[Photo report] Angry Birds exhibition in Ginza Sony building

September 17 - October 30, an exhibition of The Angry Birds Movie was held in Sony Building of Ginza, Tokyo.

Unfortunately Angry Birds does not get popularity in Japan, and it is important that such an event is held for promotion.

For this exhibition, rough sketchs of characters by artists were displayed on 18 meters display wall.

The photo booth which reproduced the scene of the movie.

This is the attraction that can experience a slingshot artificially.

A sense of touch presentation technology of Sony is used for this. When visitors sprawl on the table having a vibration device and put on headphones, they can do simulated experience in Red flying by a slingshot. The movie which reproduced a viewpoint of Red was projected on the huge LED display. It was not VR, but children enjoyed it very much.

This was an event for children, but there were many visitors of adults, too. Furthermore, some foreign tourists came. Would such exhibition be held in other countries?

The Angry Birds Movie Japanese website


The yoyo which emits light coolly

Cerevo of the developer of unique hardware products released smart yoyo 7-Magic which emits light in link with a PC.

7-Magic has 21 High-Brightness LEDs and Bluetooth for control, and users can set emission colors and the brightness of the yoyo from a PC connected to Bluetooth in application "7-Magic Bluetooth Cue". In addition, users let a yoyo link video and the sound that a PC plays and can let LEDs emit light automatically in Wireless pre-set luminescent mode. Of course it supports not only the wireless but also the USB, so professional performers who want to never fail can use it also.

They cooperated with C3 Yoyo Design of Hong Kong to develop this, put a luminescent circuit and communication circuit on their yoyo "NITIATOR", and developed 7-Magic based on it. Furthermore, they invited BLACK of the yoyo world champion as a development adviser. The size is 58.25mm X 39.3mm and the weight is about 74grams. It is a charge type and work by one charge for 80 minutes(charge time is 100 minutes). The price is 29,999yen(tax-included) and they start shipment soon.


Cheap and lightweight 360-degree omnidirectional camera

Ricoh is known as a representative 360-degree omnidirectional camera maker in Japanese VR industry. Particularly, their slender handheld omnidirectional camera "THETA series" is popular as handy VR gadget.
They released new model of this series "THETA SC" that is cheaper and lightweight. It is 10,000yen are cheaper and 20 grams are lighter than conventional model "THETA S". It is surely cheap, but it has incorporated memory of 8GB, lens and the CMOS image sensor which equal to a conventional model. Users can shoot 360-degree omnidirectional photos and videos, transfer them to a smartphones or tablets, and post them to social networking services. Photos are about 14 million pixels, and videos are 1920 X 1080/30fps. However, it does not have a live streaming function and HDMI interface, and as for the videos shoot possibility time is only 5 minutes. In short, this is a cheap edition for VR beginners. The size is 45.2mm X 130.6mm X 22.9mm, the weight is about 102grams, and the price is 32,800yen(tax-included). Color variations are blue, beige, pink, and white.



Social video apps of substitute of Vine

Are you looking for social video application to substitute of Vine? Then, how about LINE's new spin-off application "LINE MOMENTS"?.

Its Android version is advances-released in a global market now. Users of LINE MOMENTS can shoot video of ten seconds(It is slightly longer than Vine) with own smartphone and I can edit it. They only slide a finger on a screen and can edit various videos such as slow, double speed, loop, or reverse. Furthermore, it has a filter function, and users can change textures of videos. Rather the rival of this may be Instagram, but this has the unique filters which Instagram does not have. Positional information are given to video by shoot places and videos are located on MAP. The downloading is free and this supports Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, English and Korean.


VR controller for mobile against Google Daydream

Google announced VR Head Mount Display and controller Daydream View for smartphones this month. Against to it, Japanese mobile game company Wonder League started a development project of VR controller Vroom for smartphones in Kicskstarter. A point of this is to intend for both iPhone and android smartphones although it is same as concept of google's Daydream, and you can use it in combination with the VR Head Mount Display which other companies release. In addition, Vroom Project develops a VR motion controller and makes it the open source. They contribute SDK and assets which supports Unity to developers. It have three-axis accelerometer, three-axis gyroscope and three-axis magnetometer, and users operate it in two buttons and eight directional key. The size is 35mm*140mm*17mm, and weight in about 50g. It works more than 12 hours in two alkali dry batteries of the AAA size.

They release this in the spring of 2017, and you can support it from 3 dollars in Kicskstarter. if you want the physical VR controller, it is necessary to support it more than 38 dollars. Project page is here.


Aroma diffuser which can carry fragrances

The fragrances are effective to refresh a feeling. If we can carry aroma diffuser anytime and carry favorite fragrances, it will be convenient. Sony realized it. They released stick type aroma diffuser AROMASTIC which could carry five kinds of fragrances.

When users attach the cartridge of fragrances to this and push the button of the body side, fragrances scatter it to a flow of the air from the tip of this. However, the fragrances disappear instantly when users take a finger off the button. Because fragrances do not spread, users can use it various places such as the train or office. Essential oil derived from the natural plant which British cosmetics brand NEAL'S YARD REMEDIES supervised is used for fragrances. Cartridges of fragrances are three kinds of "for Basic", "for Beauty" and "for Business", and each contains five kinds of fragrances. The size is about 25mm *86mm and weight is 33g. It has lithium ion battery and works about one charge for one month. The price is 8,980 yen, and the price of cartridges are 2,280 yen ~ 2,780 yen.