[Review]mixi released cute mobile puzzle game of Marvel Heroes "Marvel TSUM TSUM"

Japan's mixi released cute mobile puzzle game of Marvel Heroes "Marvel TSUM TSUM" on February 24.

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This is the puzzle game that combined popular mobile puzzle game Disney TSUM TSUM with Marvel Heroes. Marvel Heroes and Villains become cute mascots "TSUM", and players connect them of same kinds with a single stroke. After Disney store closed, the stuffed toys of Marvel TSUM begin to move and fight. By the way, the real Marvel TSUM stuffed toys were released in Disney store in Japan on February 26.

At first, players get TSUM of the Iron Man. He is existence such as the mascots of Marvel TSUM TSUM.

 In Disney TSUM TSUM, score competition is the main, but in Marvel TSUM TSUM, it is the main to clear levels.

 The game system is the almost same as Disney TSUM TSUM. Players connect same type of TSUM more than three.

Each TSUM have skills.

An original element of this includes the battle with TSUM of the enemy. When players win enemy TSUM, they can go in the next level.

Furthermore, there is the Co-op function that fight against enemy TSUM with other players whom there is near oneself.

Of course players can purchase other Marvel TSUM using a virtual currency. All are cute!

Marvel TSUM TSUM is the puzzle game that combined a mixi's popular mobile game Monster Strike with Disney TSUM TSUM. Game in itself is the same as Disney TSUM TSUM, but battle with enemies and Co-op function resemble Monster Strike. This has characteristics of two popular mobile games.

In addition, it has not been yet announced whether this is released in a global market.

The The Angry Birds Movie Japanese version got Japan's original voice actor

In Japan, the overseas movies are dubbed into Japanese by voice actors. Because Japanese people are weak in a foreign language, and children in particular are so. In addition, dubbing becomes the promotion of the movie because voice actors are popular in Japan. Recently, as part of promotion, it increases that actors who are not a voice actors, musicians, idols, and comedians do dubbing. The Angry Birds Movie is also no exception. Sony Pictures announced that Japanese actor Shinobu Sakagami(坂上忍) was in charge of a voice of Red in The Angry Birds Movie Japanese version.

He is an skilled actor, active as an actor since 3 years old, and was known as a genius kids actor from that time. He established a theatrical company in 2005 while he was active as an actor, and established the training school of kids actors in 2009 furthermore. And he has a sharp tongue, and is famous in TV talk shows as a person always feeling resentment in something. Sony Pictures thought that his character was good to Red. This is the first time that he is in charge of a voice actor in 3DCG anime movie. He comments, "Because I worked as a dubbing voice actor in the days of a kids in "Little House on the Prairie", I feel with nostalgia. I love work of the voice actor, so I do my best while enjoying this."
The Angry Birds Movie is shown in theaters of Japan from October 1.

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The Angry Birds Movie is shown in theaters of Japan from October 1

Minecraft becomes the erasers in Japan

Minecraft is popular among primary schoolchildren in Japan. It is creative, helps education and can play with parents.

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The toy section of BANDAI releases the original Minecraft goods which kids seem to be pleased in the end of May. It is erasers.

This "Mine-Keshi"(Minecraft & Keshigomu, means erasers in Japanese) is the goods which reproduced objects and characters of Minecraft as erasers. Of course these are available as erasers, but kids will not intend to do so it.

The series released in May is a starter set(1,300yen, about 11USD), a character box(500yen, about 4USD) and a block set(1,600yen, about 14USD). Kids can easily make dioramas of Minecraft by buying these.

Yo-Kai Watch strikes Europe on April 29

Nintendo UK announced that they released Level-5's RPG for Nintendo 3DS "Yo-Kai Watch" in Europe on April 29.

Yo-Kai Watch is Media mix content of Level-5. It begins from the game series for Nintendo 3DS, Japan is filled with every thing including anime, manga, mobile application, goods, toys of Yo-Kai Watch. Level-5 and advertising agency Dentsu established joint company "LEVEL-5 abby Inc." in last October to develop this in the global market, and released a game, anime, mobile application and toys in North America just before a holiday season of the last year.

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The release time of the contents except the game in Europe has not been yet announced.

via https://www.nintendo.co.uk/News/2016/February/Multi-million-selling-RPG-phenomenon-YO-KAI-WATCH-confirmed-to-launch-across-Europe-on-29th-April-1087155.html


Exclusive small printer for the photos

Photographic print is now being recognized once again. After all, will the people feel charm in real photos than digital data? Canon released compact photo printer SELPHY CP1200. Its width is only 18 centimeters and weight is 860 grams. This is the Wi-Fi incorporation printer which can print the photos which users took with digital cameras and smartphones by wireless, and supports Apple's AirPrint and Canon's application "Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY". The body has a Wi-Fi button and easily has wireless connection with digital cameras and smartphones. The print of the square photograph which became basic since Instagram was popular is possible, and users can make the square card size stickers also. Furthermore, users can regulate brightness and colors of image data in print, and this printer has the automatic revision function. The print system is Heat transfer, resolution is 300*300dpi, and colors are 256 gradations.


