Cases for iPhone 7 which an LED light turns on without batteries

Though printed circuit board is used in places that do not meet the eye usually, its design is beautiful. How about if we can carry it? Printed circuit board maker Denshi-Gihan released iPhone 7/7 Plus cases utilized its beauty. Besides, they have an LED light turning on without batteries. A characteristic of this is to express X-WING (Star Wars) and Tokyo train map by an exact design while being circuit board.

They adopted technique called PAD ON VIA used in high density printed circuit board to realize it, and made them with a manufacturing method same as genuine printed circuit board. In addition, LED light converts the electric wave which iPhone emits into electricity, and turns on by up-converting it. But it does not always turn on and turns it on at random only when iPhone emits a strong electric wave. Now, they are applying for a patent about this structure now. Prices are 14,040 yen ~ 17,280 yen and the color variations are green, black and white. More photos are here.