Cheap and lightweight 360-degree omnidirectional camera

Ricoh is known as a representative 360-degree omnidirectional camera maker in Japanese VR industry. Particularly, their slender handheld omnidirectional camera "THETA series" is popular as handy VR gadget.
They released new model of this series "THETA SC" that is cheaper and lightweight. It is 10,000yen are cheaper and 20 grams are lighter than conventional model "THETA S". It is surely cheap, but it has incorporated memory of 8GB, lens and the CMOS image sensor which equal to a conventional model. Users can shoot 360-degree omnidirectional photos and videos, transfer them to a smartphones or tablets, and post them to social networking services. Photos are about 14 million pixels, and videos are 1920 X 1080/30fps. However, it does not have a live streaming function and HDMI interface, and as for the videos shoot possibility time is only 5 minutes. In short, this is a cheap edition for VR beginners. The size is 45.2mm X 130.6mm X 22.9mm, the weight is about 102grams, and the price is 32,800yen(tax-included). Color variations are blue, beige, pink, and white.


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