When you take a walk, you get a coupon

Walking is effective for maintaining health, but if you use this application, walking may help your household.
Agoop, a subsidiary of SOFTBANK that utilizes location information and do Big Data business, released WalkCoin, a mobile application that allows coins to be collected by walking and participating in a lottery by using it.

You can get coins according to the number of steps by walking every day, and you can challenge the lottery when they reach the target number. Since you step count automatically automatically when you walk, you do not need to operate something with this application. Also, since it has a diary function to record action history of a day, you can use it as a life log.

They are currently preparing Amazon gift certificates as prizes, and you may be able to earn up to 10,000 yen gift certificate by lottery. By the way, if your number of steps per day is 6,000 steps or more, you will receive 1 coin, but if you are less than 6000 steps you can not get coins. Now, this is only iOS version, and downloading is free.