Another AR RPG

I introduced AR RPG "Sekai Hero" of Sekai camera before. But, there is another AR RPG called "AR Monster".

AR Monster is an AR RPG for iPhone which Hudson Soft developed.


How to play these games is about the same as Sekai Hero. But There is not one's avatar for this game. Items, Monsters more than 600 kinds &tresure boxes appear in the various places of the reality world.

As might be expected of a Hudson, Design, UI and BGM are refined than Sekai Hero in a high quality.


Anime×TSUTAYA×Sekai Camera

I listened to interesting words at conference event "AR Commons Summer Bash 2010" held on July 28. Ust log

I love Anime so much! So, I want to go to the Anime world. = VR & VW

But, I can't go to Anime world in reality. 
               So, I hope that they come to the reality world. = AR

AR apps Sekai camera realizes it.

This is collaboration of rental shop "TSUTAYA", anime "Eden of the east(東のエデン)" and Sekai camera.

When we use Sekai camera in the TSUTAYA neighborhood, a character of Eden of the east appears in real scenery. Because he is a 3D object, we can watch him from all angles.

Mobile AR appears in the story of "Eden of the east". So, this works performed the campaign that used a lot of AR for till now.

Character goods + Twitter + AR

Flyer + AR

Theater screen + Twitter + AR

If you go to Tsutaya of Shinjuku, Shibuya, Nakameguro and Roppongi, please use Sekai camera in the neighborhood. "He" comes from the Anime world to the reality world.

Amazon限定 東のエデン 劇場版II Paradise Lost Blu-rayプレミアム・エディション【初回限定生産】(BDTVシリーズ&BD劇場版I・IIコンプリート収納BOX付きアナザージャケット仕様)
Amazon限定 東のエデン 劇場版II Paradise Lost Blu-rayプレミアム・エディション【初回限定生産】(BDTVシリーズ&BD劇場版I・IIコンプリート収納BOX付きアナザージャケット仕様)


Facebook Japanese mobile ver.

Facebook is not popular in Japan. It's only the IT people & the Goth people to use Facebook in my friend. But, most of my friends are said "I can't understand Facebook well".

UI of Facebook is different from Japanese SNS greatly. And many Japanese read a Web site with a mobile. The service that doesn't prepare for a site for mobile can't live in Japan.

So, Facebook released the optimized for Japanese mobile version. Such a screen appears when we access Facebook from Japan.

It's written in this way..."Site layout does not good yet, but the basic function is available. Because you don't overlook the news feed of the friend, it's convenient. Please recognize a QR cord with a mobile and try it."

So I tried this.

When I photograph of QR cord with the mobile camera…

I can access Facebook automatically.

But, Japanese mobile screen is very small!

I like accesses Facebook in iPhone than the Japanese mobile.

By the way, MySpace went into Japan earlier than Facebook and implemented a QR cord.

However, they aren't popular like Facebook at all. (´・ω・`)


AR-RPG(ARPG) "Sekai Hero"

I changed a mobile telephone for Phone4 last Sunday. And I downloaded AR apps "Sekai camera" in AppStore at first. My first iPhone apps is Sekai camera! 

Sekai camera updated a social game function just at that time. So, I played at once.

This is "Kaboom!" It is a game to set a bomb in the various places.

This is added newly social AR-RPG (ARPG)   "Sekai Hero(Japanese name "Sekai Yusya")". This game is the RPG which used AR & location information.



Items, monsters & shops appear in the various places of the reality world.

They link real location information. For example, there are "Shibuya-limited item" and "Shinjuku limitation shop".

In addition, the Twitter client is implemented for this game, too. The users can share location information and the capture method of the game with this between users.

But, there is a big problem in this game. It's that the iPhone's  battery die early. Because use the camera during a game all the time.
If even this problem can be settled, the AR game will become the very attractive game.


Poupee girl's Facebook apps "Poupee Boutique"

Poupee girl is fashion community avatar site very popular in Japan. The site is written in only Japanese, but more than 30% are overseas users among the whole user. Therefore Poupee girl released Facebook apps written in English.

The name is  "Poupee Boutique"












Poupee Boutique is a boutique management social game. The image data is the same as Poupee girl, but the systems are totally different. Users opens one's boutique and sells fashion items of Poupee girl. Kinds of fashion items to be able to treat when a level rises increase.

I think that this game is effective to appeal to a men than appeal to overseas people for Poupee girl. Because, 97% of users of Poupee girl are women. The users must upload a photos of the real fashion items which oneself has, besides. There are a lot of men who are interested in Poupee girl, but it's difficult to use Poupee girl.

However, they can easily try a social game of Facebook.

In fact, this image is very funny! :D :D :D