Playing a social game with Galapagos mobile

Game portal site "Mobage town" for mobile of the biggest in Japan became the social platform (for example Facebook, MySpace and bebo etc...). Many game developers offer a social game in Mobage town now.

In Japan, it becomes considerably always daily to play a game with a mobile (Before iPhone appears).  But, the Japanese calls it "Galapagos mobile" for self-mockery because the Japanese mobile culture considerably different from a foreign country.

The details >> Galápagos syndrome

Therefore I show the record that played a social game with Galapagos mobile. I played "Meromero park Mobage town ver." of Cyber Agent,Inc. with a  NTT docomo mobile.

By the way, you can play meromero park in Facebook.


Wonder Festival 2010 [Winter]

"Wonder Festival 2010 [Winter] " held on February 6. It became bigger than the last time.

20100208_wf2010winter 001

20100208_wf2010winter 002

20100208_wf2010winter 003
Cute! Cute!

20100208_wf2010winter 005

20100208_wf2010winter 004

20100208_wf2010winter 010

20100208_wf2010winter 011

20100208_wf2010winter 007

20100208_wf2010winter 008

20100208_wf2010winter 009
My friends "GALVANIC"'s booth

20100208_wf2010winter 006

G o d z i l l a !!!

20100208_wf2010winter 012

20100208_wf2010winter 014

20100208_wf2010winter 016

20100208_wf2010winter 015

20100208_wf2010winter 017

20100208_wf2010winter 018

20100208_wf2010winter 019
D O R A E M O N !!!!!!

20100208_wf2010winter 020

20100208_wf2010winter 021
Cute! Cute!

20100208_wf2010winter 022

20100208_wf2010winter 023
I love doraemon!


Awesome 72 years old gamer

Shiro Suzuki is the Japanese famous announcer who became 72 years old on February 10. He is known as a superior announcer, but he has another face.

It's a face called "the expert of the biohazard"

He got Nintendo Entertainment System at the year-end party of the TV program before. Then he has completely got absorbed in a game.

Please watch these awesome videos.

By the way, he plays WWII(Real) before becoming an announcer.


Cool & eco! AR Cosmetics

Shiseido of the Japanese largest cosmetics brand utilizes AR.

You can test a pattern of the various kinds make-up in AR. It's a very splendid the service, because cosmetics not wasted. However, the beauty staff may lose work in the future.

You can experience this in Shinjuku Takashimaya.


When you collect 16 iPhone application of Doraemon…

Why is a Japanese robot development maniac? Because we want to see this robot in real world early.


The Japanese robot developer was able to make the robot of this level now.

However, it's not yet perfect.
We play iPhone with Doraemon till perfect Doraemon is completed.

Yahoo! Japan made 16 iPhone application for the promotion of new Doraemon movie.


When you download all application and can line up, a face of Doraemon appears. Super cute!!!

The kind of the application has several kinds electronic comics as well as an electronic calculator, a timer, a clock, "rock, paper, scissors", a battery check..



All the application is free of charge. But may not use it in the country except Japan...

Japanese 3D Avatar

 I write a Japanese 3D avatar service list. () show the taste of the avatar design.

Synthe (Cute)

Party Castle (Cute)


MILU (Cute)

ai sp@ce (Cute)


Square enix members 3D Avatar *SNS (Cute)

meet-me (Cute)

ntomo (Cute)


Splume (Cute & Rial)

Any *SNS (Cute)

Home Japanese ver. (Rial)

Lamity *for mobile (Cute)

You would notice it. The Japanese 3D avatar is only a pretty design.

When Second Life became the topic; many Japanese complained "Second Life avatar is not cute!". It's the big factor that Second Life is not popular in Japan that an avatar is a real design.