AI designs photobooks

The reaction to sharing photos on social networking services is now reviving physical photobooks in Japan, and there are many photobook production services linked with mobile photo applications. But we're selfish, so we feel troublesome to select photos and photobook layout design. So cheetahs, a group company of leading photo supplies company Kitamura, has released a new mobile application sarah.AI, which AI does.

They originally offered the photobook service sarah, and they added an AI to it to automate photobook production. The main functions of this are the best shot function, the automatic grouping function, and the collection function. The best shot function performs layout adjustment by face recognition and quality determination to remove blurring and duplication by scoring. The automatic grouping function groups photos from date and location information and automatically generates a title for each story and event(Of course, you can also give yourself titles). And, with the collection function, you can edit photobooks without having to select photos individually. All they can be done with the application only, but you don't need external communication, so you can protect your privacy. In addition, it has automatic layout function and various designed covers, so you can make a 140 x 140mm 24-page photobook simply by selecting them. You can make one photobook free each month, but you can add pages by paying 25yen for every two pages(Up to 96 pages).
They have only released an Android version, but an iOS version will also be released in June.


Hands dedicated to potato chips

You might think of this as a silly gadget, but it certainly seems useful. Toy maker Takara Tomy-Arts is collaborating with confectionery maker Calbee to release Smart Potato Chips hand on June 29.

This is the dedicated device that allows them to eat Calbee's potato chips without getting their hands dirty. This is an item that modernized the potato chip magic hand Potechi-no-Te(ポテチの手) released in 2010. Potechi-no-Te gained popularity that it was possible to eat potato chips without getting its hands dirty and became a huge hit item selling over 300,000 at that time. This renewal is based on the background that the number of people eating snacks with chopsticks is increasing so as not to dirty the screen of smartphones with the spread of smartphones. They have added the function of a touch pen for smartphones to the magic hand. You can grab potato chips with a magic hand, eat it, and operate your smartphone with the touch pen on the other side.

In addition, in collaboration with Calbee, coloring and logo based on package design of 4 kinds of popular potato chips flavor are adopted. The size of this is 37mm × 178 mm × 40 mm, the weight is about 36g, and the price is 1,382yen(tax included).

via https://www.takaratomy-arts.co.jp/specials/smartpotatochips/ (Japanese)