Fitness application "Burn your fat with me!!" was translated into English by users

Japanese fitness support iOS application "Nenshou!" began global expansion as "Burn your fat with me!!".

This is the application that dating sim and fitness fused. This applies Japanese "Moe"  in the motivation improvement of users, and we can train while it is watched by a beautiful girl. This became the topic in Japan. However, developer CreativeFreaks thought that there was a limit only in Japan to get profit. Therefore they were going to release this application for a global market.

At first, they opened an English site by themself. Then a message arrived from an unknown American. He said, "Because this never sells in your English, I revise it." So, they made the him an overseas edition director. As a result, its translation and localization became perfect.

However, a problem was left one more. It's a "voice actor". They held an audition for the Japanese who could speak English and had lived abroad in the past. However, they were insufficient. Because they must be familiar with "Moe" to play character of this application. Therefore they held an audition in a recruitment of American voice actors site. Then the 60 American who love Japanese culture applied.

In this way, English edition of "Nenshou! "  "Burn your fat with me!!" was released. now, it’s popular among people of the Anime Otaku which Japan loves. Furthermore, the message from Mexicans reached them recently. The contents were "I do Spanish translation."

"Burn fat with me!!" performs global expansion by the power of users steadily.

Burn fat with me!! official site

via http://www.kotaku.jp/2012/11/moe_fitness_nenshou.html

iOS Apps "Boyfriend Maker" mentions territorial problem of Japan and China

iOS application called "Boyfriend Maker(理想の彼氏メーカー)" became the topic last week in Japan.

We can make an ideal boyfriend and have a virtual chat on this apps.

The type of the boyfriend changes by changing clothes and a hairstyle.

This became the topic at first because it was too abundant about knowledge of Otaku such as Manga, Anime and Game. Besides, the chat was very natural. This was scattered explosively in Twitter and the people did Tweet in this way "Is it a person not AI?" "This is not the ideal boyfriend  but a Otaku boyfriend! :D".

However, a user discovered it.
User: Senkaku Islands
Ideal boyfriend: Territory of China
User: Senkaku Islands
Ideal boyfriend: Territory of China
User: Senkaku Islands
Ideal boyfriend: There is a territory of China, and the fuckin' Jap pig and dog should not enter there!

This spread explosively more in Twitter. Many users who watched this tweeted that they uninstalled the apps. However, ironically, this apps became the topic more in Japan.

And the developer 36you's work was fast.
User: Senkaku Islands
Ideal boyfriend: You already watched it in RT a lot?  You would also install this apps to watch the affair of the Senkaku Islands in Twitter? 
Ideal boyfriend: SHUT UP! Too much Senkaku Islands!  Why you put in the word that such an atmosphere worsens? 

I tried this, and it become like this now.
I: Senkaku Islands
Ideal boyfriend: I want to go!

36you is updating this apps quite briskly. It worked, and this apps became No.1 in Japan's App Store free apps ranking.
via http://www.36you.com/boyfriend-maker-scores-critical-hits-everywhere-especially-in-japan/

By the way, the site of 36you does not have notation about their nationality.  After all will they be Chinese developers?

via アプリ「理想の彼氏メーカー」のチャットがやばいと話題(随時更新)


Nameko Candy

I wrote some articles until now about Japanese popular game application "Nameko Saibai" for smartphones.

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The game application which is the most popular in Japan is a "nameko mushroom"

They went into a sweets at last!

It is proof of being a popular character to become the sweets. Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Pokemon etc... It is the best technique to appeal to children. Many popular characters got the further popularity by becoming the sweets.

Nameko Canty has apple flavor, strawberry flavor, orange flavor and Nameko flavor.

What! Nameko flavor!? "Nameko" is kind of the Japanese mushroom. (via Wikipedia)

Does the candy of the mushroom flavor taste what kind of? I ate it. It was surely sweet. However, it was salty, and there was it at the same time. It was mysterious taste. However, I understood to see raw materials indication. It was written in this way there.

Raw materials: Soy sauce


Genuine melon vs. 3D-print melon

Interesting TV program was broadcasted the other day in Japan. It is confrontation with a melon farmer and 3D print technology.

 Japanese 3D data and 3D print company i-Jet made very precise 3D-print melon from a genuine melon.

TV program mixed this with genuine melons. Melon farmer must distinguish genuine melons from 3D-print melon. He loses if he chooses the 3D-print melon.

3D-print melon looked same as a genuine melons. However, farmer chose only genuine melons wonderfully. The way of the "real" is hard :)


Angry Birds goods spread among Japan steadily

Unfortunately Angry Birds is not yet popular like other countries in Japan. However, they penetrate steadily. In the goods in particular.

Ohayo Milk(オハヨー乳業), a one of the Japanese representative ice cream makers sells "Angry Birds Tamago Ice" from this month. Tamago means an egg in Japanese. This is always existing traditional ice cream in Japan for dozens of years. This is basic ice cream and cooperation with the eggs of birds.

Furthermore, Angry Birds flies in the game arcades in the end of this month. They become the prizes of Claw crane. Prizes are big stuffed toy, mascot and porche. The mascots seem to be usable as Christmas ornament :)

These are not overseas imported products. Japanese makers produced all these. In other words these are available only in Japan. Their design is arranged a little for Japanese. The birds are not angry so much, and the pigs do not seem to be cunning. The character of the expression of the anger is not accepted in Japan. However, most of characters who are popular in Japan are round form. Therefore they will fight hard.