Sneakers having the rainbow soles

It is a simple sneaker at a glance, but shows its true value at dark places or night clubs. Japanese startup no new folk studio started pre-order of smart footwear Orphe having the soles which emitted light in Shinjuku Isetan head store. Orphe is cool sneaker having about 100 LEDs, controlable 9 axis sensor, and Bluetooth module. It flashes LEDs and makes sounds depending on the motion data of users that sensors acquired, and users can control them using mobile application. 100 LEDs make the light like the rainbow, and users can enjoy original performance by combining it with sounds and dance. Data of light and sounds that are customized by users are called SCENE, and no new folk studio plans to release the function to share them between users. Furthermore, they show SDK of Orphe for free and support the application development for third parties. The price of Orphe is 44,712 yen(in tax), the color variations are white and black, and shipping date is the middle of August.


Ring type mouse which can operate a PC only with a thumb

Sanwa Supply's new mouse is good to idle people. Because users can operate a PC only with a thumb while lying at full length if they use this. 400-MA077 is the ring type microminiature mouse which users can operate only with a thumb. Its center part has a sensor built-in, mouse operation is possible only at a finger-tip, and users can operate a PC even what kind of places. Because it is a wireless specification, it is convenient on the occasion of presentation also. It will be a big merit to be able to move both hands freely if you are business person doing the active presentation. Furthermore, users allocate functions for each button of the mouse by installing proprietary driver and can change the count of the cursor. This works by charge from USB not batteries. The size is 28mm x 36.7mm x 34.7mm, weight is about 9.6g, and the USB cable for the charge is 77cm. The price is 5,480 yen(in tax).


The communication toy which talks with a mobile

A lot of IoT gadgets and toys are released, but this is cute in them particularly. Toy company TAKARA TOMY releases next-gen communication toy "Smapon" connected to the smartphones on July 2.

This links exclusive own mobile application, and does various reactions by put on the screen of smartphones. This recognizes light from a screen and the sound, changes expressions, talks using more than 2000 words, say proverbs, and make fortune-telling. Furthermore, words and the contents increase by update of the application. When users set data such as the gender, blood type and favorite food in this, this has specific character. In addition, when users talk to this more frequently and take care, the types of talking of this changes also. There are six kinds of character / talking types(Normal / Spoiled / Geek / Queen / Old man / Bit bad). Because this has functions such as the wake-up call, the time signal, and the voice timer, users can use this as a substitute for clocks. The price is 1,620yen(tax-included), the target age is 12 years old or older, the size is 44*41*44mm, the weight is about 30g, and the battery is not necessary.


The bookmark transforms itself into a light for reading

The pleasure of reading is amplified more by technology. It is not only e-books.

This "bookmark light" is the stylish bookmark that a cool electronic circuit was printed, but transforms into an mini-light when folded. Special film is used for this, and a described electric circuit is buried with thin LED and nanoparticles ink. Its appearance is simple transparent bookmark, but when users bend it and sandwich the lithium coin battery, thin LED lights turn on. You are not troubled in reading if you use this in the dark places, and furthermore, you can use it as a normal bookmark in the bright places. The price is 1,728 yen, and design brand Kyouei design, the maker of this sells this for the foreign countries for 16 dollars. Web shop is here.


Mobile application to check halal snacks & candy

Tourists of Muslims visiting Japan increase steadily, but unfortunately, the support to halal food in Japan is still late. For example, many snacks and candy are sold in convenient stores, supermarkets, and department stores, but all of those ingredient description is written in only Japanese. Muslims who do not understand Japanese cannot judge halal or haram from these.

This iOS mobile application "OKASHI Checker"(OKASHI means snacks and candy in Japanese) displays raw materials names of snacks and candy in English or Indonesian from barcode printed on packages. This application has the database of raw materials of representative Japanese snacks and candy, and when users choose languages and scan barcode with the smartphones' camera, they can check raw materials names by English or Indonesian. In addition, users can evaluate snacks and the candy of one's favorite with LIKE button and can check a popularity ranking. This is the application that is convenient for not only Muslims but also vegetarians and the people who have allergic diseases. The downloading is free.