Speaker to chant Buddhist sutra

n mid-August, Buddhist customs Obon to honor the spirits of one's ancestors be held in Japan. It is a tradition with a history of 500 years in Japan, but the number of people who can chant Buddhist sutra gradually decreases. Therefore, Let's Corporation, who is engaged in hardware development released the portable speaker that supports Bluetooth to chant Buddhist sutra.

When you press this power button, this will play Heart Sutra's solo and repeat. Also, this body has an LED light that reproduces candle lights, you do not have to worry about accidents due to fire of real candles. Of course, if you pairing this with another gadget by Bluetooth, this can play sounds other than sutra.
The color variation of this are brown and pink, and they also start the service of shipping by recording the user's favorite sutra as an option. It is equipped with a built-in lithium battery, you can use it for about five consecutive hours. When charging, you can use the included USB cable. The size is 98 mm × 165 mm and the weight is 410 g. The price is 7,560 yen (tax excluded).


Summon a virtual family

If your favorite character appeared in the real world? If he or she talks with you everyday? They are just the future and the ultimate dream. IoT startup Gatebox has released a new model of summoning gadget that you can live with your favorite character.

They have already released the limited production model of it at the end of 2016, but the new model released this time is a slim body than that, the price is 162,000 yen (tax included) and it is 50% of the conventional price.
"Living together expenses" of 1,500 yen per month are required separately. This is a virtual home robot that can communicate by displaying virtual characters inside a box by projection technology and sensing technology. It has a dual microphone on the top, you can speak to the character from afar. In addition, it also has a camera and a human sensor, recognizing your face and movement, smiling for you when it find your face. For example, when you go home, this will auto detect you and talks "Welcome back". They will deliver trial version of their original character Azuma Hikari along with the release of the new model. You can enjoy voice dialogue, active action by face recognition, and chat linked with messaging application LINE with her.

They will release her official version in December. In the official version, you can use features like celebrating your anniversary with her. It costs 1,500 yen (tax excluded) per month to live with her, but it is free until the end of March 2019. The size of this is 210 mm x 277 mm x 549 mm, weighs about 5 kg, and power supply is AC100V ~ 240V. They have already started reservation reception and delivery is scheduled for October or later.

via https://gatebox.ai/home/