Sneakers having the rainbow soles

It is a simple sneaker at a glance, but shows its true value at dark places or night clubs. Japanese startup no new folk studio started pre-order of smart footwear Orphe having the soles which emitted light in Shinjuku Isetan head store. Orphe is cool sneaker having about 100 LEDs, controlable 9 axis sensor, and Bluetooth module. It flashes LEDs and makes sounds depending on the motion data of users that sensors acquired, and users can control them using mobile application. 100 LEDs make the light like the rainbow, and users can enjoy original performance by combining it with sounds and dance. Data of light and sounds that are customized by users are called SCENE, and no new folk studio plans to release the function to share them between users. Furthermore, they show SDK of Orphe for free and support the application development for third parties. The price of Orphe is 44,712 yen(in tax), the color variations are white and black, and shipping date is the middle of August.

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