SlipKnoT holds a UGC contest in a Japanese illustration social network "pixiv"

pixiv is UGC social network of the biggest in Japan. Many users contribute the illustrations which oneself drew and share them. Recently, pixiv started the support of languages except the Japanese.

They aim at the global expansion. And they did tie-up with an overseas artist for the first time today.


Why with SlipKnoT? This is an illustration contest held in commemoration of release of best album "Antennas To Hell" of SlipKnoT. they are very popular in Japan and pixiv had a lot of illustration works of SlipKnoT than before.

Kawaii! :)
The contest is held until August 31. Various original goods of SlipKnoT are presented to winners of the contest.


It's Japanese style breastaurant: If you like a robot and big boob, go here!

I knew that breastaurant were popular in US. It may be said that this is breastaurant of the Japanese style.

This is the robot restaurant which opened in Shinjuku,Tokyo.

"robot restaurant" is the hot restaurant which young women steer huge robots and shows a performance. The cost of big boob robots is one 30 million yen. And the total cost of construction of the restaurant is 10 billion yen.

The charge is 3,000 yen. You may think it's expensive. However, all the services such as show view, foods, 1drink are included.

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The Japanese developer made an active trash box

The Japanese developer made an intellectual trash box. Besides, he did all steps such as idea, design, assembling only in himself.


The trash box senses thrown garbage by a sensor of Kinect and moves.

This becomes the topic very much now in Japanese Internet community. Everyone says that he should commercialize this.


Nameko everywhere

Do you know a character of the most popular game application in Japan? Angry Birds? Plants vs. Zombies? Fruit Ninja? No! this is Nameko!

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The game application which is the most popular in Japan is a "nameko mushroom"
Japanese popular game apps "Nameko" goes music! 

The Nameko spread now in every place of Japan. I wrote that Nameko goods were sold and a music CD was released. However, Nameko increased more. It is a game arcade in the large shopping mall of the workplace of my younger brother.

A lot of crane games of Nameko! Akita where I live in is the country that went to ruin most in Japan. However, the crane games of Nameko were placed at the same period as Tokyo. This is just popular manifestation of Nameko.

Furthermore, the fan art increase explosively, too. A lot of fan art of Nameko are contributed to Japanese illustration social network pixivFan videos are uploaded in Youtube.

This is fan made original song and art.

The other user made cool 3DCG with this as material

In addition, Nameko jumps out of one's game application and multiplies in the application of other companies.

Nameko became the "LINE stamp". (LINE is a messanging apps for smartphone from NHN Japan)

And Nameko appeared in the social game for PC "Makiba Seikatsu Hitsuji Mura(Ranch life sheep village)".

It seems that Nameko is popular not only throughout Japan but Asia now. According to the official site of Nameko, he went to Taiwan recently.

By the way, Nameko is originally kind of the Japanese mushroom. 
Is Nameko eaten in countries other than Japan? 

Can Ameba Pigg beat Turntable.fm? They added a social music function

Ameba Pigg is the virtual world where is the most popular in Japan. They have users more than 20 million. Many entertainers and artists log in here, too.

They added a new function "channel floor area" yesterday.

Ameba Pigg users can share favorite Youtube video here. It is right DJ(VJ) play.

We can make one's playlist beforehand.

We search Youtube video and can put it in a playlist.

Like? or don't like? Let's evaluate video!

We can become a fan of favorite DJ.

The avatars shake automatically when we enter the floor. Such a direction is important to the virtual world. It lets us make the feeling that really listens to music.

There may be the people who noticed. This resembles Turntable.fm very much. Furthermore, this resembles Japanese new social music service Beatrobo very much.

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For Beatrobo, the new function of this Ameba Pigg is a menace. Ameba Pigg has users more than 20 million. Users of entertainers and artists are included in that, too. Furthermore, the tie-up with many artists were carried out until now in Ameba Pigg. They have already had know-how to join artists and users together. I think this new function to be conjugated by the tie-up with the artist.


Are you Otaku? Then check this site!

"Tokyo Otaku Mode" is one of the most popular Facebook pages by the Japanese. They collected more than 5 million "Like!"  in about 1 year.

Tokyo Otaku Mode is introduces various Japanese Otaku culture in English. Manga, Anime, Game, Figure, Cos-Play and Event...etc...Here is English articles of every Otaku culture. They are companies, but they were active until now only in Facebook page. However, they opened a Web site suddenly in this month.


They are developing a α version of new service now. However, it is unknown what kind of service it is. If you are interested in this, register an e-mail address. I already finished it.


Date with Hatsune Miku using AR glasses

Have you been in love with a virtual character? and wanted to go to the world where they lived in? However, it is impossible at present. There is still difference in the virtual world and reality world.

However, a Japanese developer destroyed the difference.


Well, If we cannot go to the virtual world, the virtual character come to the reality world.

The Japanese developer developed AR glasses which can date with virtual diva Hatsune Miku. He put Kinect and HMD together and developed this. Miku appears in markerless, She walks and works in conjunction with the movement of the person of wearing of AR glasses. Alining it is perfect. Because they put two products together, the AR glasses seem to be heavy. However, we seem to be able to enjoy the entertainment appropriate to it.

I think that this is cooler than AR glasses of Google.


Anonymous holds offline meeting in Japan. However...

Anonymous holds interesting offline meeting in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan on July 7. This is a cleanup activity.

Anyone can join in this event. The thing necessary to join in this is 2.

  • Mask of Guy Fawkes
  • Black suit
But this is not a demo. They are appealing to the participant to act like a gentlemanly. Anonymous was not known well until now in Japan. However, they have begun to attract attention by their having attacked the Democratic Party, the Liberal Democratic Party and JASRAC recently. This event may raise their popularity in Japan more.

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Localization of the social game of GREE

GREE started the global offer of the social games which made a hit in Japan. Such as "Clinoppe"(踊り子クリノッペ), "Driland"(探検ドリランド), "Pirates Age"(海賊王国コロンブス), "Cerberus Age"(聖戦ケルベロス). There is a game replaced with artwork totally different from an Japanese ver. This is "Pirates Age".

Japanese Ver.

Global Ver.

Art Works
Japanese Ver.

Global Ver.

Male character
Japanese Ver.

Global Ver.

Female character
Japanese Ver.

Global Ver.

Enemy character
Japanese Ver.

Global Ver.

Those are totally different. Why was only artwork of Pirates Age replaced? Probably this will be because the pirate existed in history.

Which of Japanese Ver. and Global Ver. do you like?