[Review] Egykoi --- dating sim for women that fall in love with ancient Egyptian gods

Japan has every kinds of dating sims, but this EgyKoi is eccentric in them most. Because all characters except the heroine are ancient Egyptian gods. This is the funny-surreal-comedy mobile game that Japanese mobile game developer Goodia released last month. players control the heroine and choose to pursue Anubis, Horus, or Medjed.  Each of the three gods are wearing  Japanese school uniforms despite their respective animal heads.

At first, the heroine meets a upper-class student Anubis in a new school term. He is a son of the doctors, excellent student, chairperson of student in charge of discipline, and healthcare Staff of his class. Why is he such a setting? Please check Anubis in Wikipedia.

Transfer student Horus came over to the heroine's class. Originally he was her childhood friend, but has been leaving the town on account of the work of parents for a long time.

The heroine went to the gardening club where she belonged to in after school. The leader of gardening club is Osiris, but unfortunately cannot fall in love with him. By the way, there is a mysterious student behind him...

He is Medjed. He is expressionless and taciturn. He is always with Osiris for some reason and cautious of people approaching him. In addition, his special abilities are to fly and give beam from eyes.

The heroine made friends with a cute girl student. However, she is also an ancient Egyptian goddess. Please pay attention to her head. Her name is Bastet, the goddess of the cats.

The heroine enjoyed athletic festival with them...

Enjoyed the forest school(a training in school education in which students lodge together)...

Went for the summer festival of the shrine together in summer vacation...

Opened gender bender cafe in an annual school festival...

In this way, the heroine brings up love with three gods while enjoying annual events of the Japanese high school. Choices appear in each place of the story, and a story diverges by the choice. Because this is dating sim of the multi-ending type, we do not know what happens to the heroine until the last.

However, there is an important point. The heroine is murdered by Medjed when we get a wrong choice. Because he is "the Smiter"(Check Wikipedia). It is the worst bad ending.

We can see more funny artworks in official Twitter account of this. The downloading of application is free(iOS/Android).

LINE sells charity stickers of 2016 Taiwan earthquake

The earthquake of M6.4 that attacked the southern Taiwan on February 6 brings heavy damage. Power cut, stop the supply of water, and collapse of buildings. In particular, collapse of highrise condominium is terrible. Many inhabitants are still shut in there. How much time and money are necessary to restore with all of them? The virtual goods become the good tools of the donation collection in such a case.
Now, LINE sells a charity sticker set of 2016 Taiwan earthquake. The price is 120 yen(50 LINE Coins). The sales are used for a reconstruction aid of southern Taiwan through Japanese Red Cross. You can purchase this until March 9.



Japanese Prime Ministers became beautiful girl characters in a PC game

Battleships, castles, cars, heavy industrial machines...etc, Japanese games changed every thing into beautiful girl characters. Japanese Prime Ministers of successive cabinets are no exception.

Japanese contents platform DMM released tower defense game SEIKEN MANIFESTIA for PCs. DMM is known as a publisher of popular Sea fight game Kan Colle.

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At first, instructions are displayed when we begin a game. "This game is fiction. This has nothing to do with actual people and groups. It really have nothing to do with them. This is the simple fantasy that beautiful girls fight."

Tower defense game is very serious and proper. Each character have skills, we make full use of them and capture the position of the enemy.

A new character appears at random when we win a battle. Who is she? Her surname is Saitō...

Makoto Saitō, the 30th Prime Minister of Japan! (Wikipedia)

Who is she? Her surname is Saionji...

Kinmochi Saionji! (Wikipedia)

Characters except them are attractive, too.

She is Kosai Uchida (Wikipedia)

She is Masayoshi Matsukata (Wikipedia)

People and cabinets of source are reflected in their setting. This become study of history if we check Wikipedia while play this.

In addition, we can meet characters secretly in ryotei(料亭), the traditional Japanese restaurant, and present various things to them. When we perform them several times, we can gradually make friends with them. It is a really ironical function :)

This is Bishōjo(beautiful girl) game for Experts class. The tower defense game to get close to Japanese Prime Ministers(At present, it is only men) is unprecedented.