Germany's Wooga releases an original mobile game in Japan

German mobile game company Wooga opened a Japanese branch in September, 2014, but unfortunately their games can't get popularity in Japan. Therefore they release Japan's original mobile game in cooperation with Japanese companies Pitaya Games and Imagineer. The title is "Sumikkogurashi -Puzzle wo Surundesu(すみっコぐらし ~パズルをするんです~)", and they opened a pre-registration site.

Sumikkogurashi(Life of corners) is the character series of Japanese stationery company San-X. Japanese people love corners. We want to secure the corner seats when we ride trains and when we go to surrounding cafes. These characters express such a Japanese national traits and are popular in a wide age group. In Japanese, 'coners' is called 'sumikko', and 'Gurashi' means 'life'.

In this puzzle game, characters of Sumikkogurashi go on a trip looking for their favorite corner space while playing puzzles. In a trip, they find new friends and items also. They carry out closed β test before official release and intend to brush up a game based on the play data of testers.

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