaku Summit." Japanese circles, general attendees, staff and corporate participants that are a regular feature at Comic Market will constitute the "Japanese delegates," who will be joined by overseas participants who are invited to participate in this "Global Comiket."

Originally they held Comiket Special every five years. They are held for an idea unlike normal Comiket. They invite creators, performers, event promoters and Otakus from the foreign countries this time. Events of Japan are poor at foreign language support. However, the support except Japanese is carried out at the Otaku summit.

I want to exhibit in this. However, the exhibition application battle will become the fierce battle.

Saga University made artery with 3D printer

Tissue engineering is the topic that is the hottest in a Japanese medical society. In addition, the 3D printer is introduced into it, too. Today, Saga University and Cyfuse of the startup announced that they made artery with 3D printer.

This is the first time in Japan that blood vessel was made with 3D printer. Skin of a patient was used as materials. This 3D printer production artery is used in the transplant of artificial dialysis and the cardiac coronary bypass operation. They have already finished patent application in several countries and acquire a patent in Japan, United States, China and Singapore. This is still an experiment stage, but they aim at being in use five years later.