Body composition monitor with pinball game

Is it depressing to measure your body's data? If you are having trouble viewing the reality, how about playing in the game?
Tanita, the leading instrument maker announced the concept model of the body composition monitor for business "TANITA PINBALL" that can be played with pinball games.

It can measure 13 items such as your weight, body fat percentage and muscle mass. Then you can play with pinball game. They use their interdental composition composition meter DC - 13C for body composition measurement unit(DC-13C can measure data quickly and easily while wearing shoes and socks by flowing a weak current from the hands), users can easily measure data and play games without removing their shoes.
Because the effects of the pinball changes according to the result of the measurement, you can discover new pinball effects each time you measure the data. Their aim is to have their users continue their health care. Measuring weight and body fat percentage are melancholic for everyone, but they are trying to make them more fun by adding game elements to them.
Because this is still a concept model, they have not announced the release date and price yet.


All built-in light bulbs

Recently IoT appliances and IoT gadgets are full of society. However, when you actually use them, the usage and settings of the application are different for each product, and the designs are also different. If they all got together? stak is a light bulb type module expandable smart device that makes it possible.

With this "module expanded type" structure, smart homing can be easily performed according to the characteristics of each rooms. You can rearrange the main body and the modules, and you can use the functions by using the necessary modules for each room. For example, you can use only the lighting function of this at the entrance, and in the living room where you have the air conditioner you can remotely control the air conditioner by combining it with the remote control module.
Setting is easy. You can use this by just replacing this for the light bulbs at home. Because it supplies power directly from the bulb socket, you do not have to wire and it also harmonizes with the interior of the room. In addition, this can connect with Wi-Fi access points in your home, so you can operate it from the outside. For example, it is possible to turn on the power of the home air conditioner in advance before going home.
Also, it supports Google Home and Amazon Echo, you can operate it by voice. The size of main body is 56mm(external dimensions) × 66.5mm(height), the remote control module is 56mm(external dimensions) × 21mm(height), and the lighting module is 56mm(external dimensions) × 50mm(height). The weighs of main body is 75g, the remote control module is 35g, and the lighting module is 60g.
Currently this is a development project being disclosed at the crowd funding site Makuake, and have already raised the target amount, but you can still purchase this from 7000yen. The expected release date is February 14th.