Use your smartphone like a PC

The work style of many business people has become telework due to the influence of the coronavirus. Then it is important to make your home a comfortable work place for good performance. This may help for your work place in home.
Online gadget shop Sanwa Supply released a card reader 400-ADR325BK that can output a smartphone screen to a monitor like a desktop PC by setting a smartphone in the Type-C connector and connecting it to the monitor with an HDMI cable.

It supports DeX mode of Galaxy series and PC mode of HUAWAI series. It also has a USB A port, so you can use your mouse to operate your smartphone like operating a PC. For example, you can write a draft of texts on your smartphone, and then use it to review and refine it on a large monitor. In addition, it also has SD card and microSD card slots so you can manage your media.
The size is 80 x D110 x 21.5mm and weighs about 77g. It is flat and easy to carry when you collapse it. If telework ends when the effects of the coronavirus cease, you will be able to use it at your office. The price is 4,480 yen and you can buy this at their official shops and major e-commerce sites.


Experience composition for free

Currently, various companies are offering their content free of charge to workers who are working remotely at home and children whose schools have been temporarily closed due to the effects of the coronavirus. But why not just try to compose music, not just enjoy them?
Electronic instrument maker Korg is offering an app version of their gadget Kaossilator, that can compose loop music for free for a limited time. No problem if you don't have any knowledge of music. You can compose and play music of various genres simply by tracing, hitting or rubbing the touch pad. Also, while you are playing, cool visual effects will be displayed on the screen in conjunction with it.

It contains 150 types of sounds and has a scale / key setting function that allows you to play without losing the pitch. If you write a masterpiece, you can record it and post it to SoundCloud. You can download the iOS version of the application for free until March 31, and the Android version for free until March 20.


Social virtual world in your pocket

Not all businesses are negative by coronaviruses. Certainly, real-world events are being canceled, but the virtual world is thriving. cluster is a social VR application for VR head-mounted displays and PCs. You can log in to the virtual world via your own avatar, chat with someone and participate in various events. They released its mobile application version this month.

If you don't have any VR head-mounted displays, and you can't watcu your PC screen, you can access almost all the virtual world features from your smartphone. Logging in with the application is easy. You launch the application, select your Apple or Google account, enter your user ID and display name, and you can walk around the world with a simple avatar.

The display name and icon can be changed later. If you are new to avatar control, you can practice it with the tutorials provided in the official world. Check the bulletin board on the home screen if you want to know event information and popular worlds.

Up to 12 people can be connected at the same time per world, and you can use microphones and original avatars and have a small meeting here. Downloading the application is free(iOS/Android).



Humidifier that can also remove bacteria

At present, all businesses are confused by the spread of the coronavirus. What gadgets can be used in this situation?

Local Power, based in Akita City, Akita Prefecture, is a company that develops the disinfecting and deodorizing water called iPOSH. It is a weakly acidic hypochlorous acid water that is said to have a high disinfecting effect. Its problem was that it was easily decomposed by organic matter and lost its efficacy, but they realized that they could stabilize it by their own patented process, and also obtained safety that meets tap water quality standards. Until now, they have been used in public facilities, schools, medical and welfare facilities, pharmacies, and shops to control foul odors, germs, and pollen. But now, the sprayer Jia Fine mist they offer with iPOSH is a popular gadget that can disinfect a wider area.

It is an ultrasonic nebulizer similar to a humidifier (actually it also functions as a humidifier) and was developed for homes and small businesses with large living rooms. If you dilute a 200 ppm stock solution of iPOSH about 4 times with water and put it into its 5 liter tank, it will work in a space of about 14㎡ to 48.60㎡. It has a patented filter, the effect of this preserves its properties when you dilute iPOSH. If you want to eliminate odors, use iPOSH at 2x dilution. A touch panel is used for operating the main unit, which also has a wireless remote control. If you only want to use it for a certain amount of time, you can choose from three timer functions: 2 hours, 4 hours, and 8 hours. In the eco mode, an interval of 1 minute operation 3 minutes pause.
Its size is  312mm x 135mm x 324mm and weigh is 1.8kg. The voltage is 100V AC (50 / 60Hz), the power consumption is 30W, and the noise of 40dB is generated, but it may acceptable range for home appliances.
You can buy it for from 38500 yen including tax on EC sites such as Amazon.co.jp, Rakuten, and Yahoo! Shopping, but it is so popular that it takes more than three weeks to ship.



LINE, the most popular messaging app in Japan, is known for launched the world's first business selling stickers. Their business has unearthed many artists and created many cute characters. They are no longer just virtual goods, but real products. LINE FRIEDS STORE HARAJUKU is the LINE's flagship stores, where you can buy real goods of cute LINE stickers.

Giant brown plush "statue". It's a store symbol.

He/She is Usamaru, a rabbit character, which became popular with LINE stickers, and also produced short animations.

■ Information
Address: 4-31-12, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 11: 00-21: 00 (irregular holidays)
TEL: 03-5785-3001
URL: https://www.linefriends.com/


Starbucks Japan uses Web AR to promote new spring menus

Starbucks Japan offers Sakura(cherry blossom) menus every March. They are all pink and this color signals the coming of spring.

 Some of them. Sakura donut and Sakura latte.

In addition, this year they are running a promotion using Web AR. When you recognize the QR code on the receipt with your smartphone camera...

You can access their Web AR promotion page.

Then, when you tap the pink button located at the bottom of this screen, a diorama with Sakura(cherry blossoms) in front of you appears.

In the diorama, cherry blossom petals scatter and a  train run. Of course, you can resize the diorama and view it from different angles.

There are five types of Web AR content for this promotion and these QR codes are printed randomly on receipts. You need to go to Starbucks many times to see them all.